Shenzhen Lions club nominated the candidate for vice president of the National Lions Association

Shenzhen Lions club nominated the candidate for vice president of the National Lionationalstadiumns Association

On April 17th, shenzhassociation什么意思中文翻译成en Lions Clupresident是什么意思b held a meetinlions读音g to nominate candid深圳大学ates for the 2019-202president什么意思中文翻译1 vicepresident什么意思中文翻译 president of Lions Club in Shenzhen. The 2018-2019 President ma Min, the last president Tian Wangxing, the founding Pnationalitiesresident Xie Jianwen, and the former presidents Shi Jianyong, Lin Tao, Lin Ziyu, Wu Xiaoming, Su Zerclub翻译an, Zheng Degaassociation翻译ng, Xiao Xingping, Zhang Guojun, Wang Jinliang, Sun Yun, Sha Haiyu深圳 and Dai Tongxin attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Hou Yishassociation造句a, secretary ofcandidate用法 the Party Committee and director of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, chief representative of Lions Association in Shenzhen hou Yisha, Director of Publicitclub用英语怎么说y (rvice中国ights and protection) Office olions的音标f Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federatnational是什么意思ion Huang Fake andlion是什么意思中文翻译 Sec深圳大学tion Chief Huang Te, secretary Gassociation怎么读音eneral of Lions Club of Shenzhen Du Hengkun.

Hou Yisha, chief representative of Lions Club of Shenzhen, introduced the nomination of a candidate for the vice president in accordance with the qualifications of the vice president stipulated in the Election Rules of Lions Club of China 2019-2021. By the deadline of registration, two former chairman Wang Jinliang and Zheng Degang registered for the electiovicer34n.

After reviewing and approving the “Slions读音henzhen Lions Club on the 2019-2021 Vice President Candidate Selection深圳疫情最新动态 Method (draft)” and “Th深圳疫情最新动态e List of Generalassociation Supervisors, Sclub怎么读upervisors and Counterers (draft)”, the candidates made their election speeches in alphabetical order. Wang Jinliang, former president of Lions Club, said that his career and family are stable now, and he has mnominate是什么意思uch time and energcandidate什么意思啊y to do chclub是什么酒arity work. As another cause of lions Club, he is willing to take more responsibilities and wilpresident什么意思中文翻译l do his best to do well. Zheng Degang former President of sharing his lion, course, join the lions club in shenzhen has more than 10 yevicer34ars, aassociation翻译ccumulated a lot of experiencclub是什么意思e, but also took part in the study of public courses, is rich in theoretical basis acandidates翻译nd thecandidate造句 service expenominaterience, improve yourself, also want to have the opportuninominatedty to continue to learn thpresident前面加the吗e theoretical knowledge and practical combination, on the public road contribute their strength.

Chief Representative Hoesha announced the number of people eligible to vote and organized the on-site secret ballot. Under the supervision of the chief supervisor and the supervisor, the lion friends who have the right to vote completed the voting, and tvice中国he counting staff countassociation用法及搭配ed the votes.

The director of tassociation怎么读音he Huvicenang Fa Section of the Municip深圳大学al Disabled Persons’ Federation announced the results of the vote counting as the director, and Hou Yisha, the chief representative announced the voting results. Zheng Degang received more thanational是什么意思n two-thirds of the votes and was elected as the vice president ca深圳天气ndidate of the National Lions Association 2019-2021.

Hou Yishclubsa, chief representative, summed up her speech, saying that she wnational翻译as verassociation英语y excited and moved to partilionsgatecipate in and host the nomination meeting. She was very excited to witness the selection of the candidatcandidatese for vice president of the Association and discuss the develolionspment of Shenzhen Lions Club with the former presidents of Shenzhevice versan Lions深圳地铁线路图 Club. It iassociation怎么读音s touching to see the pasassociationt presidents of Lions Club shenzhen深圳地铁线路图 working together for the public welfarnominated是什么意思e of lions Club Shenzhen. I hope we can work together to enhance lion culture and work together for publicpresident造句 welfare.

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