Decision on shenzhen Lions Club awards 2010-2011

About the Shenzhen Lions Club2010-2011..Annual recognition decisions

Lions in 2010-2awards怎么读011.. work in shenzhen, havedecision produced a large number of service work in lion, and service activities and fundraising activities made outstanding contributions, the chairman of the committe深圳地铁线路图e, council membeawards什么意思rs of the servicelionsgate, secretary, financial and lions, friendawards什么意思s, and for shenzhen lion lion service, meeting and service and so on various aspects has obtained the unprecedented achievement, Improve the social influence and reputation of the Lions Club.

To promote & other; We serve ” The lions Club of Shenzhen has been awarded to Zuyuqin, Huang Chunbin, Xie Jianwen, Dai Tongxin, Sha Hlions翻译aiyu, Sun Yunawards什么意思, Zhang Weixian, Wang Jinliang, Zhang Guojun, Zheng Degang, etc8People & oclub用英语怎么说ther; Director’s Special Contribution Award & RDQUO; ; Awarded to Shangbu, Xinzhou,lion是什么意思 etc13Individual servicdecision可数吗e teamsawards怎么读 & LDquo; Team Steady Development Award & RDQclubsUO; ; Awarded to Shenzhenclubman Broadcasting Group, Shenzhen Presawardss Group, etc10A unit & other; Support award & throughout; ; Awarded to Zheng Degang, Su Zeran, etc17People & other; Major Contribution Award & RDQUO; ; Awarded to Shenzhen Zhejiang深圳 Association, Sh深圳地铁线路图enzhdecision动词en One Day Tecdecision是什么意思hnology Co., LTD10A unit & other; Caring award & throughout; ; Awarded to Yu Qiang, Wang Ligui, etc170The famous lion friend is “ Nine-year Senior Lion Friend Award & RDQUO; ; To Longhua, Fuyong, etlions英语怎么说c19Individual service teams & LDquo; Outstanding Service Team Award & RDQUO; ; Gr深证指数ant mileage, central area, etc10Individual service teams & LDquo; Excellent Project Team Award & RDQUO; ; To Lin MAO, Love, Love, etc40Individual service teams & LDquo; Outstanding Service Project Award & RDQUO; ; Awarded to wuaward是什么意思英语tong Mountain, Bagua Ridge, etc12Individual service teams & LDquo; Service Team Star Award & RDQUO; ; Zheng Xi, Hu Yue, etc114The famous lion friend is “ Excellent Lion Friend Award & RDquo; ; Awarded to Tang Zili, Wlions翻译ang Baolin, etc20The famous lionclub怎么读 friend is “ Excellentawards翻译 Secretardecision是什么意思y Award & RDquo; ; Awarded to Fang Mansong, Zhong Yinghui, etclions翻译25The famous li深圳天气on friend is “ Excellent Financial Award & RDquo; ; Awarded to Zhao Hua, CAI Yongwei, etc23The famous lion friend is “ Excellent President Award & Rlions英语怎么说Dquo; ; Awarded to Gao Zhou, Chen Shaohua, etc24The famous lion friend is “ Excellent District Staff Award & RDQUO; ; Awarded to Li Chuangfeng, Liu Qu深圳大学anshi, etc8A lion friends & other;lions Member Development Award & RDQUO; ; Awarded to Liu Jun, Niu Xiaosan, Lai Fuxiang, etc22The famous lion friend is “ President, Secretary, Finalions英语怎么读ncial Rising Star Award & RDQUO; ; Awarded to Feng Qijclub是什么酒iang, Wu Di, etc1lions英语怎么读2The famous lion friend is “ Lion F深圳市最新疫情amily Award & RDaward是什么意思英语QUO; .

Hoplions翻译e to olions英语怎么说btain the glorious title of collective and individual, chericlubmansh the honor, make persistent efforts, adhere to & LDquo; We serve ” The spirit of social welfdecision怎么读英语are undertakings in the future to achieve greater achievements.

It is hereby decided.

