Notice on the collection of image data from the service team


Service teams:

      On the occasion of celebrating the 8th anniversary of lionsnotice Club shnoticeenzhen and the 8th annual convention of the disnoticeabletrinoticect, lions Clubservice是什么故障灯 Shenzhen plans to makenotice过去式 a summary finotice是什么意思lm reflecting the lion work, seimagery是什么意思rvice activities and lion styleteamo since the establishmentnotice是什么意思 of the district. Now collect the wonderful piimagectures and video data of your club from each servi大唐扫把星ce team.

      Please send video and photo materials to szlions_service可数吗 by April 10. Contact person:notice的固定搭配 Miss Ma. Tel: 0755-2568 8567.





Shenzhen Lions Club

March 20, 2010

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