The 2012-2013 transition ceremony of The Baihe Service Team was held

Shenzhen Lions Club Lily Service Team The 2013 general election ceremony was held

  &nbsservice和serve的区别p;         On the evening of August 17, 2012, Shetransition-durationnzhen Lions Club Lily Service Tetransitionam The 2013 annual leadtransition翻译ership changing Ceremoservice翻译ny and charity gala was held in the banquet hall on the fourth floor of the People’s Building. In the evening, leaders of The Shenzhen Lions Club, guests of the btransitionalrothers’ service team, caring people and friends from all walks of life gathered together with all the lion friendtransition的用法s of the Baihe Serheldenvice Twas是什么意思eam, a total otransition翻译f more than 100 people, to witness this solemn and sacred moteamsment of the百合网官网 Baihe Servservice是什么意思ice Team!
&nbsheld的中文意思p;helden             Aheld的意思是什么t the partceremony和celebration的区别y, Wu Zewei,teams手机版 the honteamoorary president of the Baihe Servicetransition翻译 Team, delivered his welcome speech with humorous words, which wonteam rounds of applause. Applteambitionause symbolizes the encouragement of lion friupheldends! Then The 2011-2012 presidewashnt of Baihe Service Team wang Danya made a summary of the annual work, and praisebaihed the outstanding lion friends and donors of the previous year; Then, witnessed by 2012-2013 Director Su Zeran, first Deputy Director Wu Xiaoming and second deputy Director Lin Zijue, the handover ceremony of the new and old presidenservice翻译ts was held. 2012-2013 Presidupheldent Zheld是hold的什么形式heng Huiling received the sashband and bell hammer representing the power of the president, and delivered an acceptance speech. She said, will as always adhere to and carry forward. Is helpingceremony是什么意思 others andteams serving the society. The spirit of lions, with their own actions to infect people around, will spread the charity, let more capable, caring people to join the Lions club.
       transition造句     Under the witness of Director Su Zeran and the oathservice怎么读 of fiteamorst Deputy Director Wu Xiaoming, five new members of The Lily Club solemnly took an oath to join the sacr捭阖的读音ed organizationtransition造句 of The Lions Club of Shenzhenbaihe, which mheldenarks that the club has new blowash怎么读od and our team is growservice是什么意思中文翻译ing.
Entrusted by Chenwas怎么读g Hui-ling, pteamproresident oftransition Baihe Service Club, founder Chung Lun-ching and special guests & LDQUO; Friends Volunteer Teaching camp & RDQUO; Mr. Wu Jingxun, the person in charge, preached the key charity projects of the New Year respectively:
         upheld &nbservice的名词sp; A, & otheservice是什么意思r Sichuan Weiyuan Guangming Xing & RDQUceremony造句O; — — Funded the operation cost of 100 catawash怎么读racheld的中文意思t patients, so that more people with cataract can regain their sighheldt.
&nbstransitionalp;   &nbsptransition是什么意思;   &servicenbsp;   Ii. Daliang Mountain Teaching assistant & MDashteam是什么意思翻译; — The lion brothers anceremony同义词d sisters of the Association and the caring people from all walks of life were organized to inspect the local village primary schools in Daliang Mountain,wash Sichuteamsan province, to provide targeted and practical teaching activities for the teachers who have been twassupeaching in poorservice的名词 mountainous areasservicebio for years.
 百合的功效与作用             3. Service team with Brothers. — The Yitian Service team worked togethservicebioer to contribute to the construction of a new school library in Shaoyang, Hunan province.
            The m百合花eeting came to an end with the climax of raising funds by auction. With the strong support of district leaders and fraternity lion frienduphelds, as well as the active participation and response of caring people froceremony是什么意思m all walks of life, a total of 148,000 yuan was raised. Lily steam是什么意思翻译ervice ttransition的用法eam all lion friends themselwassupves donated more than 100 thousand yuan. As a young and developing service team, all the members of Baihe Service team are encouraged and confident and enthusiastic about their work this year. President Ctransition造句hengceremony造句 Hui-ling said that baihe Service team would adherteame to the principle of fairness and openness, and uwashingtonse every cent oftransition造句 the donation carefully and faithfully. Put yceremony用什么介词our monceremony造句ey where your mouth is. , and I would like to express my heartfelt tservicemanhanks to all of百合花的寓意 you.ceremony造句
          &ntransition-durationbsp; Lily’s spring is coming…


Article/ph百合花的寓意oto & have spent  held的意思是什么   &wasn’tnbsp; Nov. Her

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