Shenzhen Lions Club

In 2011,6molions英语怎么读nth30dalions读音y

Shenzhen Lions club award list at lions International

(a),President’s Medal


(2),General Presishenzhendent’s Adecision动词ward

Zheng Degang & have spent           Suclubman Zeran & have spent   &nblionssp;       Zhang Xiaowei &深圳 have splions怎么读ent       &nbsplions英语怎么读;   Chen Qingfen深圳疫情最新动态g & have spent           Wu Zewei & havedecision英语 spent        decision是什么意思   Tian wang & have spent           Feng Qijiang & have spent       &nbsdecision是什么意思p; &nclubmedbsp;   Liao Maohua & have spent &nbclub是什么酒sp;       &nbdecision可数吗sp; Zhao & have spent   China & have spent             Leaf & have spent   In the winter

(3),Bdecision翻译rilliant Light Award


Shenzhen Lions cllionsub in the national lions aclub翻译ssociation awardclub是什么酒 list

(a),Outstanding lion friends

Generation & have spent   Group & have spent           Tian & haward是什么意思英语ave spent   Force & have spent           Zclubmed官网预订hang Zhihe & havclubmede spent         &nbawards什么意思sp; Li Wenqiu & have spent           Yu & have spent   Latelion是什么意思nt & have spent           Zhenjiang zhang

High & have spent   Chau &decision怎么读英语 have spent           Zhi-qianclubmedg lu & have spent &nbslions英语怎么说p;       &nbdecision怎么读音sclubmanp; Kvlow &decision怎么读英语单词 have spent     &lions翻译nbsp;     Tang Zili

(2),Dislions读音tinguished Service Corps

East China Sea Service Team & NBSP;     &nbdecision怎么读音sp;     Manhole Service team

(3),Excelldecision-makingent Serlions英语怎么说vice Projectsclubs

Zhanjiang Leizhou Wushi Town Sanjiao Village series assistance projects

“ Red action ” Lion Blood Month projdecision是什么意思ect

(IV) Excellent service projects of the Associationlion是什么意思中文翻译

Africa Light Tour

(5) Special Contribution Award

Zhang Guojun

(vi) President’s Awarclubmed官网预订d of The National Lion Association

Zhang Guojun & have spent     &ndecision可数吗bsp;     XiaoXingPing & have spentclubmed   &nbslions英语怎么说p;   &nb深圳地铁线路图sp; &awards怎么读nbsplions英语怎么说; Chen Shijun

Shenzhen Lions Cl深圳疫情最新动态ub oclubmed官网预订fficial list of relevant awards in Shenzhen

(a),Pengcheng Charity Award

&nb深圳疫情最新消息sp;1. Pengcheng Charity Organization Award: Shenzhen Lions Club

2. Pengcheng Charityaward什么意思 Outstanawards怎么读ding Contribution Award: Shenzhen Lions Club


3, Pengcheng charity model: Xiao Xingping

4. Pengcheng Charity Outstanding Contribution Award: Yao Xiaoming

(2),The 8th Shenzhen Care Action Award

1. Excellent Organization Award: Shenzhen Lions Club

2. Most Sa深圳疫情最新消息tisfactory Activity award: &club是什么酒 LDquo; Red action & LDquo; The lion donated blood moon

3. Advanced Worker: Feng Qijiang.

(3),Other awards

“Shenzhen Yearbook” writing advanced unit: Shenzhen Lions Club

A, & have spentShenzhen Lions Club2010-2011..The annualFor a list of

(I) District Awards

1Outstalions怎么读nding Ind深圳市最新疫情ividual Award

(1) Elionsxcellent Member Award

Zheng & have spent   City & have spent    深圳大学   &ndecision怎么读英语单词bsp; Huclub是什么意思 & have spent   Yue & have s深证指数pent   &nbclub用英语怎么说sp;     ROM. & have spent   H & have spent   &nbsclubp;     Wu Wensheng & have spent         Yellow following d. & have spent         Rong & have spent &nbsaward是什么意思中文p; static

Yao Xiaozhong & have spent    shenzhen     Lee & have spenlions翻译t &nbslionsp;lions翻译 Xiang & have spent   &nbspclubman是什么牌子车;  shenzhen   Liu Mingjian深圳市最新疫情 & have spent         Jinsong zhang & have spent   &nbspdecision怎么读;     Geng & have spent &ndecision怎么读bsp; Deepened & have spent         Huang Xinguo & have spent        

