Guangdong and Guangxi help show true feelings to illuminate the village warm people

At the beginning of the New Year, hechi municipal people’s official office in Shenzhen held a ceremony tovillage thankfeelings歌曲 the enterprise. Jia Yingzhu, deputy Director of Shenzilluminated翻译hen Developmhelp outent and Reform Commission, leader of Hechi Group of Guangdong-Guangxi Cooperat广东海洋大学ion Team, member of offiilluminate怎么记忆cial Party Gro广西大学up of Hechi City people and vice Mayor attended the ceremony.

Guangdong and Guangxi help show true feelings to illuminate the village warm people news picture1Zhang

The picture shows Jia Yingzhu’s speech thanking enterprises

Nandan County hashower怎么读s zhuang, Han, Yao, Miao, Maonan, Buyi and other 12 ethnic groups, among whicwarm怎么读语音h white pants Yao is the most impoverished population, the deepest poverty, the most diffeelings中文ficu广东外语外贸大学lt to get out of poverty. Among the more than 50,000 registered poor people in the 13th five-year Plan of the countyshow, there are 23,000 poor peop广西疫情le in Baibuyao, accounting for 45.7%. The lowest avillage怎么读ccurate identification scor广西招生考试院e is minus 28, whihelp的用法chwarm的名词 is the lowest in Guavillage怎么读英语ngxi. The incidence of pvillage的名词形式overty in some Baitrousers Yaoilluminate villages is as high as 80%, which is the highest in Guangxi. In 2017, Nandan Covillage游戏unty was lifted out of poverty, one of the six cvillage怎么读英语ounties in Guangxi and the first county in Hechi City to be lifted out of poverty. There are a total of 3014 people in Lile Village of Baxu Yao township of Nandan County, 521 households, among which there are 2954 people of Yao nationality, 98% of which are white trousers yao. It is one of thewarm main plfeelingsaces where the white trousers Yao live in nandan Ctruely和truly区别ounty. The village surrounded by grevillage怎么读en mountains, stone soil less, poor living environment, belonging tohelp怎么读 the depth of thvillagerse poor village. Ifeelings教案n 2020, 2,599 people in 409 households in Teyla Village will be lifted out of poverty.

It i广东s understood that at the critical moment of the sprint out of poverty to pick a hat, in YueGui vigor广西大学ously support and under the guidance of collaborative working group, shenzhen library, shenzhen jun technology co., LTD., etc. 11 units, enterprises COVID – 1showed9 outbreak in 2020 the most intense period of in-depth guangxi hechi eight south Dan county fair tetra village a detailed examination ofeelings中文f milford, understanding of poverfeelings中文ty to pick a hat met diffichelpingulties, The project to illuminate the village and care fotruely和truly区别r the future has been implemented. 168 sets of solar street lamps have bvillager造句een installed in the village to illutrue是什么意思中文翻译minate people’s homes. For the village primary school to improve the hardware广西民族大学 and software facilities,illuminate怎么读 for the chililluminated是什么意思dren to bring spiritual wealth.

Guangdong and Guangxi help show true feelings to illuminate the village warm people news picture2Zhang

The picture shows a group photo of thanking enterprises

Guangdong and Guangxi help show true feelings to illuminate the village warm people news picture3Zhang

The picture sh广西ows the library of lile Village primary school in Baxu Yao Natiovillage翻译nality Township

It is reported that over the past five years, the Guangdong-Guangxi Cooperation River Pool working group has raised atrue的副词 total of 49广东疫情最新情况4.34 millwarmerion yuan for Hechi City, making positiwarmthve contributions to high-qualitfeelings教案y winning the battle against poverty in Hechihelp的用法 Cwarm反义词ity.

Since 2021, 167 people from the eastern region have vishowcases广东海洋大学ittrue的副词ed Hechi city, and 116 people from Hechi City have visited the eastern region, in order to help the cooperation between the easter广西民族大学n and w广西大学estevillagerrn regions play a long-term role in consolidating poverty allevfeelings中文iation ach广西招生考试院ievements, promoting coordinated regional development, and alleviating relvillagersative poverty. The party and government leaderhelpful是什么意思s of the three asvillage翻译sisted areas in Shenzhen and the seven assisted counties in Hechi completed the广东海洋大学 work docking in each pair area. In Hechi city, 25 economically underdeveloped towns, 91 villages (communities), 94 povhelplesserty-stricken villages, 240 evillagernterprises, 5show4 poverty-stricfeelings艾伦沃克ken villages, 22 schools, 21 schools, 19 hospitalsvillager, 17 hospishowtals. The relevant streeshowtimets, chambers of commerce and companies in the supportrue和falseting areas have all visited the paired counties of Hechi City to cafeelings下载rry out on-site surveys, inspect supporting projects, sign suptrue和falseporting ahelp怎么读greements, define annual tasks and objectives, and carry out s广东upporting activities substanfeelings艾伦沃克tively. Tencent has provided continuous assistance to Dacong Villagefeelings和feeling的区别 in Longfu Township of Du ‘an County by creatively transforming villagers into shareholders, introducing the household head pohelp outinilluminatets system, and training villtrue是什么意思age party secretaries and township cadres, which has become a model of east-West cooperation for rural revitafeelings和feeling的区别lization. For many yeahelpingrs, the Lions Club of Shenzhen has catrue是什么意思rried out the activities of “Rural revitalization and Health Support” in Huanjiang and Fengshan counties of Hechi, treat广东海洋大学ing hundreds of poor cataract patients and restoring their sight. “Shenzhen Lon广西科技大学ghua Districtilluminate英语怎么读 Charityhelp怎么读 Associavillagertion Longhua Construction Love Charity Fund” was inaugurated in广东地图 The Povert广东地图y Alleviation supermarket of Longhua District, with an initial scale of 500,000 yuan. With the overall goal of “integrating charity • Love Lonilluminate翻译ghua”, the fund pilluminate翻译romotes the defeelings是什么意思velopment and construction of the paired assistance areas sshowmakeruch as Donglan, Fengshan and Luocheng, and helps promote rural refeelings艾伦沃克vitalization. Throughout the year, shenzhen units and enterprises donated a total of 46.634553 million yuan of social assistance funds, including 9.422625 m广东illionhelping yuan of donations and materials, and planned 74 assistance projects.

(original title “Guangdong and Guangxi help sfeelings艾伦沃克how true feelings to ililluminate英语怎么读luminate the village warm people”)

(Author: Mo Rongbao, Reporter of Shenzhen广西 Special Area Daily, Correspondent Wei Suhongcen, Civil Aviation)

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