The inauguration ceremony of the 2017-2018 joint Service Team and the inaugural meeting of the Joint Service Team were held smoothly

United good virtue is greater than good virtue

-- The inauguration ceremony of the 2017-2018 joint Servteamviewerice Corps and the inaugural meetingjointed of Suntec Service was successfully held

On September 26, 2017, the inaugural ceremony of the 2017-2018 annual change oceremony的名词f Shenzheinaugurationn Lionceremony和celebration的区别s Club United Service Corps and the founding meeting of Shande Serteamovice Corps was held in the state Banquet hall on the first floor of Xiangmi Lake Resort Good World. Steams会议u Zeran, supervisor, Lin Ziyu, Vice President, Zhang Guojun, former Executive vice President, Huang Chunbin, former vmeetingyou是什么意思icteamse president of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, Li Weihua, former vice inspector, Chen Tingwei, member of Futian District CPPCC, Standing vice president of Shenzhen Shantou Chamber of Commerce, More tteamshan 400 guests attended the ceremony, including Tian Xingwang, cceremony用什么介词hairman of shenzhen Lions Club for 2017-2018, Wu Xiaoming, President of Shenzhen Lions Club fomeetingsr 2017-2018, Shi Jianyong, president of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2017-2018, Weng Hua, second Vice Presideceremony的音标nt of Shenzhen Lions Club, Lin Tao, Wang Jinliang, Zhang Weixian and Dai Tongxin, vice Presidentceremony复数形式 of Shenzhen Lions Club liao Rongmeeting翻译hui, Secretary General Zeng Shiyang, Chief Financial Officer Zhang Jian andmeetingtencentcom Chief Provost Peng Daojian. The ceremony was chaired by Yang Li anmeetingtencentcomd Zhu Linna and presided over by Dai Jihong and Meng Chun.

At the begserviceableinning of the evening, the lion friends of united Service Team and Shande Service team came on stage iceremonyn neat linmeeting腾讯会议es, showing the extraordinary style of the service team. Yang Li and Zhu Linna ranmeeting翻译g the bell to announce the commencement of the ceremony and gaveserviceman welcoming speecmeetinghes. Weng Hua, vice President of CCPIT Xiamenjoint翻译, introduced the guests.

Liu Guojiang, the last leader of the joint service teateambitionm, made a summary of the work of 2016-2017. On the big screen, the photos of liu Guojiang, the former leader of the service team, leading the lion friends to participate in the mceremony翻译eeting and servicemeetings activities, each photo is the confirmation of the lion friends' efforts and sweat. When liu Guojiang, the last cameeting怎么读英语ptain of tteamworkhe united Servimeeting是什么意思中文翻译ce Team, toldmeetings about his journey of sjoint ventureerving as tteamoheteams captain this year, he said that he hung the captain ribbon in his living room to remind himself of his remeeting翻译sponsibilities as the captaiinaugural addressn of the United Service Team. His humorous speech also deeply affected the guests prceremony翻译esent. Later, Huang Guimei replaced Xia Song to make financial reports, cljointsearly showing the ficeremony是什么意思nancial income and expenditure ofjoint是什么意思 the Joint Service team in 2016-2017. Liu Guojiang awarded the outstanding contribution award and outstanding contribution Award tceremony和celebration的区别o the lion friends who performed well in the previous year.

At the handover ceremony, liu Guojiang handed over the team leader ribbon to CAI Chunlin under thjoint造句e witness of lceremony的名词eading lion frinauguraliends and gujoint造句ests. The two sides exchanged gifts and embraced each other deeply. Shenzhen Chaoshan Chamber of Comservice怎么读merce Voluntservice翻译eer Uniservice的名词on, Shenzhen Shantou Chenghai Chambermeeting是什么中文意思 of Commerce, Shenzhen Longdu villagers group to send gifts to Captain CAI Chunlin, congratulations on his glorious duty.

Captain CAI Chunlin delivered his iservice是什么意思中文翻译naugural speech and introduced the annual work planjointed with excmeetingsitement. He thanked the lion friends of the United Serviceceremony的名词s Team for givingjointly him the plan to be the team leceremony的名词ader, and saidceremony同义词 thjointsat he would conscientiously perform his duties as the team leader and lead tjointhe Unimeetingsted Sceremony用什么介词ervices Team to achieve further achievements in the New Year. Later, Captain CAI Chunlin presented the certificates of appointment to tmeeting的音标he new members of the council and led them to read their inaugural promises.

Tjoint是什么意思he continuous growth of lions club stems from the continuous ijointsnjection of new blood. In the witness of lions and guests, the new lions of united Service team and Shande Service team also solemnly promised to join the big family of Shenzhen Lions Club.

After nine years of its founding, the united Service Team finally ushered in its first sub-team - Sinaugural addressuntak Serviceremony用什么介词ce Team. Sun Tak Serviceteams team was founded by hong Chi-min, the former leader of the United Service Team. After three years of caservicereful selection, a young and energetic service team was established. In the presence omeeting的音标f all the gmeeting是什么中文意思uests ateams手机版nd friendinaugurals, President Tijoint是什么意思an Wing-wang gave captain Hung chi-man hteam什么意思is team ribbon and handed over the flag and bell hammer of service Tteamseam to captain Hung chi-man, which marked the official establishment of service team.

Captain Hong zhimin led allteambition members of shandceremony复数形式e Service team to appear on the stage and delivered the inaugural speechceremony和celebration的区别. He expressed his gmeeting腾讯会议ratitude to President Tian Wangxing, former President Shi Jianyong anmeeting腾讯会议d former president Lin Tao foservicemanr theservice是什么意思中文翻译imeeting是什么中文意思rteampro strong supmeeting是什么意思port to the establishment of shande Seservice和serve的区别rvice Team, to the ujoint造句nited Service Team of the parent teteamsam for their strong support to the establishceremony怎么读mmeetingyou是什么意思ent of the new team, and to the lion friends of shande Service team whteams会议o arjoint是什么意思e willing to join hands with him on the road of public welfare.

Huang Chunbin, the founding leader of JSC, delivered a speech on the stage, expresservicemansing his satisfaction for JSC's dteamworkevelopment in recent years and his delight and appreciation for shandinauguration翻译e JSC's establishment.

Lin Ziyu vice Presideteams手机版nt and President of tian wang also deliveremeeting的音标d a sinaugural翻译peech respectively, highly affservice是什么意思中文翻译irmed the Liu Guojjoint ventureiang captain led the joint service achievements, which had high hojoint翻译pes for Cai Chunteamsliteams会议n captain New Year work,meetingyou是什么意思 at the same time ZhuFuShan DE serviceserviceable the new foceremony同义词rces can thrive, be like their joint service excellent teaminauguration是什么意思.

By Jin Jing

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