Notice on setting up golf team of Shenzhen Lions Club

Notice on setting up golf team of Shenzhen Lions Club

Dear Lion friend,

            Meet domestic lion federatio深圳天气n "domestic lclub翻译ion union funds and ways and means committee on forming the golf team notice notice, on the basis of domestic lion federation fourth session of the third meeting of the spirit, around federation decided to set up a golf club, national golf activities, promote health, happiness, lion, brand deveteamolopment.

            I. Establishment深圳疫情 Purpose:Green charity, health charity, happiness charity, l深证指数et more peopl深圳市最新疫情e participate in charity.golfer

            Ii. Background:Golf is a green and healthy leisure sport favored by the middle class in developed countries such as Europe and the Uuponnited States. In recupperenupstairst years, it has been favored by more and more elites from all walks of life and entrepreneurs in China. Statistics s深圳疫情最新消息how that there are 1.5 million golfers in the country, and more than 1golf5 percent of them join the game each year. This is not only because golf is a healthy and popular international sport, but also becgolferause it iteams a platform for communicatioupn, business, fellowship and media. According to preliminary stagolf汽车tistics, about 10% of the lions club members agolfre golf enthusiasts; About 20% of lion friends are potenticlub用英语怎么说al fans. Therefogolfre, the domestic lions association set uclub是什么酒p a golf team with a wide range of lion friends.

            Third, the significance of the activitnotice是什么意思y

      &teamsnbsp;     1. Advocate green, healthy and happy charity concept.
            2. Build a nteamvieweretworking platform between lions and other teams.
      &nb深证指数sp;  深圳风险等级   3. Plions读音romote more elites from all walks of life to know about Lionsnotice Club and join lions Club.
         clubman   4. Coopersettingreservationate with chclubsarity enterprises to make named donations and open up more channels to rnotice的固定搭配aise funds.
            5. Promote lions clulions音标b projects and csettings是什么意思hanotice作文rity brands.

            Iv. Imuplayplementation organization

            1. The federation's golf Committee was set up under the leteams手机版adership of the federation's Fund anup主d Fundraising Committee, with Vice President Cheung Kwok-kwan as the convenor. Tteambitionhe committee is responsisettingble foclub用英语怎么说r estab深圳风险等级lishing theupstairs tesettings设置中文am ansetting怎么读d formulating the managolfergement system of the team, organizinupstairsg and carrying out competitions and fundraising activities, andup是什么意思呢 collecting donations for unifie深圳疫情最新消息d manotice过去式nagement osettingreservationf the federation fund, and raising sponsorship fees for the operation of the teanotice用法m. It shall blion是什么意思e incorporated into the unified financial management of the Federation according to the financial system of the Federation.
   深圳疫情最新消息 &nbssettings下载p;       2. Team formation: Theupdate teams are named accorditeam是什么意思翻译ng to the regional names: Shenzhen Lions Golf Team, Guangdong Lions Golf Team, Dalian Lions Golf Tlions翻译中文eam, Qingdao Team, Beijigolf什么意思ng T深圳风险等级eam, Zhejiang Team, Shenyang Team, Shaanxi Team, etc. Regional women's teams深圳风险等级 can be formed if conditions permit.
          &nclubbsp; 3. Team strgolf汽车ucture: Theteammate team composesettingd of the captain, vice captain, secretary, treasurer and members. The National Lionssettings是什么意思 Golf Committee is composed of the captains of the respective regional teams under the leadership of the National Lions Fund and Fundraising Committee.
            4. Purpose of the event: Tteamworkhere are both regional act深圳疫情ivities and monthly friendship tournament of each team.
   golf翻译;     (1) Carry out monthlyup games fgolf是什么品牌or local teams once a month.
&nbslions音标p;       (2) Organize a quarterly fellowship tournament with other regions.
        (3) Organize a national competitio深证指数n every year.
      (4) Organize various activities such as golf summer camnotice是什么意思p for children and their families, so that their families深圳疫情 can also participupperate in it.
&noticenbsp;       &nbteamworksp;   5. Fee Collection:
  &shenzhennbsp;   (1) In cooperation winotice的固定搭配th Citic Bank Credit Card Center, players clions音标an apply for citic Lion joint membership card, and cooperate with more than 50 clubs and driving rangesteamwork in China, providing 36 greens free annotice怎么读英语d 36 free driving ranges and other value-added services,golf是什么品牌 which can greatly reduce the cost of playing and practicing.
&nbslion是什么意思p;     (2) Seek spteam是什么意思翻译onsorship from lion friendclubss and lion friends enterprises.
      (3) The tournament can seek for tournament prizes and expenses through the invitation Tournament thruponough advertising and tournament naming.
  &nsettingreservationbsp;  notice; (4golf是什么意思英语) Lion Friends is willing to advertise in the golf industry anlions音标d raclub用英语怎么说ise funds for the game.
      (5) Nelions翻译gotclub怎么读iate with more than 100 clubs in China to progolfingvide more valuable services for lions club membersupon.

      &nbsteamprop;   &lionsnbsp; 5. Fundraisgolf怎么读ing

 notice的形容词 &nbsupperp;         1. Citic Bank Lion co-branded card po深圳大学ints can be converted inshenzhento donations to the Lions Club Fouteamsndation Pool.
            2. Carry out various fundraising activities such as chupstairsarity auction, donation and sponsorship throu深圳疫情最新消息gh vaclubmed官网预订rious competitions.
            3.teambition Inviting caring personage and caclub是什么意思ring enterpriseteams to participate in the ball game, understanding social responsibility and actively participaclub怎么读ting in chgolferarity.

  &nbs深圳风险等级p; &nbsnotice翻译p;       Vi. Registration timlion是什么意思e

 notice           Please complete the registration before April 28th. Send the list of members to the disettings设置中文strict Council mailbox according to the attached formszlions_puclub是什么意思  Shenzhen Lgolfingions Club Office Contact: Zhosettings是什么意思u Jiaolong 25688576  Li j b 25688590 & have spent Fax: 25688900

  &nteamobsp;         Vii. Establishment and other relatup主ed mattersup主

&uponnbsp; &nsetting upbslions读音p;         1. In principle, each team should have at least 20 players. Thenotice是什么意思 captain, vice-captain, secretary, tsettingreservationreasurer and team members will beupon selected from the regiup主stered team members.lions翻译中文 The team should be established before April 30.
            On 11th May, the team wnotice过去式ill paupgraderticipate in the nationagolf大众l Lions league & LDquo; Lions love sunshine; Dalian Golf Invitational tournament.
  &nbteamosp;   &golf包属于什么档次nbsp;     The establishment of the team wigolfll be announced and the flag ceremony will be organized during the 7th national Congress of lions on 12th May.

  &nnotice的固定搭配bsp;       &nnotice用法bsp; Notice is hereby given.


 settings翻译;  teamo;         1. Shenzhen Lions Golf Team members statistics & NBSP;

            2, the Domestic Lion association & LDquo; Lions love sunshine; Schedule of Dalian Golf Invupperitational Tournament

Shenzhupen Lionsgolfing Club
April 25, 2012

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