Notice on improving training service of Shenzhen Lions Club Instructor Group

Notice on improving training service of Shenzhen Lions Club Instructor Group

Dear Lioninstructors是什么意思 friend,

         club用英语怎么说   With your great support, the lecturers have been growing up, but it is still a challenging task to meet the learning needs of more than 2000 lion friends and the training needs of more than 90 service teams. The lecturers have always been afraid that it is difficultnotice to repay th深圳风险等级e enthusiasinstructorm of lion friends.
&ntraining怎么读bsp;           Planned trservice和serve的区别aining has become the best choice to sollions翻译中文ve the problem, so the group has optimized and improved the relevant training application process, the details are as folion是什么意思llows:
       groupie     1.  Downloadnotice同义词 and fill in the “Shenzhen Ltrainingions Club Service Tea深证指数m/District Training Applionslilion是什么意思cation Form” (Attachment 1) from the website of Shenzhen Lions Club one week in advance and send Pinstructorlease contclubmedact secretary Jia Jingshi (mobile phtraining翻译one: 13923887251) to confinotice用法rm receipt of the application.
  &nnotice用法bsp;         2.  The rotating deputy head of the teaching group will contact thgroup怎么读音e applicants and arrange lecturers according to the requirements, venues and learning conditions reflected in the form, adjust the coursewainstructor是什么意思英语rtraining是什么牌子e content, lecturetrainings and activities to impnoticeablerove the qualitlionsgatey of training and achieve the wi深圳疫情最新动态sh of better service for lion friends.
        &nbs深证指数p;   3.  Joint activities organized by dnoticeistricts are good training opportunities, which will etraining翻译nhance the enthusiasm of lions to painstructor翻译rticipate in and contribute to improving the quality of training.
  &shenzhennbsp;         4.  If therenoticed are traininclubmed官网预订g requiremenserviceablets other than tgroupiehinstructors是什么意思ose lservicemanisted in the form, the instructor group will respond positively and meet them when conditions are right.

            Attachment: Sinstructor什么意思henzhen Lions Club Service Team/District Training Application Form

Shenzhen Lions Club Lecturing Group
Octgroupober 30, 2013

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