Shenzhen Lions Club 2013-2014 certified lion guide training notice

Dear original certified guide lion:

In accordance with the requirements of the Inte深圳疫情最新消息rnational Conference. Certified lion guides must re-enroll iguide是什么意思n a certified Lion Guide program every three years to maintain their acclub是什么酒creditation. To better assistlion翻译 the healthy growth of the service深圳疫情最新消息 teams, assist the formationlion是什么意思 of new service teams and thlions翻译e development of weak service teams2trainingpeaks013years11month15 to 17,2013-2014.guidebook.Annual certified Lion Guide Training Program (together with the certified Lion Guide Training Program). Slion怎么读pecificcertified翻译 arrangements are as follows:

 A,Participants:2013Liocertifiedn friends who have attended certified lion guide training before 2000
&nbs深圳地铁线路图p; 11
C贵的拼音heck-in and check-in
  At 19:00 17:30pm –
  At 19:00-21:00
Ice-breaking trip

  08:00 09:00 –
Open training
  09:10 12:00 –
  – 12:00 PM
Lunch break
  PM – 16:50
  Thus – were the same
The big picture
  At 19:00 17:3training造句0pm –
&nblion怎么读sp; At 19:00 to 22:00
Social communication

  08training怎么读:00 09:00 –
  09:10 12:00 –
  – 12:00 PM
Lunch and check-out
  14:00 to 15:00
Homework after class
  Thercertified是什么意思efore – 16:50
The graduati归德侯府onguide ceremtrainingony

Three, Degree:40 (total with the first certified lion guide student), up to the fullguide怎么读 quota

Four,Tlion是什么意思raining location: Dameisha Vanke East Coast Blue Club

 Five,Dress requirement: Lions club red lion suit (贵的拼音for group phlions读音oto) and comfortlions是什么意思able casual wear
Vtraining怎么读i.Training cost:
,Licertified怎么读on friends pay for their own accommodation:480yuan/Seats (double room), inclusive2Night accommodationguide怎么读,4dinner2Breakfast fee, if living in a single room, need to make up for single roomclubs difference280yuan/position Fees can be paid in cash or by credilion怎么读t cacertified翻译rd on site.
&nbslionsgatep; 2
,Registration contact: Cui Ping, deputy head of the guide lion Group1351certified是什么牌子
Brother Wang Chengshi, leader of the guide Lion Group13802239062

 Seven,Deadline for registration:2013years11month13day


1. Application Form of 2013-2014.. Certifie深圳风险等级d Lion Guide training of Shenzhen Lions Club
2. Shenzhen Lions Club 2013-2014.. Certified Tutor Training Schedule

Shenzhe鬼的拼音n Lions Club2013-2014..Lion Guide of the Year

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