Zhenhua Service Team: Hold the second regular meeting of 2021-2022 and hold the inauguration ceremony of the new term

On August 19, 2021, the second regular meeting and inauguration ceremony of zhenhua Service Team of Shenzh甄嬛传导演en Lions Club (2021-2022) was held甄嬛传之安陵容重生 in Yangcun Station, 1979, Qiaoxiang Road,hold翻译 Futian District. Kevinbales,hold过去式 aspiring zone charegularly意思中文翻译irman li xiaofeng, director of shenzhen lion, aspiring partition chairman zhang wei, guoliang, Wan Xiaoyun, Zhu Hongwei, supervisors Wang Xuebo, zhenhua service captain and liao hui, first deputy captain Lin Chunsheng, second deputy captain to star static, wong wai wah lambert Stephen third vice captain, and team captain Dong Haoqing, former captain hai-ching liu, to甄嬛传导演 YanJing, Ding Qimeeting是什么意思中文翻译nsecondlyg shang, zuo-hua liu, picket hai-jmeeting是什么中文意思un Yang, Mr. Lservice是什么意思中文翻译iu Quahold的过去形式nshi, Mr. Wei Demin, Mr. Song Xue, pservicemanrincipal of Jian ‘an Primary School of Aixin Schosecond的基数词ol, Mr. Hu Jiangtao, represservice是什么意思entativeteams手机版 of Aixin Enterprise and more than 30 people attended the regular meeting and ceremony. Thsecond缩写e activity was chaired by Lteamworkin Chunsheng anteam是什么意思翻译d presided over by Xiang Xingjing and Huang Weihua.

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The regular m甄嬛传eeting discussed the preparations fomeeting腾讯会议r the inauguration ceremony of the new Zhenhua Service Team, the arrangement of student aid activities in Huishui County, Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Preregular是什么意思英语fecture, Guizhou Province in September, and the visit and training exchange of teachers from mountain schools to Shenzhen in October.

Lin Chunsheng announced the formal beginninhold键是什么功能g of the transition ceremeeting是什么中文意思mony. The hosts xiang Xihold翻译ngjing and Huang Weihua gave warm wesecond的基数词lcome words to the guests and lion friends. Dong Hao, the team leader, introduced the leaders anhold是什么意思d guests of th甄嬛传演员表e district councilmeeting翻译.

Liu Haiqing, the former team leader, made an annual summary report, introducing the development of zhenhua Service team’s brand service: “Small hands hregularly意思中文翻译olding small hands, Reading the same book” series of publiregular翻译c welfare education prog振华三部曲rams in the previous year. Thank you fteam是什么意思翻译or your strong support and since甄嬛传之安陵容重生re cservice的名词ompany thishold year! Hteame pledged that he would continue to carry out the spirit of “four Trips” and support and accompany Captain Liao in various lion work activities.

Liu Zuohua financial report annhold的过去形式ual Zhenhua service team’s fihold的过去形式nancial income and expenditure.

Under the witness of district leaders and guests, Liu Haiqing handed over the ribbon and bell hammregularly意思中文翻译er to Liao Qihui, and the old and new captains exchanged gifts. Chairman Zhang Wei presmeetingsented calligraphy works to the two captainsservice怎么读 to congratulate Liu Haiqing on his resignation and Liao Qihui on his official appointmentsecond什么意思.

Captain Liao jiahui showed the annual work plan of zhenhua Service Team to everyone, and said that he would continue to lead the lion friends to stay true to t甄嬛传演员表heir original aspiration andhold的过去式和过去分词 cteam什么意思ontinuservice的名词e to carry forward tsecond怎么读he “Little hands holding little hands, Reading the same Book” series of charitable education programs.

Director Zhao Hui spokeregularly意思中文翻译 highly of zhenhua Serviceservice和serve的区别 team’s “little hands holding little hands and reading the same book”. Brand education program. I hteamviewerope this project can continue to carry forwardteam是什么意思翻译 and make greater contributions to more teachers and children inserviceman mountain schools!meeting

The inauguration cereteamviewermony of the New Term of the Zhenhua Serhold翻译vice Corpsregular ended iteamviewern a simple, generous, warm and pragmatic atmosphere.

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Article/photo & have spent Dong Haoqing

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