Hualin Service Team: Hold the general Election meeting for the 2017-2018 general Election of the Board of Directors

Hualin Service Team: Hold the general Election meeting for the 2017-2018 general Election of the Board of Directors

On the morning of March 12, 2017, the 8th reservice翻译gular meetingteam and general election meeting of Shenzhen Lionshold过去式 Club Hualin Service Team for 2016-2017 was held in Shenzhen Baoxin Zipper Co., LTD. More than 40 people attended the meeting, including Zhang Hongxiang, degenerallyputy secretary general of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2016-2017 and founding leader of Waring Service, Wang Daoming, chahold是什么意思irman of district 15 and formehold键是什么功能r leader omeeting的音标f Waring Service, and Chen Xuanbin, leader of Waring Servicemeeting是什么中文意思. The meeting was chaired by Chen Xuan Bin.

At the meeting, Captain Chen Chung-bin briefed the service activities and conference activities carried out by the Service Team in the past year. Thank yoservice是什么意思中文翻译u for sponsoring and supporting lion Friends and lion friends in pubhold翻译lic welfare activities such as Hanservicemaner Indepgeneralizeendent life Training Camp, rongfengbteamproao Jian Yi Restaurant warm project launch ceremony, warm Lion love Carnival “Jian Yi Cup” warm family Oriented Treasure hunt, Luhe Lufeng Aid for the Disabled, Longchuan Aid for the disabled, Zemeetingngcheng Aid for the disabled and so on. Later, the spirit of the special council meetgeneralize是什么意思ing of the Waring Service on March 10 was read out to the lion friends, and the list of servicereelection team leaders anservicemand council members recommended by the special Council was introduced.

According to the requirements of the election meeting, the team leader candidate and the other council member candidates respectively made a 3-minute campaign speech centering on the spirit ofteamo “four outmeeting翻译“, in华林证券股吧trodhold键是什么功能ucing their work ideas and service plans afte华林证券r bmeeting怎么读英语eing elected. After the speech, 13 lion friends were elected as 2017-2018 counchold过去式il members by secret ballot, including华林证券股吧 Wang Zi Bing, Yan Jiamu and Huang Weijun. Dong Xiuling was elected captain ofgeneral the Hualin Servi华凌空调ce for 2017-2018, while Li Jicheng, Yu Wanqun and Li Xhold翻译uefei were elected first, second and third vice captmeeting的音标ainservices of the Service respectively. With the jointteamviewer efforts of the lion frieteamonds, the election conference achieved a complete success.

Through the convening of this conference, we unified the tmeetingshought, clear goal, encouservice怎么读raged moralehold过去式, enhanced confidence, with pahold键是什么功能ssion, dream and set goals, full of confidence, high morale. We firmly believe that under the corr华菱钢铁ect guidance of the Service Team Board and with the joint efforts of ageneralbutchll lion friends, The Warin Sholderervice team will be able tteamo work hard, overcome difficulties, seize new opportunities and create new achievements, and promeetingtencentcommoteteams the comprehensive and harmonious development of public welfare and lion worteamworkk.

Article/photo Comeeting腾讯会议ntributed byservicebio Hualin Service Team

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