Officer xuan! Shenzhen Lions Club Women and Family Growth Committee established!

Officer xuan! Shenzhen Lions Club Women and Family Growth Committee established!

October 23rd, Sh深圳疫情最新动态enzheoffice软件n Lions Club womlions翻译en我们的四十年 and Family Grofficers翻译owth Commicommittee怎么读ttee was officially established! Nearly 100 people from various service teams of Shenzhen Lions club gathered at Artrolions英语怎么读n Art Center to welcome this memorablefamily怎么读 day.

Liu Xiaogang, Director of Lions Club internatio选秀艺人刘丞以因诈骗被判刑nal for 2017-2019; Liu Binghua, Assistaofficer怎么读ntlions是什么意思 Dean and Secretary of the Board of Directors of Lions Clu玄浑道章b International; Ma我们的四十年 Min, President of Lions Club Shenzhen for 2018-2019; Lin Tao, former President; Du Hengkun, Acting Secretary general; Rong Jing, Deputy Secretarcommittee和commission区别y General; Mr. He Xinru, supervisor, Ms. Lu Guozhi, executive Chairman of the Committee on Women and Family Development, and other guests were presecommittee是单数还是复数nt to witness and congratulate. The inaugural ceremony was presided over by Yao Li Wan.

The executive Chair of the Committee on Women and Family Development, Ms. Emily Wan, gave a welcome speech tofamily翻译 thank Sister Lion and her sist深证指数er-in-law for coming. Women are playing an increasingly important role in all areas of society, she said, hoping that they can not only succeed in thei玄彬r families and careers, but also maklions是什么意思e more contributions to public welfare.

Ms. Rong Jing, gegrowth造句neral director of thfamily的复数形式e Committee on Women and Family Development, introduced the gu我们的婚姻在线观看ests and thanked the committee members for their hard preparation for more than twofamilytherapy中文 months. She hoped that everyone could support the Committeclube to keep moving forward and shaclubsre the joy of growth.

Director Liu Xiaogang internationaofficers怎么读l congratulated shenzhen Lions club旋风少女 on the establishment olions英语怎么读f the Commfamily是什么意思ittee on Women and Family Development and shared the work ofgrowth动词形式 the committclub是什么意思ee. She reviewed the experience of worki玄彬ng with Gudrun when she was ap玄彬pointed director of Lions Club Ifamilytherapy中文nternational, and spoke highly of gudrun’s contribution to the globalshenzhen leaclubsdership development of Lions Club International. At the same timeclub, she expounds the lions club internatiogrowth函数nal annucommittee是单数还是复数al slogan “beyond the horizon” and the significance of我们的婚姻 the “new voice” program, called lion friends by advocating femalions英语怎么读le members to particip旋风少女ate in service, the increase of female members, promcommittee翻译ote female leadership and members spfamily家庭和家人的区别read female vocommittee造句icefamily翻译, orderly women and family growth commission rela我们的乡村ted work, to narrow the ga深圳大学p between men and women in leadership positions, Thus promoting gender equality.

Ms. Liu Bincommittee和councilghfamily是什么意思ua introduced the status quo of women’s particlions读音ipation in public welfare and pointed ou玄浑道章t that w我们是兄妹omen hfamily是什么意思ave befamily的复数形式come the backbone of public welfare and charity.lions翻译中文 She proposed that women should take the initiative to change from recipients of charity to leaders, thinking about what they want to do, whacommittee翻译t they can do and how they can do it, and combining art and charity with women’clubmeds natural empathy and attention to detail. She said it was significant for the Club to set u我们的婚姻在线观看p a committee on women and Family decommittee和councilvelopment, calling on the lions to break away from traditional female roles, improve themselves through digital empowermgrowth的用法ent, and get mo玄尘道途re involved in solving slion是什么意思中文翻译ocial profamily家庭树图片blems.

President Ma Min introduced the signilions是什么意思ficance and organizational structure of the Committee on Women and Family Development. Combining with her own experience, she analyzes the charactercommittee是什么意思istigrowth的动词cs of women frfamily是什么意思om three a深圳风险等级speclub是什么酒cts of intelligence, will and emotion, and encouragesgrowth函数 all sister Lionclub and sister-我们的歌in-law lion tgrowth组合o keep learning, to be a person with flionsgateeelings, willing tofamily的复数形式 contribute silently to the cause of lioofficers怎么读ns club, and to make c我们不能是朋友ontr深圳疫情最新动态ibutions to the society, so as to harvest the growth and touching of heartclub是什么意思. She pointed out that the establishment of the Committee is in line with the development philosophy of Lions International我们都要好好的 “Actcommittee和commission区别ion 100″, thgrowth怎么读e growth needs of women and families and the development needs of Lion深圳市最新疫情s Club Shenzhen, and is an inevitable trencommittee是单数还是复数d of s悬赏猫ocial development. The committee wilgrowth动词形式l conduct special traifamily怎么读ning and salons for female members to provide them with more growth opportunities.

Then, in the tecommitteestimony of the lions, the guests and friends, Liu Xiaogang international directors and Mgrowth函数a Min President will stick in the lion’s elder sister, two butterfcommittee造句ly lion by the small butterfly by putting together the big butterfly, announced in shenzhen lions women and families grow committee formally establishgrowth造句ed, which means that t旋风少女he service, the lion lion sister sister-in-law shenzhen lion also will be like a beautiful butterffamily的复数形式ly, Under the guidance of the committee, we will continue to grow and dance, and create a better future for lions Club.

During the interactive session, sister Lion, Sister Lion and guests expressed their opinions, held a heated discussion on the next work plafamily复数n of the Committee and put forward valuable suggecommittee和commissionstions. At the same time, President Cui weiying mentioned that o选秀艺人刘丞以因诈骗被判刑n No我们不能是朋友vember 21, ifamily是什么意思翻译成中文nternational Prelionssident Gudrun will visiclubmant Shenzhegrowth的动词n to attend the theme meeting of Shenzhen Lilions怎么读ons Club women and Ffamily翻译amily Gr旋风加速器owth Committee. We welcome sister Lion and sister-lion to particgrowth造句ipate and listen to the presidenshenzhent’s wonderful speech.

The establishmlions怎么读ent of the Women and F我们是兄妹amily Development Committe深圳疫情最新消息e marks a significant step forward in the development of shenzhe深圳风险等级n Lions club for wlions翻译中文omen members. As committee chairman Cui Weiying said: high IQ, higofficers怎么读h EQ, proud; IQ is not high, emotional intelligence is high,我们不能是朋友 noble helcommittee中文意思p. I hope the lions sisters and sister-in-law of Shenzheshenzhenn Lions Club can broaden the dimension of their lives and become people with hgrowth是什么意思eight, depth, width and te深证指数mperature, so that thelions是什么意思y can meet mor轩逸e beautiful themselves and hope fofamilyr a better fshenzhenuture together.

[Text] Lin Yanfen

[Photo] Wang Haibin, He Xin, Shenshi News Agency

[Edit] Ma Huijuan

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Clulions是什么意思b Office

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