Dragon City Service Team: The inaugural ceremony of the 2017-2018 election and the 10th anniversary celebration were held smoothly

Dragon City Service Team: The inaugural ceremony of the 2017-2018 election and the 10th anniversary celebration were held smoothly

On July 16, 2017, the 10tdragon是什么意思翻译成中文h anniversary of the inauguration ceremony of the Lions Cluteamob longcheng Service Team for 201inaugural address7-2018 was held in The Chunmanyuan on thteam什么意思e 4th floor of Vanke Square, Longcheng. Shenzhen lions club Preservicebiosident of 2017-2018, tiancitydo wang, vice President of the first Ma Min, former President of Lin Tao, vice supervisor long Liadragonboatfestivalo Ronghui, secretary-general Zeng Shi, NieXiangDong, chairman of thedragonex fifth section, initiative service captain zheng Lin jade, the preservice翻译vious captain what beauty praiinaugural address翻译se, and team captain XiaoLiangWen, social loving people ainauguralnd various service lion friends represent more than 100 people attended the celebration. The ccitydo集团eremony wdragonballas chaired by Mr Chan chun-pin and presided over by Mr Fong Yi-chiu.service是什么意思中文翻译

The celebraceremony翻译tion began with a rousing national anthem and lion club song. Lionceremony造句 friends watched the 10th anniversary film of dragon Citelection是什么意思y Service team. Since its establishment ten yelection中文ears ago, The Longcheng Service team has provided disaster relief, carriedservicebio out numerelectionous medical assistance and care for the elderly services, bringing warmth and cardragonexe to those in need. Lionteambition friends moved tcitydo吴先生o tears, but also smile through tears, as a member of the Dragon City service team and proudteams.

Captain Xiao Liang wen gave a welcome speech and delivered a speech on the 10th anniversary of the founding of the teacity翻译m, whichceremony made lion fteamviewerriends deeply feel that “solidarity and friendshcity是什么意思ip, mutuinaugural addressal assistance, respect and understanding, gratitude and kindness” has become a good team atmosphere of the Dragon City service team.

He Meizan, the last captain of the team, made a summary of the work of 2016-2017, reviewinginaugural address the warm lion Love Carnival, the launch ceremony ofcity复数 “Dragon and Lion Scholarship”, yangjiang Taidan Primary School aid, sympacitydo杭州城市大数据thy for the elderly in The Southern Union Nursing Home Center, Tai Po Bright Walk, care for the elderly crape Myrtles and other service activities, and cacitydo吴先生lling on the lion friends tservice是什么意思o continue their efforts to deliver positive energy to thservice是什么故障灯e society.

Zheng Linyu, who has been serving as the financial officer of Longcheng Telectionseam forservice的名词 ten consecutive years and was successfully elected ainaugural addresss the captainservice是什么意思中文翻译 of the service teamteam什么意思 this year, mcity复数ade the finaservice是什么故障灯ncial report of 2016-2017 and introduced the work plan of the service team for 2017-2018. His diligent and rigorous working attitude has been recognized and hoservice的名词nored by all lion friends. From 2017 to 2018, Lteams手机版ongcheng Service Team will improve the membership and meeting management system, standardize service items, improvteamproe service quality, actively cooperate with the district council to do a good job in service activities, improve the “Dragon and Lion Scholarship award”, and actively promote the “dragon是什么意思翻译成中文one thousand cases of recovery” actiocity复数n.

In the commendation link, draelectionsgon City service team led lion friends toservice the lion friendcitydo吴先生s who won the 10-year veteran lion friends award, love Ambassador award, annual contribution award, annual Outstanding Member award, annual enthusiastic Memberinaugural award, dragon City House contribution award. Each award embodies thdragonfly英语怎么读e hardships of lion frcity是什么意思iends in the past ten years, bearing countless expectations andceremony的音标 more responsibilinaugural翻译ities, andteam encourages lion friends to continue to move forward on the road of puinaugural是什么意思blservice的名词ic welfare.

Unceremony同义词der the witnceremonyess of leaders lion friends,city是什么意思 He Meizan handeceremony和celebration的区别d over the team leader ribbon and hammer to Zheng Linyu, and the two sides gave gifts to each other.

Zhengzheng oath interprets the bravdragonflye and meaningless lion spirit, under the leadership of President Nie Xiangdong, the 2017-2018 council members of longcinaugural address课文pptheng Service team made solemn and solemn ccityommitment to take office. New membercitydo杭州城市大数据s pledge to join the club and receive the Lions Club badges worn by the oathmastservice怎么读er and the oathmaster.

President Tian Wang Xinelectiong and former President Lin Tao dinaugural是什么意思elivered speeches respectiveteamoly, expressing their best wishes to longcheng Service Team.

Chen Junbinceremony的音标 tolled the bell to announce the completion of the ceremony and the dindragonner officially began. The wondceremony怎么读erful raffle lserviceableinks and performservice和serve的区别ances let lion friends come and go. At the banquinaugural addresset, we thanked the caring people and enterprises from all walks of life for their great contrielection是什么意思bution to the development of the Dragon City Service Team and the public welfare cause of lionceremony的名词s Celectionlceremony同义词ub.

In the past teceremony的音标n years, longcheng Service team helection怎么读as been full of youth and vitality.

Article/Coservice怎么读ntribution by Tulonceremony同义词g City Service Team

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