The fifth diabetes education and health lecture of Shenzhen Lions club was held successfully

The fifth diabetes education and health lecture of Shenzhen Lions club was held successffifth怎么读英语ully


Onlecture怎么读音 April 14th, the fifth diabet深圳疫情eclubman是什么牌子车s education activity and health lecture of Shenzhen Lions club was successfully held in Ziclubzhu Lilions怎么读udao Zusheng Garden, Futian District. This activity was strongly support深圳疫情最新消息ed by the women's Feeducation可数吗deration of Xiangmihu Sub-district Office, Xianglinglions Community Workeducationstation, Yangmeihong International Private Art School, Zhusheng Garden Management Office of Shenzhen New Dongsheng Property Manag深证指数ement Co., Ldiabetes的中文意思TD., And Shenzhen Hongcancan Culture Communication Co., LTD.

Lu Zhi深圳qiang, deputy secretary general, introduced the guests and thanked the lion club membefifth基数词rs and residents who participafifthlyted in the activity. He hoped that Shenzhen Lions Club couldlecture blion是什么意思ring more benefits to the residents of Zhusheng Garden Distrieducationct. Chairman Koch introduced the content of thealthy的副词he diabetes education activity and tlecturedhe harm of diabetes, calling on the residents to understand and pay attention to diabetes, form a good diet, exercise habits and lifestyle, and have a healthy bolionsdy.

Prlions是什么意思esident Tian Exp深圳大学ressed his gratitude to the leaders and guests who supported the event. He said that this year, Shenzhen Lihealth2破解版无限ons Club took root in the community, deepened its sereducation的形容词vices, and established big data to help community residents stay away from diabeteclubs through chronic disease management flionsiles and health improvement of residents. Through this activity, he hopes to popularize diabetes educationeducation翻译 knowledge to community residents and advocate afifth基数词 healthy life concept.

The activity site was very livwasn'tely. T深圳疫情最新消息he community publicity board posted diabetes preventiodiabetes怎么读n proposal and blood glucose testing instructions, and the community residents measured blood glucolionsse under the guidance深证指数 of lion friends. Zhang Feiyue preached thlions翻译中文e knowledge ofclubs diabetes prevention and treatment. At the same time, he affirmed the diabetes eduhealthcation project of Shenzhen Lions Club and hoped that the project wfifth什么意思ould become a brand project of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Nie Xiangdong gave a speech to thank the leaders and commfifth的缩写unity residents for their strong support to the activity. Later, Ti深圳疫情最新消息an Xingwang, Peeducational翻译ng Daojian, Lu Zhiqiang, Zheng Guoping and Nie Xiangdong presented zhalecturednglecture hall Feiyue with the Lolions怎么读ve Trophy for his guidance and support of the Diabetes education program of The Lions Club of Shenzhen.

Zhang Feiyufifth的缩写e, director of diabetes Working Grouplions, Lions Club of ShenzhenMore than 250 people attlions的音标ended the event, including Chairman Tian Xingwang, Fieducation是什么意思英语rst Vice President Ma Min, Chief Executiveducation怎么读e Peng Daojian, Deputy Secretary-general Lu Zhiqiang, Chair深圳地铁线路图man Zheng Guoping and Nie Xiangdong, Chai深圳市最新疫情rman Wu Yclub翻译uqiong, Wang Daoming and Wen Yaolwastei, Chairman ke Dehai of Diabetes Education Committee, representatives of variousfifth service teams and residents of Zhushwasteeng Gardeclubn. The activity was chaieducational是什么意思red by Nie Xianlions英语怎么读gdong and Yu Xiaoping.

[Text] Wang Qin

[Photo] Wang Qin

[Editor] Mafifthly Huijulions怎么读an Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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