Initiative | shenzhen lions on COVID - 19 prevention and control in suzhou

Dear Lion friend,

Recently, the COVID-19 epidemic has touched the hearts of people all over the country. Leaders ofinitiative the CPC Central Committee, The State Council and the CPC Municipal Committecontrollablee have m苏州大学ade important instructions on this issue. Shenzhen No. 3 People's Hospitcovid-19是什么意思中文翻译al is currently the designated hospital for isolation and treatment of COVID-19 patients. The Lions Club of Shenzhen has also been paying close attention to the situatiprevention翻译on of the epidemic and has donated 50,000 yuan to wuhan Charity Throcontrol游戏ugh the Lions Club of China to carry oucovid什么意思t epidemic preventiinitiative怎么读on and control services in Wu深圳疫情han.

Everyone is involved in epidemic preventilions是什么意思on and control. In order to protect the health of the lion community, The Lions Club of Shenzhen appeals to the lion commulions的音标nity to respond to the call of the Party and the official authorities, reduce travel, and tacovid怎么读ke actcovid-19是什么病毒ive measures to prevent and control COVID-19 in the face of the Novel Coronavirus. The proposal is as follows:

1. Lion friends shou深圳疫情最新消息ld keep a healthy schedule and diet, wash their hands frequently, pay attention to indoor ventilation, wear masks when going out, avoid activities in crowded places as much as possible, avoid visiting Wuhan and relatives as much as possible, pay close attention to fever, cough and other symptoms, such sym深圳疫情最新消息ptoms shouldcontrol游戏 be timely nearby medical treatment;

2. Reduce unnecescovid-19英文全称怎么读sary community services and public activities until the epidemic stabilizes深圳市最新疫情; Not to sprinitiative是什么意思啊ead or forward information that has not been offinitiative是什么意思啊icially vecovid什么意思rified;

3. According to the relevant deployment of the Domesticcovid怎么读音发音 Lion Association, Shenzhen Lion Club is coo深圳天气rdinating epidemic prevention and control services. If lion friends ancovid怎么读d lion enterprises with relevant medical resources don宿州信息网ate ep深圳疫情最新消息idemic prevention and control materials, please contact the district Club. The supplies mainly include medical protective masks, protective suits and infrarecontrollingd thermometers.

Contact person: Guo Yongyong 1initiative什么意思中文翻译3802570660, the second Vice President; Xu Qiubin, Deputy Secretary-general 13510714708; Wang Yibing, Chairman of the Medical and Health Commission of China 13809892247.

Strict prevention and control, start from me; Collective defense and collective control make unity strong. Letprevention是什么意思 ucovid翻译s attach great importance to and cooperate with the official call to win this invisible war as soon as possiinitiative怎么记忆ble!

Shenzhen Lions Club

January 25, 202initiative是什么意思啊0

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