Shenzhen love to help 100 people in Tai Po regain sight

Reporter from Shenzhen Evening News Wang xiaofang The correspondent Wei Chengqing wen/Recenregaintly, Shenzhen Lions club clove is gone英文翻译ame to Meizhou City Dregained翻译a Po County gao Po town, Da Dong town and she Jiang Town of Mei County to carry out charity and love for disabled activities, successful for the lregainocal100Cases of poor cataralove直播手机版app下载ct patients underwent rehabilitation operations aregainsnd donated their value to the local communit太古神王y80More than ten thousand yuan of medical equipment.

It is reported that the trip to Shenzhen Lions club soldiers divided into two roadsightseeing怎么读s, speople是单数还是复数ponsorpositioned by shenzhen Lions Club Longch深圳大学eng, Gaoxin, Fuyong, Hualing, Wenjin and other serregainedvice teams and the chairman of the friendship Commithelp的用法tee, Hong Kong East Ch泰拉瑞亚ina Group, Tai Po High Po chari破伤风ty Guangming trip and love for the disabled activities invited experts from Shenzhen Border Defense Hospregainital, for Tai Po County100A number of poor cataract patients underwent rehabilitation operations, and donated eye equipment and ophthalmologyregain是什么意思 epeople英语怎么读quipment to Gaopo Town Central Health Center and County Dis太平洋汽车网abled Persons’ Fedepositionration rehabilitation Center2regained意思00A mattress for rehabilitation of the dipositionsabled, the tohelpedtal amount of donations to the project55Ten thousand yuan.

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At the same time, shenzhe太平洋汽车网n Lions Club Bao ‘an Service team came tregaino Dadong Town of Da Po and Shesightseeing的中文意思 Jianloveg Town of Mei County to start another cpeople币harity activity. Shenzhen Lions Club Baopo ‘an Service team sent 10,000 yuan of condolence money to she Jiang tow破伤风n, Meixian County, and donated value to the Health centersight什么意思 of Dadong Town, Dapo, Mei太原疫情zhou24Ten thousand yuan of medical equipment, inpos机cluding imported autosightseeingmatic blood analyzer, stainless stehelpful是什么意思el single swing hosppo18ital bed, stainless steel bedsidhelp怎么读e table and other medical equipment.

Manpeople是单数还是复数y old people in the mountains have never been out of the mountains in their whole life. It is good tlove直播手机版app下载hat thepowery csightlyan wait for a kind person to help them recover their sight.Dapu County Dhelpedisabled persons’泰版流星花园 Fedelovelyration chairregainman Guo Chengyan told repor太古龙象诀ters that the annual cataregain是什么意思ract patients in Dapu co深圳疫情unty reached300to500Due tolove直播软件安卓下载 limited conditions, cataract surgery can only be performed at a county hospital. Many old people suffering from catarachelplessts live in the mountains all the year round, travel inconvenience, coupled with family difficulties resightluctant to spend money often delay treatment. Guo chengyan sregained翻译aid she hoped such chari太乙ty trips would be more frequent in mountainous areas to help local people.

The reporter learned that the health center in Dadong Town of Dapu County is also located in a remote mountainous area with poor medical equipment. Earlier, when many villagers were sick and needed blood analysis, they had to go to the county seat to complete it, whlove最新版官方下载ich often delayed the t颇组词reatmenregainingt of pati破冰行动ents. The equipment donated by The Shenzhen Lions深圳风险等级 Cregain翻译lub duringregain怎么读 thepeople翻译 trip will help patients in the village get more accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment.

We are also thrilled tpeople是什么意思o see cataract patients who cansightly see again.Zheng Yukuan, chairman of thpos机e Lions Club diregain怎么读rectors’ Fellowship Committee in Shenzhen, said that he joined the Lions Club because he wanted to do good deeds within his power and help others as well as himself. He hoped that more people would pay attention to the disadvantaged people in poopeople英语怎么读r areas.Send rolove最新版官方下载ses, lingering fragra泊船瓜洲nce in hand!Li Aijun, chairman of the Shenzhen Lions Clu泰剧b membership Development Committee, said that every time he saw the recipients smiling and giving the volunteers a thumbs up, he wpeople是可数名词还是不可数名词ould tell himself to serve the disadvantaged groupeople是可数名词还是不可数名词ps in real need and stick to the road of public welfare.


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