Lead by Example -- The 2020-2021 International certified Lion Guide Training and the 5th anniversary celebration of The Lion Guide Club was successfully held in Shenzhen

From December 18 to 19, 2020, shenzhen Lions Club held the 2020-2021 International certified Lion Guide Training and the 5th anniversary of Lion Guide Club in Dongguan Jiahui Xiyueinternational缩写 Hotel. A total of 23 former or former captains from various service teams participated in theinternational是什么意思 training and successfully completed the course.


Peng Daojian, the sguide是什么意思econexample邮箱怎么注册d vileadscguidelinee President of shenzhen Lions Clulion是什么意思b in 2020-2021; Yu Xiaoping, the chairman of the second District; Wang Daoming, Zhu Feng, the superviinternationalworkers'day怎么读sors; Zhu Daoying, the special assistant of the president; Qi Kelin, the leader of the Lion Guide Group; Kuang Hong, Hu Yihan, Lian Chuhai, Yuan Quan, the deputy leaders; Wang Cexample翻译heng, the chairman of the Emergency Committee; Luo Guanqi, the Executive Chairman of the Disabled Committee; Li Feng, Cuitraining造句 Weiying, Lleadei Qingming, executive chairman of Shenzhen Lions Foundation Committee, Ouyang Fan, exlead的过去式和过去分词ecutive Chairman of Diabetes Prevention Education Committee and other 50 people attended the training. This training was pretraining翻译sided over by Zickling as the chairman of the conference, and llead toi Feng as the general lecturer.


Ouyang Fan presilionsded overlion是什么意思 the opening ceremony. During the ceremony, Kuang Hongexample缩写 led the students in an interesting ice-breaking game, which drew them closer to each other.

Peng Daojian, the second vice president, affirmed the work of the lion Guide thitraining翻译中文s ycertified是什么牌子ear and emphasized the important role of the lion guide for the heal鬼的拼音thy growth of the service team. He said that during thexample复数e development process, the service team would encounleaderter many problems and needeguidebookd the helleaderp and companionship of the lion guide.training He hoped that the trainees could further improve their lion service ability and contritraining造句简单bute to the development of the Lion Ctraining衣服品牌lub.

Peng Daojian JPG.

Mr. Zicklingtraining是什么意思英语 extended a war龟的拼音m welcome to the participants and leaders. He said that in responsguide是什么意思e to the call of the blueprint of the strong Servinternational是什么意思ice team advocated by the National Lion Association, the guide Lion Group will select excellent guide lion to guide the construction of the service teamtraining怎么读; At the same time, the guide lion league will strictly follow the federation's guidelines of "mak瑰的拼音ing the weak team stronger and the strong team stronger", and devote itselfinternational to training more excellent guide lions forinternational thtraining造句简单e service team to assist the healthy development of the service team.


President Wang Cheng shared the first class "Certifinternational英语ied Lion Guide Activity" and guided the students to complete the relevinternationally歌曲ant course exercises. He briefly explained the key knowledge of successful leadershileader是什么牌子p skills and how to assess the needs ofexamples the service team and assiguide是什么意思st its developmlead的过去式和过去分词ent. He said that empowerment is the key to success. As a motivator, communicator and listener, the guideguideline lion shoulinternationalcupidd accompany and coach the service team during his two-year term and strive to make the team develop healthily.

Wang cheng. JPG

Chief lecturer Li Feng introduced the curriculum straining是什么意思英语ystem of certified Lion Guide (CGL) in detail, and presented two cotraining造句urses "How to Becexample邮箱怎么注册omtraining翻译e a Lion Guide" and "Guide Lion Without Authority Influence" centering on thexamplee power of love and influence withou龟的拼音t authority. He inliontroduced the relationship between influence and authority, discussed changing leadership and the ability to adapt to change, and summarized the characteristics of non-authoritativelionkk in贵的拼音fluence. He stressed that lion guides s瑰的拼音hould master the skills of lion guides, flexibly use non-certifiedauthorguidelineitative inflexample邮箱登录入口uence, lead by example, actively participate in the work of helping tinternationalhetraining是什么牌子 weak teams, improve the cohesion and centriality of the servicecertified team, and promote the healthy and steadtraining是什么牌子y development of Shelionnzhen Lions Club.


Mr. Zicexample读音kling explained the blueprint of thinternationalcupide Strong Service Team to the students, and introduced how to improve the quality of the members and ensure the htraining是什么意思英语ealthy and excellent development of圭的拼音 the service team under ttraininghe background of strict coninternational翻译trol of the size of the members in China from four aspects of ser龟的拼音vice team operation, service, lleadeadership development, membership retention and development. At the straining翻译ame time, he also introduced the role of guide lion to the students and explaiexamplened how guide lion guides the service team to draw a stronger blueprint through thleadershipe application of procedures, metcertified是什么认证hods and tools.

JiKeLin JPG.

On the 5th anniversary of lion Guidecertified Club,training是什么牌子 lion friends came on stage to tell the touching stories they met after joining the lion Club. The sce龟的拼音ne was warm and touching. Later, Chairmlion的音标an Lei Awarded the international certifiinternationalcupidcation for thetraining lion guide who won the international ccertified是什么认证ertification last year. Qikelin head tcertified翻译o the training donation and sponsorship of materials Peng Daojian, Yu Xiaoping, Qikelleadingin, Zhu Daoying, Zhu Feng, Wang Cheng, Li Feng, Cui Weiying, Lian Chutraining是什么牌子hai, Zeng Qingsen, Lei Qinternationalismingqing and other lion friends issued a certificate of appreciation, special thanks to yue circle for the trainileaderng donated 10,000 yuan.

At the end of the evening,lion翻译 Mr. Zickling led the members of the guide lion Group toexample复数 pay tribute to the previous guide lion grouexample缩写p and thanked them for their contributions to the development of the guide lion Group. Finally, the lion friends cutinternationally歌曲 the cake to celebrateleadership, wish the lion guide will become better and better. Qi Wenhui, a slionelingerexample邮箱怎么注册 frolead翻译m Shanghai TV station, was a special guest,international缩写 and Xia Shuang Shi Jie from Chexample邮箱怎么注册inese business service team also sang a classic old song "Sweet Honey".

Atlionkk the gradtraining衣服品牌uation ceremony, Mr. Qi Kelin awarded the certifexample缩写icguidelineate of appointment to kuang Hong, Hu Yihan, Lian Chuhai and Yuan Quan, the deputy leader of ttraining翻译he guide lion Group, and awarded the cerrecertifiedtificate of completion to the students, congratulating them on their successful graduation.

[Text] Du Shaoheng

[Photo] Zhou Winternationalenguang

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

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