Zhonghong Detianjian -- The inauguration ceremony of the 2017 -- 2018 China Sky Service Team was successfully held

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-- The inauguration ceremony for the 2017-2018 term changceremony造句e of the China Sky Service Team was successfully held

On Octobservice和serve的区别er 27, 2017, the inaugural ceremony of the 2017 -- 2018 inaugural of the Lions Club of Shenzhen was successfully held in Xiangmi Lakservice和serve的区别e World Hotel. Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018 President Tian Xingwaserviceng, First Vice President Ma Min, forminauguration翻译er President Lin Tao, Deputy Supervisor Liao Ronghui, Secretary General Zeng Shiyanservice是什么意思中文翻译g, Chief Financial Officer Zhang Jian, Chief Financial Officer Peng Daojian, Chief Inspector Deng Yi, Executceremony是什么意思ive Deputy Sskyworth是什么牌子ecretary Luo Jinsong, Chairman Guo Yongyong, Chaservice和serve的区别irman Niservice是什么故障灯e Xiangdong of The Fifth Zone, Disservicemantrict chairmen Du Peng, Xu Shuang, Jing Miaojun, Lian Wei, Tan Fei, Huang Shaofservice翻译ang, Lin Yuqi and other leadskype是什么软件ers of the lion friends and all the lion friends of the Sky Ssky光遇ervice team, more thaceremony的音标n 200 people attended the ceremony. The ceremony waskyworths chaired by Su Bing and presided over by Meng Chun anchina读音d Wang Song Xiaowen.

Su Bing rang the besky是什么意思ll to annoskypeunce the start of the ceremony and dservice怎么读elivered a welcome speech. Fang delivered a speech, thanking his family and friends for their understandceremonying, support and help in his work. Zheng Liservice是什么故障灯mei reported the financial work of 2016-2017. Later, Fang shilei, the formchina翻译eserviceabler captain, presented awards to the lion friends who won tdetianjianhe "Outstanding Lion friends Award", "Outstanding Contribution Award", "Companion Award", "friendship team cooperation awsky光遇ard" and "Love and Support Award", thanking them for their strong support to the work of the last year.

Under the leadership of lion friends wceremony的名词itness, Fang Shileiskype will be tranchina意思sferred to the c中弘3股吧aptain ribbon songlin. Cceremony的音标aptain Xiang Sonceremony造句glin presented the certidetianjianficate of appointment to the director of zhongtian Service Team for the yea中红医疗股吧r 2017-2018.

President Tian Wangxing gave a gift and a speeskyworthch to Captain Xiang Songlin, fully affirmesky光遇d the work of the central Sky Service team last year, and put forward pertinent suggestions on the weak links in the development of the service team.

Second Vice Captain yu Hui gave中弘股份股吧 a spskyworth是什么牌子eech of appreciationinauguration翻译, the inchina翻译auguration ceremservicemanony successfully concluded. The sign language dance "Pay iservice和serve的区别t forsky是什么意思ward" by The Sky Service team brought all lion friendceremony用什么介词s and guests to dance together, bringing the party to a climax.

China Sky Service team is a young team, whdetianjianich has experienced many difficulties and hardships in the past two years. Chen Jie team captain led the lion friends to overcome all diceremony同义词ffic中弘股份股吧ulties, the successful team process is unforgettable; Last captain Fang Shilei led the standard development of the Sky service team,service graduservice是什么意思ally growing. I believe that the sky service team iinauguration是什么意思s getting better and better under the leadership of Captain Songlin.

By Zhang Huazhan and Chen Meihong/Chen Weiming

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