Notice | notice on further strengthening the recent epidemic prevention and control work

Dear Lion friend,

Recently, a local epidemic broke out in Nanjing and spread to other proviepidemic是什么意思中文翻译nces and cities, and the epidemic prevention work sounded the alarm again. In order to implement the deployment of tfurther怎么读he epidemic preventiocontrol的过去式和过去分词n and control work of the Central, provincial and municipal governments and the spirit of relevant meetings, and in accordance with the requirements of “preventing imported cases from abroad, rebepidemic是什么意思ounding cases from within, and re-exporting cases from abrepidemic是什么意思oad”, implement regular epidemic prevention and control measures, and resolutelyworkday prevent the hard-recently翻译wonstrengthening翻译 situation from being recontrol歌曲versed, In accordance with the Notice of Shenzhen Mrecently造句unicipal Disabled Persons’ Federation on Further Strengthening thenotice翻译 Prevention and Control of The Epidemic in the Near Future, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

First, not necesworkoutsarily not deep.Ifurther是谁的比较级n the near futcontrol键是哪一个ure, we should try our bescontrolst to reduce travel to high-risk areas and tourist hotspots.

Second, strengthen the management of large-scale events.Recently, manyrecently的意思 service teams will hold a new meeting. It is suggested that all service tcontroleams should be vigilant, do not gather wheepidemic是什么意思中文翻译n necessarworksy, and take good pernotice的固定搭配sonal protection. The activities follow the basic principlesepidemic是什么意思中文翻译 of “no event if it is nonotice的固定搭配t necessary” and “who wepidemic翻译ill host and who will be responsible”. For those events that are really necessary, epidemic prevention andfurthermore control work plans should be formulated and implemented to reduce the scale, duration, crowd control and gatherings. Travel code and health code will be checked on the day of the activity. Pprevention是什么意思ersons from medium-high risk areas are strictly prohibited to attend.further和farther区别

Third,epidemic和pandemic actively report.People returning tprevention翻译o Shenzhen from medium-high riworksk areas are required to repworkoutort to theirfurthering communities as soon as possiblepidemice, and actively cooperate with nucleic acid testing, medical obseprevention是什么意思rvation orepidemic怎么记忆 health monitoring and othfurther和farther区别er epidemic prevention and control measures.noticeable

4. Get vaccinated early.In the absence of contraindicepidemicsationsrecent怎么读, eligicontrol的过去式和过去分词ble persons should receive the Novel Coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible.epidemic situation翻译

Fifth, trecent怎么读ake good personal protection.Streworkplacengthen the awareness of protection, less gepidemicsatheriepidemic品牌ng, do not crowd, maintain socialcontrols distancing; Adhere to wear masks, wash hands frequently, clerecently的意思an frequently, use chopsticks and other good living habprevention翻译its, self-heanoticeablelth monitoring every day.


Dear lion friends, from tepidemiche previous related outbreaks, the Delta virepidemicsus strain isfurther怎么读 theepidemic和pandemic的区别 most importstrengthening怎么读ant strain of the current global epifurthermore的意思demic. The virus strain is characterized by increased adaptability to the body, relatively fast transmission, high viworkerral load, loncontrollingg treatment time, and recontrolslatively easy to develop into severe illness. Please do not let down your vigworkilance, normalize the epidemic prevention and control work, strictly implement the prevfurther和farther区别ention and control requirements such as wearing masks, temperature and code testing, and consciously maintaicontrol翻译n good hygiene habits such as frequent hand washing, fewer gatherings, and “one-meter noodles”. Wish all lion friends healthy and safe!


Notice is hereby given.



Shenzhen Lions Clubwork是什么意思

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