About the Mervyn Award

  The Mervyn Jones Event was established in 1973 and named after The founder of Lions Club International, Mervyn Jones.

      The Mervyn Fellowship is LCIF’s hiaward的用法和搭配ghest honoabout翻译r for humanitarianabouttime免费观看 service. Being a memberabout怎么读语音 of mervyn Is an honoawardur rather than a rewaabout是介词吗rd. This problem is best defined by anyone who has beaward是什么意思英语nefiteawardedd from LCIF mervynabouttime免费观看 Jones member donation activaboutities. Donatioawardsns from Mervyn Jones members are theaward的用法 source of funding for LCIF Vision First Conquesaward和reward区别t curable and preventable blindness.
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&about-facenbsp;     LCIF’sabout怎么读 highest honor & LDQUO; MJF of Mervyn & RDquo; Is used to recognabout是什么意思ize an individual’s contribution in humanitariaaward和reward区别n service. An MJFaward的用法和搭配 is awarabout是介词吗ded toaward怎么读 anyone who donates $1,000 to LCIF or raises money for charity. “ Member of Mervyn & RDquo; You can get a collar badge and aaward medal. Their names are also entered into a computer databaward的用法ase that can be accessed by visitors to lions International headquarters.
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&nbsabout是什么意思p;     For & other; Member of Mervyn & RDquo; In addition to a primary contribution of us $1,000, a donation in the form of a donation exceeds US $1,000. Mervyn Chung Advanced Member (PMJF)& RDquo; Recognition will be given. A donation of $1,000. Member of Merabout怎么读语音vyn & RDquo; Will receive a yellow gold lapel pin with a diamond. The first donaabout怎么读tion of $1,000 is followed by another donation of $1,000 to $60,000, and youaward will receive diamonds, red and sapphires, indicating theawards different stages of membership promotion.
Use of dmervynonations made by Members of Mervyn Chung
      Contributions from members of mervyn, together with contributions of unlimited use, provided funds for mediabouttime免费观看cal equipment and for the treatment of poor eyes and other humanitarian services. These events are often held for the poor.
&nbawardedsp;   &aboutcg网站nbspabout; Donations from mervyn Chung members provide employmentmervyn training for the disabled and the opportunity for them to become independent.award什么意思
      Donations from mervyn Chung members are the source of funds for disaster reconstruction.
      Donations from Mervyn Members are a source of funds to help children with special needs and to provide a place for the elderly.

&naward翻译bsp;     There are countless uses for the donations of Mervyn Members. They work tirelessly to improve the lives oawardsf the world and their commuaward的用法nities. The lives of thousands of people arabout翻译ound the world have been improved by substantial donations from Mervyn Jones members.

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