“The most beautiful sanitation workers” New Year reunion banquet into the yuanling street

Sanitation workers as the city’s “beautician”, regardless of the cold heat, stick to their pmost用法osts, year after year, day after day shuttle in each road, for the beautification of the environreunionment has made a positive contribution, the streets are covered with their hard work sweat. The care for sanitation workers reflects the temost是什么意思mperatmostly翻译ure of a city.


On January 18, 2020, The Lions Club of Shenzhen and the Yuanling Street Offsanitation是什么意思ice of Futian districtmost是什么意思 held a New Year’s Reunion dinner for sanitation workers at pengji Restaurant in Fworker是可数名词吗utian District. Ten impoverished sannew怎么读itation workers were given 1,200 yuan as condolance money, and 130 sanitatiintooreunion翻译n workers were given rice, oil and New Year gift pinto1超话ackages, with 50,000 yuan of service funds.



Futian disbeautifultrict park ridge street party worbeautifulkiyearnng committee Huang Sirui, law enforcement and deputy district chief Huang Yan Sue, superintendent of city appearance Cao Baocheng, shenzhen lions second deputy chairman Guo Yongyong, Cui Weiying, chairman of the first zone and second zone Liyear是什么意思 Zhou chairman, parmostly翻译tition chairman zhu feng, Wei Xin new, li xiaofeng, csanitation是什么意思ommuniworkers’day怎么读ty service committee, exbeautiful的副词ecutive chairmbeautiful是什么意思英语an of Zhu Daoying lion friends such as leadership, workers representativmost翻译e altogetherMore than 160 people participated in the event. The event was chaired by Li Dabo, Wang Haiyan and Peng Xing as executive chairmost是什么意思men and presided ovenew的反义词r by Guo Liang.


Li Dabo, executive chairman of the activity and captain of Jingtian Service Team,workers’day是什么意思 introduced the guestworker是可数名词吗s and extended a warm welcome to all of them.

Ken peng. JPG

Wang Haiyan introduced the background ofnew the “Most Beautiful Sanitation Worker” public welreunion翻译fare projectbeautifully of Shenzhen Lions Club. She said that sanitation workers are the main force in beautifying citiesinto1成员, and theibanquetingr working conditions are poor, their work intensity is hbanquet怎么记忆igh,beautiful的副词 anyearcon是什么牌子的d their benefits and labor pay are not balanced. In order to effectively improve the happiness index of sanitation workers and the ssanitation翻译ense of belonging to theworkers什么意思 city, and to help them solve some difficulties within their power, Lions Club shenzhennewspaper launched the “Most Beautiful Sanitation Worker” public welfare projeworker是什么意思英语ct in 2017, and gradually built it into a Brand project of Lions Club Shenzhen. Uinto1超话p to now, Shenzhen Lions Club has inworkersvestedyear函数 more than RMB 2 million in the project of caring sanitation workers, benefiting more than 15,000 sanitation workers.

Ms. Wang. JPG

Guo Yongyong, vice Chairman of CCreunion中文翻译PIT Xiamen delivered a speech. He introduced that the “most Beautiful sanitation worker” project is one of the five key service projects of Shenzhen Lions Club this year. With the strong supworkers’day是什么意思port of the service teams, the project has achieved good social response. He said that syearcon是什么牌子的anitintolerableation work is an important part of urban management, amost翻译ndreunions the sanitation workers have made great contributions to cworkers翻译reating a clean and beauyear造句tiful urban environment. He expressed high respect and New Year’year函数s greeworkers’day是什么意思tings to the sanitation workers who have worked hworkers的中文意思asanitationrd.


Huang Sirui, member of the Party Working Committmost用法ee of Yuanling Subdistnew是什么意思rict, Futian District, delivered a speech, thanking shenzhen Lions Club on behalf of tyear是什么意思hinto1成员e Urban Management Bureau for actively carrying out various forms of carinewsng sanitation workers every year, and all the sreunion英语怎么读音anibanquetingtation workers and caring people who participated in tsanitation翻译his activity. He called on people from all walks of life to pay more attworkers怎么读ention to, care for and care for the workers whobeautiful areworkers’pickets翻译 quietly contributing to the high temperature, fully understand the hardships of sanityearbookation workers, cherish their achiintolerableevereunionsmereunion是哪个国家nts and contmostwantedlab是什么牌子ribute to the construction osanitation翻译f a beautiful Shenzhen.

Leader of Yuanling Street Office

Later,worker是可数名词吗 the leader lion friends distributed condolence mosanitation翻译ney to 10 sanitation workmostly是什么意思中文ers in exworker是可数名词吗treme poverty, and rice, oil and New Year gift painto1小跟班ckages to 130 sanbeautifulfoot崇拜itation workers.

Sanitation workers on behalf of the speemost是什么意思ch, thanks to the organizers, organizsanitationers and co-organizers of the event, for the vast number of sanitation workers to build a platform for communication; Thank the community for the attention and concern of sanitation workers; Expresmostlyses thatnews I will work harder to repay the care and love of the society and lions Club.

A representative of the sanitation worker speaks

The event was organized by Lions Clubbeautifulfoot崇拜 of Shebeautiful翻译nzhen and Yuanling Street Office of Futian District, and organized by three service teams ofyear是什么意思 Lions Club of Shenzhen, jingtian, Jingfeng and Tianen Service Team. Mr Fukuda, virtues, yantian, yitian, yi, matsuoka, datong, happiness, taian, Le xinan, joint, red azaleas, li, lotus, zhongtian, master will, hong ynew的反义词a,workers翻译 nameplates, good quality,workers翻译 long-term, shells, sea yun, child, the gold yue, flat land, land, Chinese entrepreneurs, charity collection, classibanquet怎么记忆c, Oriennew的反义词tal rose, business knowlreunion汉化版游戏下载edge and mileage, sunshine, minteq, peace, silver lake, alex, etc It is jointly organized by 36 service teams.

Thank Li Zhou, Zhu Feng, Li Bo, Zbeautiful是什么意思han Mingqiu, Jiang Guowei, Su Yubin, Wang Haiyan, Zheng Cbeautifulhao, Xie Chaodun, Wu Yan, Ma Yu, Zhu Jing, Zhang Ling for sponsoring the drawing of prizes for this activity; Thanks to Zhu Dao-ying and He Gui-mei for sponsoring the cash draw. The evyearlyent is mbeautifulbox官网下载ore exciting because of you. Simple woreunion英语怎么读音rds canworkers怎么读 not express our gnews可数吗ranew是什么意思英语titude and respect to the sanitation workers, but I hope tworker是什么意思英语o pass on a strength and a responsyear怎么读ibility to the society throsanitationugh this activity, carry forward the spirit of mutual help and lworker是什么意思ove, and make Shreunion英语怎么读音enzhen a betteintolerablerworkers’day是什么意思 family!



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[Photo] Huang Xinraworkers’day怎么读n

[Editor] Ma Huijuainto1超话社区n Lin Yanfen

【 Comnew的反义词positionyearn 】 Qiu & NBSP;   peng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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