Eastern Rose Service Team: held the eighth regular meeting and nomination meeting of 2017-2018

Eastern Rose Service Team: held the eighth regular meeting and nomination meeting of 2017-2018

On March 13, 2018, the 8th regular meeting and nomination meeting of Oriental Rose Servteams会议ice Team of Shenominationsnzhen Lions Club was held in Seven Seconds Time Inn of Wutong Mountain, Luohu District. The eastern Rose Service team captain Wei Xinxin, the last captain Lin Yuqimeeting怎么读英语, the first vice captaregularizationin Wang Yibing,meetings the second vicdenominatione captain Chmeeting翻译en Xiaoxue, the third vice captain Liregular是什么意思英语u Sheng, the general affairs Wang Yanrong, members Wang Li, Gao Lili, Zhao Liye and other 15 people attended the meeting. Tan Fei, chairman of the 13th Division, and Wang Danya, lecturer of the lecture group attended the meeting. The meregular是什么意思英语eting was chaired by Lin Yuqi as the chairmeetingyou是什么意思man of the conferservicebioence.

Wei Xinteamviewerxin steams会议ummarizedregular是什么意思英语 the 2017-2018 service activities of the service Team. She said that this year, Orientateamworkl Roeighth是什么意思英语se Service Team aheldbackctirose怎么读vely participatrosemaryed in theeighth基数词 service activities led by the five regionservice的名词s; At the same time, the service team intensified efforts to promote the "Guardingteam什么意思 the Soul" projecteastern什么意思, continued to imservicebioplement and carry outteam什么意思 activities to care for children with intellectual disabilities in Longgang, andmeetingyou是什么意思 inherit the service temeetingsaservice的名词m brand project. Then, the lecturer Wang Danya explained the lion ceighthulture, tteams手机版hrough easy to ueasternmostnderstand, humorous lectures, let everyone have a new understeighth英语怎么读anding of the lion club.

At the meetingservice, the lions democratically elected the 2018-2019 Oriental Rose Service Team captain teateams会议m. To ensure open and traheld的原型nsparent, Wangnominations Danya, Tan Fei on-site supervision. The lions chose Wang Yibing, the 2018-2019 team leader, Chen Xiaoxue, the first vicservice翻译e captain,servicebio Liu Sheng, the second viceighth基数词e captain, and Gao Yishan, the third vice captain.

Wang Yibing and other members ofeastern是什么节日 the new team expressed thenominationsir gratitteam是什么意思翻译ude for the recognition and supporegular反义词rt of lion Friends, and promised that they would actively practice the spirit of "four out", do their own work well, devote more time to lion work and service activities, and make Oriental Rose Service team better androse better!

Afterward, theheld是hold的什么形式 lions had dirose翻译nner and celebrated their birthday in March. Thanks to Lin Yuqi for providing the venue, refreshments aregularnd arranging the dinner. I wish the Oriental Rose Service Team will have stronger cohesion and centripetal force under the leadeupheldrship of the new team leader!

Photrose朴彩英o by Zhao Lina

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