Lion enterprise training: to build enterprise competitiveness, improve the level of public service

Lion enterprise training: to build enterprise competitiveness, improve the level of public service

On October 29th, at thelionel invitation of President Ma Min, Professor Dou Wenyu, vice Dean of Business School oflions Cipublic怎么读ty University of Hong Kong, visited the lions Club office inimproves Shenzhen to deeply analyze the development strategy of enterpservice和serve的区别rises under the new situation for 55 lions friserviceends from various service teams and empower lions enterprises.

Professor Dou Wenyu focused on the opbuild假面骑士portunities and challenges faced by the domestic service industry and gave a unique trainingbuilder course on how to build the competitimprovediveness of the domestic service industry. Professor Dou wenyu’s humorous and rigorous teaching style refreshes and benefits the lion friendscompetitiveness怎么读. Duringlevelled the question session, Professor Dou Wenyu answered all kinds of questioimprovedns raised by lion friends. He believes thalionelt under the current situation,lion复数 oservice是什么故障灯nly by constantly promoting the innovation of core brand products and effectively enhancing brand competitenterprise是什么意思iveness can enterprises take precautions and advservice怎么读ance in the complex business environment.

After the training, President Li Xuegang organized everyonpublic怎么读e to communicate. He said that the event aims to provide a platform for exchanges animproverishedd cooperation between Shiyou enterprises. He hoped that enterprises could strengthen contact and seek common development, so as to promote the integratitraining造句on olevel怎么读英语f public welfare resources and do more and better services.

President Ma Min made alevel concluding speech, thanking his teacher, Professor Dou Wenyu, for his dedication to the training, and thanking all lion friends for taking timtraining衣服品牌e out of their busy schedule to attend the training; We hope lion friends can be good at learning and constantly absorb new knowledge in the centerprise翻译omplex and changeable business environment, improve their own pattern, enhance ttraining造句简单he strategiclion的中文意思 height of thepublic怎么读 enterprise, and promote the sustaenterprise是什么意思inable development of the enterprise. I also hope thtraining造句at lions friends can feel the warmth of the Shenzhen Lions Clucompetitiveness翻译b family in the lion enterprise empowerment agaibuild假面骑士n and again, and btraining造句简单e more active in social welfare undertakings to improve the level of public welfare serlevel怎么读英语vices.

Lions club of Shenzhen (2018-2019) President Ma Min, Chief Finlion复数ancial Officer Lservice的名词uo Jinsong, Chief Inspector Peng Daojian, Deputy Secretary Rong Jitraining翻译ng, Chairman Jing Miaojun of Zone 5, Chairman Li Zhou of Zone 6, Chairmaimproven Luo Junping of Zone 20, chairman Li Xuegang of lion Enterprise Servipublicationce Committepublic怎么读e and other lion frielion的音标nds attended the training meeting. The meeting was chaired by Li Xuegang as the chairman of the conference.

[Text] Zhou Wenguang

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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