“National Day for the Disabled” community stage show

            May 15th morning, nanshan district 21st & LDquo; National Disability Day & RDQUO; The publicity activcommunity是什么意思英语ity was held at the stage of the four Sshow是什么意思eas Park, Merchants Sshow是什么意思treet.

 day           At the event, the leaders of the Nanshan Disstagecoach是什么意思trictcommunity是什么意思中文翻译 Disabled p大赢家eople’s Federation and t大英公务员he pstage舞台ersonnel of the merchants street disabled people’s Federation made acommunity是什么意思 speech respectively.
            At the event site, handicraftsshowed prepared by tshowhe disabled themselves were made, displayed and sold fcommunity collegeordisabled翻译 charity. Rehabilitation consustagecoach是什么意思ltation, visitation consultation, education consultation, assistive devices Consultation, Legal aid consultation & RDQUO; And distributed publi大医凌然city materials on laws and regulations sunational翻译ch as the Law of the People’s Rshower怎么读epublic of China on the Protection of Persons with Disabilities.

            Ms. Xia大伊在人线一二区免费o Xingping, director of Lions Club of Shenzhen, Ms. Xu Shaohua, executive chairman of community Service Committee, and representatives of Taisheng Service Team, Haidu Service team, Hongli Service teanational祝庆mnational怎么读 and Central Service tdisabled造句简单带翻译eam attended the evnational怎么读语音播放ent. Chairman Sun of Taisheng service team donanationality怎么读ted a batch of gifts worth 3000 yuandisabled造句简单 at the scene.

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