Dear Fellow lions,
              Shenzhen Lions Club h苏州科技大学as esuzhoustablish苏州疫情最新消息ed a strategic partnership with Shenzh苏州疫情最新消息en Evening News. Shenzhen Evening News will provide half a page for lions C苏州大学lub on Every Monday苏州疫情最新消息 as a propaganda front for Lions Club. To thank shenzhen 58 support for the lion’s club in shenzhen, in order to let your family know more about lions, more苏州疫情 support you give to charity, in order to let you understand more about your busines苏州大学s part苏州天气ner苏州大学, pleas宿州信息网e extensive friendly lion actively subscribe to shenzhen evening news, also please everyone to actively mob苏州科技大学ilize your friends subscribe to s宿州天气henzhen evening news, sincere thanks for苏州大学研究生院 your pay.
(Please contact shenzhen Li宿州天气ons club to register your name and contact shenzhen Ev苏州科技大学ening News for det苏州大学研究生院ails.)
Shenzhen Evening News contact: Shen苏州天气zhen Evening News Aff苏州天气airs Department苏州一高速加装刀片防护网 director & NBSP; Cai Zhijun & have spent   Tel宿州信息网ephone: 83519923 & have spent 13825291119
      &nbsp苏州大学研究生院;     &nbsuzhousp;                                           Current affairs reporter of Shenzhen Evening News & NBSP;       Wang xiaofang & have spent   Telephone: 83519743 & have spent 13590321024
She苏州疫情nzhen宿州信息网 Lions C苏州大学研究生院lub President Fellowship Committee Subscription Contact: Zeng Siqi Tel: 13510311908&NBsp     Sheng hundred degrees苏州大学 & have spent Telephone: 13828711033 & have spent     &n苏州疫情最新数据bsp;

                   suzhou                         &nbssuzhoup;   &n苏州天气bsp;          
                 苏州科技大学    苏州天气                     &n苏州疫情bsp; &nbs苏州一高速加装刀片防护网p;         &nbsp苏州一高速加装刀片防护网;               &nbsp苏州一高速加装刀片防护网;    苏州大学研究生院      苏州科技大学                   &苏州疫情nbsp;   &nsuzhoubsp;                                                        苏州天气                     &nbsp苏州疫情最新数据;                              苏州疫情最新消息             &nbsp苏州一高速加装刀片防护网;         Shenz苏州大学研究生院hen Lions Club & NBSP; &nbs宿州信息网p; &nbsp苏州大学研究生院;
              &nb苏州一高速加装刀片防护网sp;                                苏州天气                           &苏州一高速加装刀片防护网nbsp;  苏州科技大学                     &nbsp苏州天气;                         &nb苏州大学研究生院sp;              苏州疫情   &nb宿州信息网sp;            苏州一高速加装刀片防护网           &苏州天气nbsp;                                               &nbsp苏州疫情;         &nbs苏州疫情最新数据p;            苏州一高速加装刀片防护网 November 17, 2013 & NBSP; &宿州天气nbsp;

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