Zhenhua Service Team: Held the 11th regular meeting of 2018-2019 and the inauguration ceremony of the new leadership of 2019-2020

In 2019 & have spent On May 19, the 11th regular meeting of 2018-2019 and the inauguration ceremony of 2019-2020 leadership change of Shenzteams手机版hen Lionheld是hold的什么形式s Club Zhenhua Service Team was held in Huaxi Hotel, Chang ‘an Town, Dong甄嬛guan city. Zhenhua service team captain Ding Qingshang, last captain Liu Zuohua, first vice capteamotain to Yanjing, second vice captai甄嬛传在线观看n Liuheldback Haiqing, team leaderregular是什么意思英语 Dong Haoqing, secretary Liao Yumei, picket Yang Jie and other more than 2service是什么意思0 people attended the meeting. Wei Demin and Liu Quanshi,meeting directors of Zhenhua Service team, attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Xiang Xingjing.

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The chairman of the conference introduced the guests to Yanjing and thanked the guests who came from urumqi and Wuhua mountain area.

Ding Qingshang played a six-minute public service video titled “褪黑素Little Hands Holding Little hands, Reading The same Book”, summarizimeeting是什么意思中文翻译ng the work of the Zhenhua Service Team in 2018-2019, and thanked the lion friends for t甄嬛传之安陵容重生heir su甄嬛传pport and companionship over the past year. Liu Haiqing made a reteamport on the 2018-2019 financial work of Zhenhua Service Team.

Wei demin shared his four years of growth with Zhenhua Servteamproice Team. Zhang同花顺 Yuanxiong, principal of Hedong No.2 Primary School in Wuhuashservice是什么故障灯an District, introduced the promotion of reading teaching in the school with the help of Zhenhua Service Team since 2015. He thanked zhenhua Service team for its support.

Lregularizationater, Ding Qingshangheld的原型 presented the 2018-2019 “Public Welfare Ta童话故事lenteam什么意思t Award”, “Excellent Mentor Lion Brother Award” and “Caring Lion Friend Awmeeting是什么中文意思ard” to lion friends.

In the witnesregularly意思中文翻译s of the lion friends, Ding Qingshang wi甄嬛传演员表ll be handed over to the hammer and ribbons to Yanjing, two people embrace each other and exchange gifts. Pteams手机版resident-elect yan Jing to deliver his inaugural speregular翻译ech, said that will not forget the original aspiration, leading the service team to forge ahead, continue to “small hands, read a book” series of public welservice翻译fare student activitiservice和serve的区别es tregular的所有形式o carry ou褪黑素t.

By Dong Haoqing

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