Bagua Ridge Service Team: held the second regular meeting of the board and members of the year 2017-2018

Bagua Ridge Service Team: held the second regular meeting of the board and members of the year 2017-2018

On September 3, 2017, tservice是什么意思中文翻译he second counciservice的名词l and membership regular meeting of The year 2017-2018 of Bagua Ling Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in the conferencteamse room of Xunyang Printimeetingtencentcomng and Packaging Co., LTD., Dalang Streeridgestone和米其林哪个好t, Longhridgeua. Peng Dayong, the captainmeeting是什么意思中文翻译 of bagualing Service team, Wang Hua, the first vice captain, Yin Xunfeng, the second vice captain, Zhang Wei, the third vice captain, Tian Xin, the steamecretary, Zhang Hui and other 17 people atridgestone是什么牌子轮胎tended theld的意思是什么he m拔罐后多长时间可以洗澡eeting. The meeting was chaired by Wang Hua.

Captainheld过去式和过去分词 Peng Dayong summarized the 3 sebaguarvice activities carriboardgameed out in Julteamworky and August, thanked the lion friends for their efforts, and made a good start for this year's service activities. At the same time, he introduced thregularlye annual work plan of the service team, and made clear the direction and foheld的意思是什么cus of this year's service activities. The lion friends expressed th拔罐有什么好处eir opinions, hoping to carry forward the service spirit of the Bagua-ling Service team and inspire those who are willinbaguag to give to join the service team.

At the meeting, the lion friends discussed the 2017-2018 inaugural ceremony of the baridgestone轮胎gua Mountain Service Team, initially determined the time and form of the transition and establish八卦方位ed the theldransition executive committee; Discussed andteamwork determined the activity direction and fuservice是什么故障灯ndraisisecondlove日剧ng method of the 2017 -- 2018 brand service project "Dream Bookstore" of Bagua Mservice和serve的区别ountain Serv拔罐ice Team. Ssecond怎么读ecretary Tian Xin explained the relatsecond缩写ionship and service objectives of lions Club International, Lions Club Shenzhen and Lions Club China, so that everyone could havridgestone是什么牌子轮胎e a clearer understanding of lion culture.

Inspired by the dream Lboard怎么读英语ibrary project, Cao filled out tboard的中文意思he membership form and paid the membership fee to join tboard是什么意思he Bagua Mountservice是什么故障灯ain service team. He said he wheld是hold的什么形式ould give fuboardsll play to his advantages and fully support the service project. Lion friends at the meeting all expressed their willingness to takeservice an actregular翻译ive part in the service activities.

By Yin Xunfeng

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