Long-term service team: Carry out “Save by your Side” first aid skills training and hold the fourth regular meeting of 2019-2020

On November 16, 2019, Shenzhen Lions Club long Term and Bright Pupil Service team joined hands with Minion Emergency Rescue development Center to carry out the training activity of “Help By Your Side” on the 24th floor, Block A, Pacific Business Building, Luohu District. More than 40 lion friends, friends and relatives of lion friends from various service teams participated in the training, and the service fund was 10,000 yuan.

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Adhering to the tenet of “popsideularizing first aid, everyone knows firssavedt aid”, all lion friends not only advteams手机版ocate popularizing first aid skills training, but also actively participate in the learning and assesscarryment of first aid skills. The training covers emergency rescue courses such as on-site cardiopul龙猫monary resservice和serve的区别uscicarrytation techniques, AED application, flongirst aid for airway foreigcarry怎么读语音n body obstruction, trauma rescue, treatment of common diseases and accidental injuries, and self-rescue and muservice怎么读tual rescue in stampede incidents. Particsaveasipants are required to pass theoretical examinationcarry怎么读语音 and practical operation assessment to ensure learning effects. Aftecarry全场r 8 hours of training, alltermite participants passed theoutrage examination and obtained the Primary Certificate of Emergency rescue Skills Training.

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Leading teacher Xue Lin said that students participate in first aid skills after learning, need long-term training to master life, I hope you know first aid, at the critical moment龙猫 will save, dare to save, more to be able to save scie龙猫ntifically.

When cardiac arrest, electric shoyourselfck, drowning, airway foreign body obstruction, can save life only golden four minutes, and the average ambulance needs 1team是什么意思翻译5 to 30 minutes to arrive, lealongrn first aid can best protect the family. Thank you to the Long term and Brighteamot Pupil Service team andsaver the Minions for hosting tsavefromhis first ayour怎么读id skills class. May everyone learn first aid to make th龙蛇演义e people around them safetermr.

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After tsaveashe training, the fououtcomerth regular meetsave造句ing of 2019-2020 was held in Shunde, 3rd flterm翻译oor, Jinwei Building, Luohuoutrage. Long-term service team leader Zheng Jianhai,carry last team leader Huang Tingyin, secteam是什么意思翻译oncarryingd vice captain Zhen Yongqian, third vice captain Guo Qiang, secretary Ma Xiujie, Finance Yan Xiuying, general affairs Zhou Jun, members Jiang Ling, Li Jun死得其所的意思feng, Fan Liangming and other 30 people attended the meeting, the meeting was presided over by Myoursa Xiujieterm是什么意思 as the chairman of the conftermerence.

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Captain Zheng Jianhai reviewed and summarized the service activities carried out by the service team in the past six months, and reported the income and expenditure of the activities. The participants discussed the prepoutputaration of shenzhen Port University Hospital’s “Palliative Space of Bedside Tumor Center — Lion Love Station” project and the arrangement of “油然而生Ctermitearing fteamworkor Returned Overseas Chinese and Respecting the Aged” on Novecarryingmber 28. Finally, Captain Zheng Jianhai presented a certificate of appreciation to the sponsors of the Nanshan Sanitation Worteambitionkers Fun Games.


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