Notice | about establishment of the shenzhen lions functional party branch of the notice

Notice | about establishment of the shenzhen lions functional party branch of the notice

Fellow lions:

In order to furtheaboutr implement the domestic relevant documents for federation of disabled persons' federation, thelionsgate domestic lion spirit, strengthen the party building work shenzhen lilions读音on, implement the party's organizati深圳大学on and party work "full coverage", shenzhen lions in the original, on the basis of "shenzhen lions party branch" in the zone, set up five functional party branch, build community party functionaries new pattern of "1 + 5", Strengthen the educatio深圳天气n and management of party members in an all-roabout怎么读语音und way, andnotice give full play to the political core and vangestablishment是什么意思uard role obranch的复数f party members in social organizations. In ordfunctional怎么读er to set up thefunctional functional braestablishmentnch well, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

One, branch setting method:Five functional Plion是什么意思中文翻译arparty是什么意思ty br深圳疫情最新消息anchefunctional是什么意思s have been set up according to the five zones managed by Shenbranches英语怎么读zhen Lions Club, which are asfunctionality follows: The functional Party branch of thenotice作文 firabout后面动词什么形式st region, the ffunctionalunctional Party branch of the second region, the functional Party branch of the third region, the functional Party branch of the fourth region, the functional Partparty是什么意思y branch of the fifth region, each functional Party branch in the initial stage of establishmbranches是什么意思ent according to the principle of steady progress, gradually expand the team, temporarily according toparty是什么意思 the size of 20 to 30 peopestablishment怎么读le.

Ii. Procedures for joinotice用法ning the branch:After the establishment of the f深圳疫情unctional Party Branch, party members who wish to join the Functional Party Branch of Shenznotice是什么意思hen Lions Club should download and fill in the Registration Form of The Functional Party Branch of Shenzhen Lions Club by themselves in accordance with the "three Noes" principle of "no party fee, no change of party organization relationship, and no new party members". The relevant information shall be sabouttime免费观看ibranches翻译gned and sealed by the party branch or party committee in the corabout怎么读语音responding position on the registration form and submitted to the cobranch什么意思rresponding regional liaison offunctionalismficer of Shenzhen Lions Club office for sureestablishmentmmary before May 15, 2018.

The Party branch of Shenzhen Lions Club will verify the relevant information of party members and go througfunctional翻译h relevant procedures according to the organizational procedures to become a party member of the functional branch. A general meeting of party members of the branch shall be held inabout翻译 due time, and the branch committee shall be elected democratically, and the party committee of the organ directly under the CDPF shall report the establishmenbranch造句t of the functional branch and the election results in written form.

Liaison officer for Party affairs in each regabout怎么读ion.Liaison offfunctionalismicfunctional怎么读ers will be set up in the Lions Club office in shenzhen for the party affairs of the functional branch. Zone 1: Xu Shener 25689756; The second z深圳大学one:functional怎么读 Du Shaoheng 25688980; Third zone: Lijiangping 25689752; The fourth zone: Wu Meiyun 25688576; The fifth zone: Wang Jiapeng 25688930. General contact person for party affairs of the office: Yang Xin 25688590.

Notice is hereby given.


1. Work plan of establishing functional Party Branch of Shenz深圳市最新疫情hen Lions Club

2.  Memreestablishmentbership registration form of functional Party Branch of Shenzhen Lions Clubparty

Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;  

Apparty模式ril 23, 2018 & NBSP;  

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