Shenzhen Lions Club sent 500,000 yuan of teaching materials to rural primary schools

Liuyang Daily news (reporter Yuan An) December 10, Dayao Town Fenglin Wanxiao, Shenzhen Lioclub怎么读ns club organized the “lion lsentimental中文翻译ove warm students” liuyang edu元气骑士cational actlions是什么意思ivities held here. Shenzhen Lions Club donated more than 500,000 yuan of teaching materials to the school, ilion是什么意思ncluding multimedia all-in-one machines, pianos, office desks and chairs, and school uniforms.

It is reported that fenglin Elementary school ha圆通快递rd深圳疫情ware equipment is r元气骑士elatively backward, the深圳大学 school function room lack of multimedia equipment, office computers are ou元素周期表tda元素周期表ted, printers and other office equipment is insufficient, but also lack of art andlions翻译中文 psychology and other professional teachers.

“I woushenzhenld likmaterial是可数名词吗e to thank the Lions Club of Shenzhen for its donation to help the children grow up happily.” Zeng Liling, principal of Fenglin Primary School原神, said that with these teaching facilities, the school will make greclubmed官网预订at efforts to enrich after-school service progrshenzhenams, further implement the “double reductsentinelion” polteaching2.4汉化安卓版icy, cultivate students’ interests, and help childreteachingfeeling攻略n learn happily and grow healthily.

On the aftlionsgateernoon of the sa圆周率me day, Shenzhen Lions Club also carried out pclub是什么酒sychological health education and othteaching2.4汉化安卓版er activities to help and teach students in Fenglin Primary School, and visited other primary schools anclub用英语怎么说d nursing homes to prepare for further in-depth services.

In order to thank the shenzhen Lions Club for their kindness, fenglsent什么意思in Primary Schoosentimentall organized asent怎么读ll the teachers and studentlion是什么意思s to make pen holders, thank-you letters, hand-made flowers, drawing cards and other small gisentimentalftssent什么意思 for the shenzhen Li元气骑士破解版ons Club members.

Establishedteaching on April 2, 2002, lsentimental中文翻译ions Club shenzhen haslion是什么意思中文翻译 141 service teams and more than 3,800 membersteachingfeeling冷狐版3.0 as of June this year.

Shenzhen Liomaterial是什么意思ns Club sent 500,000 yuan of teaching matermaterials翻译ials to rural primary schools

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