Nature Service: Held the second captain’s team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

Nature Service: Held the second captain‘s team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

On September 15, 2018, the second 2018-2019 Captain team meeting and regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Nature Service team was successfully helcaptain泰国演员d in the Meetimeeting是什么意思ng room of Jizheng Hall, 3rd floor, Maregular翻译cheng Times Square, Futian District. Theld的意思是什么hirteen members of nature Service, including 2018-201meeting翻译9 team leader Li Xueqin, second vice captain Yang Junli, third vice Captain Yang Wen, founding team leader Ren Jiulong, former team leader Ren Hongbo, secretary Zhu Xinru and treasurer Ren Zhongmei, attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Chen Lihservicebioong and presided over by Ren Zhongmei.

Ren mei abnature是什么意思out his add lion’s comprehension, respectively from devotion thanature是什么意思n pay, can fulfill good thoughts, four “heart” (happy, heart, care and heart to heart), continuous self-held过去式和过去分词improvement self, trust mechanteamism, lnature的形容词eading the lion frienmeetingds round zhteamuangheld是hold的什么形式, accounts, special fund is special, spontaneous organization voluntarily bear came in, leteam什么意思t people more noble niregular翻译ne aspects, such as share, Let each lion friend know more about lion culture and encaptain缩写hance the power of lion love.

At the team mnature官网eeting, all pteamoarticipants agrregular的名词eed to visit Lion friend Qin Shurong on October 15 and carry out the “Caring for spiheld中文nal health” service activity. Yang Junli and Zhao Yunhua were responsible for setting up the activity implementation group. Mr Yeung jun-li announces the programme of “Caring for Spinal Health”. Lily Chen donservice的名词ated 10,000 yuan to support the spinal health care project for tteamoeenagers, which won warm applause frteamproom the lion friends presenmeeting的音标tservice是什么意思中文翻译.

All the participants agreed to set up the nature Service team lion friends birthday care group, led by Ding Jiayin. Ding Jiayin said thaheld的中文意思t will live up to expectations, the future birthday accaptaindarktivities to do more colouteamworkrful.

At the regular meeting,naturehike Gao Zhou “Bright lineregularization” Yang Wen, the person in charge of the September 19 activmeeting是什么意思ity details for specific expregular反义词lanation. Li Xueqin deheld的原型livered the spirit of the first District Council mregularityeeting of 2018-2019, and announced tmeetingtencentcomhat the Nature Serserviceablevice team’s consecondlove日剧tribution to the flnature是什么意思ood in eastecaptain喵队长微博rn Guangdong won the District Council commendation flag and the “Ounature影响因子tstanding Award of the Nnature论文是什么级别ew Lion Generation” for membership fee collection in 2018-2019.

Tservicebiohe fmeetingsivmeetingtencentcome lion friends attending the meeting, Ren Zhongmei, Ren Hongbo, Zhu Xinru, Chen Lihong and Yang Junli, celebrated their birthdays. The meeting ended slowly with laughter.

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