The fraternity of the 8th class students of Shenzhen Lions Club leadership College has successfully concluded

The fraternity of the 8th class students of Shenzhen Lions Club leadership College hlions是什么意思as successfully concluded

  &n退婚后大佬她又美又飒bsp;       On the evening of Octob桃花源记翻译er 12collegebrawl, 2015, the first social evening of class 8 of Shenzhen Lions Leadership Academy was held in V Fans Domestic Bar in Longgang Central City. The purpose of this acleadership的中文意思tivi深圳风险等级ty is to exchange friendship and enhance mutual affection in a pleasant, relaxed and lively atmosphere. The whole party was themed by campus style. Weclubmed experienced the strong campus feeling in various childhood games such as throwistudents’dormitory翻译ng handkerchiefsfraternity是什么意思 and truth or Dare, as if we had gone back t深圳风险等级o our innocent student days.
      &nb深圳疫情最新动态sp;   Sclass是什么意思u Zeran, vice President of lions Association of China, forme桃花源记翻译r president of Lions Club of Shenzhen, Lin Tclassin下载ao, 2015-2016 President of Lions Club of通货膨胀下什么最保值 Shenzhen, Lin Ziyu, former President of Lions Club of Shenzlions翻译中文hen, Shi Jiashenzhennyong, first Vice President, Yu Qian, Second Vicclass是什么意思e President, Seccollege英语怎么读retary General Zeng Shiyang, Bi Yongtao, Chief Financial Officer, Tong Xin, Chief Inspector, Tian Wangxing, Executive Deputy Secretary General Liclubn Yanju, Depuleadership的中文意思ty secretary General Peng Kun, Zhang Hongxcollege翻译iang, Ma Min and nearly 100 di桃花源记st桃花源记rict chairmen, committee and professional team reprecollege什么意思sentatives attended the party.
          At the party,深圳 61 students of class 8 attended the activity, which was the cohesion of class 8, and was insepaclassinrable from the support of the disstudents是单数还是复数trict council, the cultivation ofstudents’dormitory翻译 the teacher group, the sweat of the head teacher Li Feng Shi, the efforts of the class committee and the unity anlions的音标d dedicatiostudentsn of thstudents18e students. Under the leadership of the monitor Cao Yingwang, 15 class committee members aclub怎么读ppeared in the colclass怎么读lective, showing a mature, rigorous, united, exciting, full of love, self-discipline陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿 excellent team.           “The night of eight”, a drunken night. In the night sky of stars and lights, we enjoyestudents是单数还是复数d the time of forgetting.



          “Eight class” since graduation more than a month, under the leadership ocollege什么意思f Cao Yingwang monitor and Weng H深圳风险等级ua, Guo Yongyong, Li Baihe deputy monilionsgatetor, quileadership的定义ccollegebrawlk action, manyleadership的四种类型 ideas, practical activitclassies, sstudents是单数还是复数trong cohesion, carriedclubman是什么牌子车 out a visit to lion friends, students fellowship and other activitshenzhenies, play even Taiwan, wonderful. The fellowship party, formclubmaned with Li Baihe deputy monitor as the general director of tcollege和universityhe activity group, after a month of intense preparation, finally dedicated to everyone a spiritual and m桃花源记翻译aterial feast. And every year on October 12, will also become the “class eight” students meeting day.



          Under the leadership of Lu Zhiqiang, dean of the College of Leade深圳地铁线路图rship, the students also recallestudents英语怎么说d the hard work and hard work of the teachers’ group and the Lion Guide Group for each training sessionfraternity. It was their efforts that gave the studentsleadership的定义 the opportunity to share the joy anlions怎么读d emotion.



          “The night of eight”, a drunken night. In the nlions是什么意思ight sky of stars and lights, we enjoyed the time of forgetting.


Wan Chaolin wu Wensheng Su Jianhua



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