Lion friends Cultural and sports Center was officially established

Lion friends Cultural and sports Center was officially established

      &nbspofficially是什么意思英语;     On the aftfriends美剧ernoon of October 12, 2013, the founding meelionting of Shenzhen Lions Club Lions Club Fellowship Center was held in shenzhen Lions Club office. Shenzhen Lestablished怎么读英语ions Club 2013-2014 Director Wu Xiaoming, First Deputy Directorlion翻译 Lin Ziyu, second deputy director Lin Tao, Secretary General Zhang Xiaowei, Chairmanestablished是什么意思 Chen Zhuzhan and Executive Chairman Chen Weiyang,established怎么读 as well as more than 60 lion brothers and sisters from various service teams attended the eventfriendship可数还是不可数名词.
            The meeting was moderated by The executive chairman of lion Friends Culturaculturally翻译l and Sportestablished是被监控了么s Centre, Vivian Chan. Director Wu xiaoming congratulated tlion复数he establishmeculturally翻译nt of the lion Frienwas怎么读ds Cultural and Sports Center and hoped that the participants would respond positively to the activities organized by the center. “ We serve ” The meaning of the slogan inclions英语怎么读ludes both the service for the people in need, and alsculturallyosportsmanship includes the service for the lion friends. The liwashon friends cultural andwash怎么读 sports Fellolion怎么读wship center is established to strive tlion是什么意思o promote thesports怎么读英语单词 lsportswearion friends’ fecultural翻译llowship activities. I believe that the establcultural什么意思ishment of the center will make the lion will have more cohesion, creativity, centripetal force! Finally, he hopes the center will arrange specific activities well and carry them out effectively.
            Mr. Chen Chu-cham, chairman of lion Friendscultural翻译 Cultural and Sports Centre, intofficially英语怎么读rodofficially是什么意思uced the concept and plan of the centre. He said that a series of activlionities would be organized under the two categories of sports and culture. We hope that each serfriends美剧vice team and all lion friends will participate in the project. Each project will be led by 2-3 service teams and more service teams will participate togetherfriends什么意思中文.
            Lin Zestablished是什么意思英语iyu, the first deputy director, said that the cultwashedural and sports association is one of the key work of this year’s Shenzhen Lions Club, listeninfriends什么意思中文g to the center’s planning is verylion的音标 encouraged, very comprehensive. After listening to tfriendshiphe lion friends’ speech, I feel more talented and confident. The establishment of the lion friends Cultural and Sports Center will shorten the distance of lion friends, healthy esports和sport的区别veryone’s body, enrichlions英语怎么读 the life of lcenterpointion friends, and transfer positive energy. She believes that unwaspder the leadership of Director Wu Xiaolionming, ufriends翻译nder the promotionlionel of lion friends Cultural and Sports Center, and under the support of lion friends, lions club will be more prosperous and prosperous.
      &nblionssp;     Lin Tao, the 2nd deputy director of Shenzhen Lions Club, congratulated shenzhen Lions Club on the establishment of the Lion Friefriends怎么读nds Cultural ancultural什么意思d Sports Center. She suggested that the group actiestablished怎么读英语vities (tai chi, dance, etc.) carrwashicenter是什么意思中文ed out after the establishment of the center could be included in this yeawashr’s Neestablished是什么品牌w Year charity party, looking forward tfriendship的英语作文o the opening of shenzhen Lions Club Games.
            At the estsportsmanshipablishment meeting, the lion friends presented their suggestions and shared the activities they wsports怎么读英语单词ere good at anfriends用英语怎么说d interested in with the lion friends. All the participants said that the establishment of the center was vsports用英语怎么说ery good and they would actively participate in the activities carried out. They also looked forward to the development of the Lion Friends cultural and sports center.

Photo by Zhang Lichen/Zhouofficially翻译 Jiaolong

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