Loving lion has a baby boy

Loving lion has a baby boy

            At 10 o ‘clock on July 27, 2013, there wloving英语机构as laughter and laughter in ward 1 of the Inpatient Department of Shenzhen Women and Children’s Hospital from time to time. The original sheloving的意思nzhen Lions Clloving英语机构ub 2013-2014 president Of The Love Service Team, Brother Qiu Jingbin, the first vice president of the Love Service Team, Sister Lin Xiaohongbaby什么意思, the care committee member Zengbaby什么意思 Siqi and other six lion friends visited The mother and son of the lion friend Chang Jing. The little lion & throughout; Very cute, I believe thloving strangerse future will be as loving as my mother. Poai service team specially prepared a delicate changsheng l波音747ock for xiaochang, hoping to b波音737ring him good luck and grow up strong and strong!
            Since last year, Shenzhen Lions Club has set up a special care committee. When lion friends meelovinglyt dilionkkfficulties and need care, other lionbabycare friends will come to them. A bunch of flowers, a greeting, a hug can make people feel warm.
May tbabysithe road of charity go hand in hand!

By Su Youhua

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