Invitation for Invitation for travel agencies to attend the 56th Far East & Southeast Asia Convention in Taiwan and the 101st International Convention in Las Vegas, USA

Invitation for Invitation for travel agencies to attend the 56th Far East & Southeast Asia Convention in Taiwan and the 101st International Convention in Las Vegas, USA

Dear Lion桃花图片 friend,

The 56th Lions Far East & Southeast Asia Convention will be held from Novembetravel的现在分词r 17 to 20, 2017 in Taiwan. The 101st Lions Convconventional翻译ention will be held from June 29 to July 3, 2018 in Las Vegas, USA.

In order to mobilize more lion friends to participate in the above annual meeting, do a gofarawayod job in the organization of the annual meefarting, especially for the public to itravelssue a public biddithn同花顺g announcement, is willing to more capable, responsible, meet the requirements o褪黑素f travel agencies actively participate in the bidding, b童话故事ut aagencies怎么读lso hope that the majoriconventional是什么意思ty of lion friends actively recommend.

I. The 56th Far East and Soutagencies怎么读heconventionast Asia Annual Conference (Taiwan)

1. Conference schedule from Novefarember 17 to 20 (4 days and 3 nights);

2. The route should ensure that lion friends can attend the opening ceremconvention形容词onysoutheast, Chiconvention什么意思nese seminar and closing ceremony;

3. During the conference, cooperate with the tour schedule and expense details;

4. Hotel arrangement shouthroughld be 4 stars or above of international chain brand, and indicate the distance fromfarm the venue, transportation time, etc.;

5. A detailed itinerary is required, including scenic spots, transportation,convention翻译 accommodation, meals, ginvitationuides, etc.

6. The line haconventional翻译s characteristics and advantageattendants and the price is reasonable.

The 101st Lions Club International Convention (Las Vegas, USA)

1. Rattendance的动词oute of the confereneast数据ce group: it is requiredfaraway to ensure that liattendanceons can participatsoutheast是什么意思e in the international parade, the opening ceeast翻译remony, the Chinese seminar, the voting of the an退婚后大佬她又美又飒nual meeting and the closing ceremony, which is a total of 7-10 days;

2. Other itinerarieastestraveling shall ensure that lions can patravel是什么意思rticipate in the parade, the opening ceremony and other international annual activities as much as possible;

3. The conferinvitation是什么意思中文ence hotel shall designate the hotesoutheastl in the annual conference (if not, the standard facinvitation什么意思iliconventional是什么意思ties shall be of the same level o桃花源记翻译r atravelled怎么读bove, and the distance from the conference venue, transportation time and hotel name shall be indicated), and the hotels in other cities shall be fouconventionsr stars or above of internatioinvitation是什么意思中文nal chain brands;

4. A detailed itinerary is required, including cfarm是什么意思ities, attractions, transportation, acco桃花源记翻译mmodation, meaconvention什么意思ls, tour guides, etc.

5. During the conference, cooperate with the tour schedule and expense details;

6. The同花顺 line has characterithoughtstics and advathroughntages and the price is reasonconvention什么意思able.

Three, quotation requirements:

1. Means of transportation: including桃花源记 airlines, class, flights, tour buses, etc.

2. Accomeastermodation: Name of tattendance的动词he hotel, location and proximity to the venue during the conference (please refer tofarm是什么意思 lions Club international’s designated hotel rate list).

3. Dining: menu, restaurant location, Chinese and Western food,agencies dishes and soups, meat and vegetable dishes.

4. Standard number of team leaders and local escorts.

5. Design itineraries according to tattendance的动词he spetraveledcial requiremetravellednts of lion friends and make separate qfar是什么意思uotations.

6. Indicate the price difference between puragenciese plasoutheast是什么意思英语y and in-store. The shopping store must be a busoutheastsiness with guaranteed reputation and quality designated battendantsy the Tourism Bureau, and indicate the in-store quantity and sfarawaytay time, etc.

7. The content and price details of self-financed activities shal桃花源记l be proagenciesperly arranged and forcfared buying and selling, misleading and enticing behaviors shconventional读音发音all be strictly prohibited.

Iv. Basic qualification reqtravel过去式uirements for travel agencies:

1. Complete certificates (business license, lsoutheasternicense, code certificate, tax certificate, etc.), copies with officonventioncial seal. Power of attorney of legal representative.

2. Travel agconventional什么意思中文ency headquarters with exit qualsoutheast怎么读ification from Taiwaeast数据n anfard the United States shall not accept binvitation的动词形式idding from the contractintravel的现在分词g or affiliated travel agency departments or business departments.

3. Travel agencies inth Shenzhen or legal agencies in Shenzhen.

4. Company profile, scale, advantages in organizing Tours in Hong Kong and the Unattendantited States, experience in organizing large-scale conferences or business trips.

5. How much attention the company athttaches to this bidding, what kind oattendf team it plans to arrange to track the service, and the quality and service of the operators.

6. Have you ever participated in lions club projects? Do youinvitationcode=null know about lions Club’s southeast Asia convention and internattravel过去式ional convention?

V. Procedures and Time:

1. Deadline fthinor bidding:14:00, September 7, 2017

2. Tenderers shall applyeast是什么意思翻译 for thagencies翻译e12:00 on September 6Inform the bidder whether to bid and provide the contact information of the biddetravelingr. Contact person: Lin Yfar是什么意思anfen, tel: 25688195.

3. Battend是什么意思id Opening Time:14:00, Septefarthermber 7, 2017

4. Place of bid opening: Shenzhentravelled怎么读 Lions Club Office (13 / F, Building D, Huaqing Yuan, No. 38, Luosha Jingeeastr Road, Luohu District, 518003)

Bidderfarm怎么读s are requested to send representatives to the bid opening plsoutheast是什么意思英语ace to attend the bid openi桃花图片ng meeting at the time of bid opening.

All travel agencies are welcome to participate in the bidding!


1.  Schedule of the 56th Far East and Southeast Asia Annual Confer桃花源记翻译ence (Taiwan)

2.  The 101st International Convention (Las Vegas, USA) schedule

3.  Hotel rates for the 101st International Convention (Las Vegas, USA)

4. Designated hotel map for the 101stattend是什么意思 International Conventioconventional读音发音n (Las Vegas, USA)

Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018

Chairman of the Internationtravel的现在分词al Conveeast数据ntion Committefaree: Dong Shige

Executive Ceaster英语怎么读hairmen: Zhan Wenli, Zhang Jinlian, Chen Heng, Tian Hua

August 30, 2017

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