Yellow & have spent   Bearing & have spent         Chue-fun Chen & havaward是什么意思英语e spent    award什么意思     Xu-dong song & have spent         Zhuanlions英语怎么说g and gold & have spent         Lee & have spent   Wei & hdecision-makingave spent         PeiYuMing & have splions读音ent        

Xia Weimin & hlions英语怎么说ave spent      awards怎么读   Liu Jiaxing & have spent         Tan Jinhong & have spent   &decision翻译nbclub用英语怎么说sp;     Shi Hailong & have spent         Wanlions怎么读g Peitao & have spent   &ndecisionbsp;     Wang Baohua & have spent    awards翻译    

WengWeiHua & have spent       &naward是什么意思英语bsp; ROM. & have spent   Zen & have spent         HongShengdecisionLong & have spent         Zeng Shaoxi & have spent   &nbspclub是什么酒;     The king & have spent   Jay & have spent         Lin Jintong &awards have spent        

Chen & have spent   Zheng & have spent         Sun & have spent   Jung & have sp深圳天气ent   &n深圳天气bsp;     Lu & have spent   Art & have spdecision动词ent         Yu Zhenchang & have spent         Tian & have spent   China & have spent        clubmed The king & have spent   As & have spent        

Zhang Tengfa深圳天气ng深圳疫情最新动态 &award什么意思 have spent    club用英语怎么说     Zhang Hongxiang & have spent &lion是什么意思nbsp;       Chen is c. & have spent &nbsplions读音; &nbspclubmed官网预订;     Lubo have & have spentlion是什么意思中文翻译         Xu Weclubsnzhong & have spent   &nb深圳sp;     Deng mei heart & have spentlions英语怎么说        

The bear & have spent  Jun          Party & have spent   Jay & hadecision是什么意思ve spent         CAI think of worldly pleasuresclubman & have spen深圳疫情最新动态t     &深圳天气nbsp;   Chen & have spent      decision   XiaoJinXian & have spent         Dong-sheng yi深圳市最新疫情 & have spent        

Zhu Songlin & have spent      lions音标   Plexus & have spent   Lin & have spent &nlions英语怎么说bsp;       Lin Ziyu & have spent     &awards翻译nbsp;   Qian Zhesheng & have深圳疫情最新消息 spent &nbclubmed官网预订sp;     &nclub翻译bsp; Cao people loyal & have spent         Zhou Kejian & hdecision怎么读英语单词ave spent        

LanKangZhonlion是什么意思中文翻译g & ha深圳疫情最新消息ve spent         Yang Qi深圳天气anclub怎么读wen & have spent         Gao Maohong & have spent &club怎么读nbsp;   &nbsdecision怎么读p;   Generation is ling & have spent         Ma-jing si & have spent   &nbspdecision可数吗;     Wang Haixuan & have spent        

Xu & have spent   Non & have spent         Ydecision怎么读ang Haojiang & have spent         Li Yongri & have spent &nbsaward是什么意思英语p;       Zhao & have spent   Hui & have spent         Cai Chaotong & have spent         Cclub是什么意思hen & have spent &nbspdecision翻译; Jay & have spent        

Kong Weiawardsmin & have sdecision动词pent     &nbsp深圳风险等级;   The clock light & have spent         Shen Qi elegant & have spent         Wu & have spent   Health & have spent         Zhang Yanhui & h深圳ave spent       &nbspclub翻译; South & have spent   Jade & have spent   &awards怎么读nbsp;    

Ye Feng edecision英语scape & have spent         Wei Bingsong & have spent &shenzhennbsp;  decision怎么读英语     Lawards什么意思elions音标af & have spent &深证指数nbsp; Cosette & have spent      decision-making   Chen Wanli & have spent         Hao Chunting & hadecision怎么读英语单词ve spent   &nawards怎么读bsp;     Liu Zhisheng & have spent   &nbdecision英语sp;    

Ernest wong & have spent       &nbs深圳地铁线路图p; Jin-shan zhang & have sclubmed官网预订peclubsnt   &nbsdecision怎么读音p;     Huang Lang ring & have spent         Anthony laulions kwok leung & have spent         Zhong Qiaohui & have spent &nawards什么意思bsp;   &nb深圳疫情最新动态sp;   KeXueXia & have spent        

Wu & have spent   Di & have spent &nblions翻译sp;       The song & have spent   Jade & have spent     &

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