“Red Lion Costume” moves China (source: Citizen Weekly)

 — The 2010 New Year charity gala raised about 13 million yuan
 source命令     The sighcostume是什么意思英语t of the lions raising their hands and crooning the lweekly造句ions club song is touchinredundantg. What is more touchilion的音标ng is the generosity of the lions to charity. On the evening of Decemlions英语怎么读ber 26, 2009, shenzhen Lions Club annual gala & LDQUO; 2010 New Year Charity Gala of Shenzhen Lions Club & RDQUO; Held in kempinsmoveslikejaggerki Hotel, thcostumes怎么读音e evening auction raised 614,600 yuan, the party raised a total of ablion怎么读ocitizen是什么牌子的手表价格ut 13lion的音标 milion复数llion yuan.
      Vice Presidentlions of China Disabled Persons’ Federation, domestic lion federareductiontion President ShenZhiFei, domestic lion federatsource车上按键什么意思ion vice-chairman, shenzhen, chairman of the fsource引擎edsourcederation of the disabled jian-wei gao, shenzhen CPchina读音PCC, full-time preparatory program in Hong Kong and Macao and foreiglion翻译n affairs committee, deputy director of themsweekly peredisak, shenzhebiweeklyn nanshan district political consultative conference, chairman of the nanshan district work with the President, mslion的音标 WenLing shenzhecostume什么意思n city women’s federation, vice chairman of thesources是什么文件夹 original, my wife Hu He, Vice President oredmik40f Shenzhecitizens什么意思n Broadcasting Grmove什么意思中文oup, Mu Tonglun, Depumove是什么意思中文翻译ty Director of Office of Shenzhen Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee, Fang Tao, seclion复数retarylionel general of Shenzhen Charity, and mormoves怎么读e than 550 lion club members from Guangdong, Dalian, Qingdalion怎么读o, Beijing, Hong Kong and Shenzhen gathered together to welcome the New Year.
      The annual New Year charity gala is a platform for lionssource的中文意思 club fellowship amoves怎么读nd show of love. The new charicitizen手表什么档次ty gala was hosted by & LDquo; Red Lion garment moves China & RDquo; For the theme advocatlions英语怎么读ed in “ Red Lion garment moves China & RDquo; Under the banner of shenzhen Lions Club community service brand. Shenzhen Lions Club will continuemoves to do well in the light of actiomsweeklyn, poverty alleviatiocitizen手表怎么调时间n, education, disalionelstermsweekly relief and other traditioweekly翻译nal brand projects at the same time, fweekly什么意思rom 2010 onwmoves什么意思ards will focus on implementredundantation. Visual acuity test & RDQUO; , & other Care and Rehabilitation of Low vision & RDquo; In ccitizensonjunction with community streets & LDquo; Love the people around you &rdqulion的中文意思o; Local services, and continue to do well. Post-disaster Reconstruction in Taiwan & RDquo; , & other Yunnan Lion Village & RDquo; Projects and other work, let the lion spirit carry forwasources是什么文件夹rd.
    &nbssource是什么意思p; On the evening, by the chweekly什么意思airman of the National Foundation for the Disabled Ms. Tang Xiaoquan inscripsourcedtion & LDquo; Shenzhen Rehabilicitizen手表怎么调时间tation Center for Low Vision & Rweekly什么意思DQUO; , & other Shenzhen Lions Club Losource引擎w Vision Care and Rehabilitation Workstation & RDQUO; The official launch. Liu Guopu, vice president of the Domestic Lions Associamoves什么意思tion and director of dalichinaan Lions Club, represented dalian Lions Club as ldQUO; Care and Rehabilitation ofred是什么意思 Low vision & RDquo; The project donated 30,000 yuan. Co-sponsored by Lions Club of Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Dalian, Qingdao, Beijing, Shaanxi, etc. Vlions英语怎么读ision Detection & MIDDOT; Pupil heart action &rdqcitizenshipuo; Start.
      Evening for positicitizens什么意思ve pledgemoveslikejaggers & LDquo; China lion preductionrize & throughout; And for & other; Care and Rehredabilitation of Low vision & RDquo; , & other Post-disaster Reconstruction in Taiwan & RDquo; ,source命令 & other Yunnan Lion Village & RDquo; , & other Community Sesource翻译rvice & RDquo; Project donatiocitizen手表ns to service teams,redmi是什么手机 individuawcweeklyls and buscitizen是什么牌子的手表价格inecitizen手表怎么调时间sses were recognized. “ China lion prize & throughout; A total of 913,000 yuan was raised. “ Care and Rehabilitcostume怎么读音ation of Low vision & RDquo; , & other Post-disaster Reconstruction insource是什么意思 Taisource引擎wan & RDquo; , & other Yunnan Lion Village & RDquo; , & other Community Service & RDquosource; The prosourcejectcostume翻译 raised 11.472 million yuan. Juo Real Estate Group Co., LTD., Shenzhen Doctor Glasses Chain Co., LTD., shenzhen Second People’s Hospital were awarded & LDQUO; Caring Enterprise & RDquo; , Tian Shuqiang, Ning Lesources是什么文件夹i and Wang Ronmoves怎么念gchang won & LDquo; Caring Individual ” .
  &nbspreduce;   On the party, people from all walks of life enthusiastically donatcitizens什么意思ecostumes怎么读音 money and love. Thlionelere was also a charitcitizens什么意思y auction of calligraphylion翻译 and painting works, Olympichinac torches and Paralympic torches donated by caring people. The auction site is extremely hot, loving people frequently move, competing forcitizen是什么牌子 the card. All funds raised wiweekly什么意思ll be used for the Lions Club’s charweekly翻译itaredmi是什么手机ble projects.
Originally adapted from: Citizen Weeweekly女团kly, Vol. 392, No. 1, 2010, edition A04

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