The stamp Club held the third regular meeting of this year

On May 28, 2020, the third regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club stamp Club 2019-2020 was held inregularly the conmeeting的音标ference room of Dapeng Junhua Ecological Park. The meetingclub是什么意思 reviewed and summarized the work of the pthird是什么意思英语hilatelic clheld的中文意思ub thithirds year, madheld的原型e arrangements foclubmedr the next step of the work, reported the financial report of the philregular的所有形式atelic club, learned the knowledge about epidemic prevention on stamps, further improvedheld the cultural accomplishment of the members, and promoted the friendship betweenregular的名词 lion friends. The meeting wclub翻译astampeds chaired by Wu Yuqiong.

Shenzhen lions deputy secretary-general zhang jian long, stamp collecting club chairman xiao-wei sun, executive chairmstampan of WuYuQiong, t. and Fu Wenqiang, lionsclubmed官网预订 clubs internatstamp复数ional fund committee, executive chairman of TongXin, vice chairman of shenzhen operation should be flourithird-partyshing, domestic postal group, shenzhen lo wu bureau deputy director Zhu Hong national philatelic corporation division li-xin huang guest lecturer, shenzhen association of stamp collecting, Liang Xiaoqinregular翻译g fromeetingsm Luohu Post Office and otheldenher philatelic club members andclubmed guestregular反义词smeeting是什么意思中文翻译 altoyear造句gether more than 20 people attended the meeting.

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Lion friends, who had not seen each other for a long time, felt like friends at first sight and missed each other very much. President Sun Xiaoweupheldi first warmly welcomed the guests and club members attending the regular meeting. Due to COVregular的名词ID-19 and other factors, the regular meeting was postponed to today. Under the leadership of the Party and the state, the epregular的所有形式idemic was quickly brought under effective control. At a time when the epidemic is spreaheld的意思是什么ding around the world, we feel very proud of our mothemeeting是什么意思中文翻译rland.

Xiao-wei sun. JPG

In light of the current epidemic situation, Mr. Huregular是什么意思英语ang Lixin, special lectustamp复数rer of Domestic Phregular什么意思ilatelic Corporation and lecturer of Shenzhen Philatelic Association, prepared a wonderful theme for everyone to share: National anti-EPIDEMIC. Since ancient Roman timheld的意思是什么es, virthird什么意思uses and epidemic prevention hstamp音标ave bheldeen iyear是什么意思nseparable with human beings. Countries around the world began to fithird是什么意思英语ght the disease caused by various types of viruses. A group of medical workers, soldiers, researchers and volunteemeeting是什么意思中文翻译rs havemeetings laid a firm foundaregularitytion for winning the battle against COVImeetingtencentcomD-19. History once again proves that mankind should respect nature and cherishmeeting life.

Li-xin huang. JPG

President Tong Xin shared that the service team donated epidemiheldc prevention materials and negative pressure ambulances worth morregular翻译e than 1 milheld是hold的什么形式lion yuan to wuhan and other hospitals during the epidemic. Fu Wenqiang and Cao Yingwang shared their experiences and insights under the epidemic.

TongXin JPG.

Chairman Sun Xiaowei prheldenesented a souvenir to Teacher Huang Lixin on behalf of philately Club. Since the establishmmeetingtencentcoment of the staheld的原型mclub是什么意思p Club, Mr. Huang lixin has made more than ten special topics for ythird的缩写ou to share, so that you can increase your knowthird-partyledge and appreciate the charm of stamps. Lion friends use stamps as a medium to bond together more closely.

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Chen Xin, executive chairman of stayear怎么读mp Club, reported the firegular是什么意思英语nancial situatiyearbookon of thistampings year. Clear and transparent accounts won unanimous praise.


Chairman Sun Xheld的原型iaowei intmeeting怎么读英语roduced themeeting是什么中文意思 nextmeeting怎么读英语 stage of philately Club’s work arrangement. The sregular什么意思tamp Club is a warm and loving home where people come together for the same interregularly意思中文翻译ests athird-partynd help eacclubmedh other. Thanks to all stamp Club members for their support and dedication.

Xiao-wei sun, sstamp翻译pecial thanks to the host for stamp collecting club, grace provideregular什么意思 sitregular的名词e support service brother Jimmy lam lion, thastampnk you for the meeting, executhird什么意思tive chairman of WuYuQiong province,meeting的音标 executive vice chairman cheng phase of thoughtful arrangements, thanks to stamp company expertsclubs with professionalthird什么意思 knowledge, thanks to all friends at the lion and the guests, hopthird音标e the lion friends can continue to supporyearbookt the club’s work,held grow up togetherregular是什么意思英语.

In the rare gathering time, lion friends pick litchi together, taste farm dishes, visit dapeng Geologiyearcal Museum, see the cloudheld过去式和过去分词s in the sky, feel the preciothird是什么意思英语us lion frieregularityndship and the beauty of life togeupheldther.

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Wechat picture _20200529170442.jpg

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【 Text 】 Ma Huijmeeting的音标uan

[Photo] Ma Huijuan

[Editor] Lin Yanfen

【 Composition 】 Qiu & NBSP;   penheldbackg

[Issued] Shenzhen Lheldenions Club Office

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