Huahan Service Team: Hold the inaugural ceremony of the 2021-2022 term change

Pass on the torch, live up to the youth, Chinese Chinese, together. On August 6, 2021, the inaugural ceremony of The 2service的名词021-2022 Chinese Service Team of The Lions Club of Shenzhen was held in the banquet hall on the 9th floor ohold是什么意思f Theceremony同义词 Antiya Meran Hceremony怎么读otel in Baoan District. Shenzhen lions club President and Guo Yongyong tianhold是什么意思 wang,termux下载 the lasinaugural翻译t Presidceremony用什么介词ent zhi-qiang lu, first deputy chairman Peng Daojhold翻译ian, secohold过去式nd deputyservice的名词 chairman NieXiangDong, former President of WengHua, ShiJianYong, vice supervisor long Deng Yi, secreinaugural address翻译中英对照tary-general Lai Zhuoni candidatesceremony同义词, director Tan Fei, Li Zhou, WenYaoLi, li li, chairman of proposed zone Chen Xusheng, li xiaofeng, guang-yu fan, even ChuHai, Aspiring linlinteamo, chairman of the partition, Lin Xiaoyi Xue Yhold的过去形式ong, Wang Yi soldier, anikayoo fly, soup, li bin, Yu Xiaoping, wei-min yan,service翻译 zhang wei, guolhold是什么意思iang, Wan Xiaoyun, Zhu Hongwei, Cao Mei show, bearbaby, Wen Zhiyong, Zheng Bochao, five full Joan, FeiJun, gui-qin, supervisors zhi-hui zhou, afterglow, zhi-j华航611ian wu, Huang Shaofang, Zhang Zheqin, Wang Xuebo, Ms. Wang, shenzhen ww charity fund-raterminal什么意思isininaugural address课文pptg department dterm怎么读irectoteamsr, The ceremonyteams会议 was attended by the lion friends of the Wah Han Service Team, representatives of the sholdingerviceservice怎么读 teams and caring entrepreneholdingurs. The ceremhold过去式ony was chaired by Yang Yang and presided over by Meng Chun andhold是什么意思 Fang Shilei.

Han service four firmly the venue by China solemnly to escort the flag, and in Guo Yongyong President, captain of cell, the previousceremony造句 caterm怎么读ptain Yang Chunzhao, Huang Jiyun and under the lehold过去式adership of the team leader, leateam什么意思ding lions, accomp华航anied by fceremony是什么意思riends, hua han service all members through thinaugural翻译e lions PALS are linedinaugural address翻译中英对照 up in the middle of the channel, with solemn music “ode to the motherland”, happineceremony的音标ss comes into play, the team vigor and vitality, Together shout ex画函数图像的软件port number “Chinese and Chine华航611se, with one hearteam是什么意思翻译t”.

Admission. JPG

Yteamsangtermite Yang conferenceremony同义词ce c华航空难录音hairman rang the bell foservice是什么故障灯r the meeting, former captain Zhservice和serve的区别ang Huaji introduced the leaders and guests preseceremonynt, Yang Yang first vice captain expressed sincere thateams手机版nks to thtermux下载e lion friends ainaugural address翻译中英对照nd guests present and gave atermux下载 welcome speech.

Yang Chunzhao, the former team leader, made a summary report on theterm work of HUceremony用什么介词ahan Service Team in 2020-2021. The chold onareful华航空难录音ly made video made guests understand the various services and conference activities carried out by Huahan Service team in the past year.

Captain Yang report 1.jpg

Sun Lili deliveserviceablered the fin华航空难录音回放ancial report of Huahan Service Team for 2020-2021, showing the service expenses and administrative expenses of huahan Service team in the past year to the guests. The report content was concise and clear, and the open and transparent financial management was a strong support for the healthy developmservice和serve的区别ent of Huahan Servicinaugural address课文ppte Team.

Financial reporting. JPG

The ceremony rewarded the lion frieterm怎么读nds and caring enterprservice翻译ises who had made contributions to the public welfare cause, and awarded the best companion Award, outstanding Contribution Award, best secretary Aw滑旱冰教程ard, best contribution Award, excellent Lion Friends award and other awards.service是什么意思 At the same time, 33 caring enterprises and 9 shold翻译ocial cahold翻译ring personages were rewinauguraladdress课件pptarded.

Caring enterprise award. JPG

All the lion friends of the Chinese Service team came on stage to pay tribute to Yang Chunzhao, the last leader of tteam是什么意思翻译he Chinese serviceteamviewer team. The tribute gift was a 20-year-old wedding wine brhold是什么意思eweservice是什么意思d by a villager in Guizhou when the Chineseteampro service team was a student, which was of far-reaching significance. On the wine altar, there is the sterm怎么读ignaturhold过去式e of every Chinese team member, every stroke of which bears in mind every Chinese’s gratitude to Yang Chunzhao, the last captain.

Salute to spring photos

Lu Zhiqiang, the last presterm是什么意思ident, spoke highly of Yang Chceremony造句unzhao, the last leader of the team, for his great efforts in the past year, bringing The Team to a new height.

Lu Huichang JPG.

Under the witneteamviewerss of leading lionteam frienteam是什么意思翻译ds and all lion friends, Yang Chunzhao, the former captain, solemnly handed over the ribbon and the power to Captain Grui. The two captains gave gifts to each other, so that everyone witnessed the inheritance and gratitude. Captain Grui carefinaugural address课文pptuteamviewerlly colservice翻译lected 99 photos of Yang Chunzhao’s serviterminologyce activities and made them into a heart. At the same time, each member of Huterm怎么读ahan sent a word of blessing, which was the cohesion of evinaugural address翻译中英对照eryone’s heart,hold键是什么功能 representing love and protectiterminologyon.

Captainceremony Grui took office honorably. Everyone at the scene gave strong support to captain Grui with warm applause and paid tteamsribute to the last captain Yang Chunzhao. Captain Gao Rui made the 2021-2022 work plan and outlook of The Sino-Han Service Team. Iceremony用什么介词n the New Year, hua-han Service team will inherit and make efforts in caring for the community, helping students and felservicemanlowship. The new captain team was sworn in, and Captain Gurry issued the letter of appointment to the captain team members. A number of excellent team members bec画函数图像的软件ome the captain team members, the birth of a new team, will stand together througceremony用什么介词h thick and thin in the future.hold翻译

Thisservice的名词 year, hua-han Serviceinaugural address team welcomed three probaservicetionary m华航空难embers, adding new strengthinaugural address翻译 to publceremony造句ic welfare and charity.

New members join. JPG

Guo Yongyong, president of Hua-han Service Team, said that under the leadhold的过去形式eceremony同义词rship of Yang Chunzhao, leserviceader of the previous team, Hua-Han Service team has reached a new height, leader Gao Ruservice的名词i has grown all the way from lion friend to leader. The growth of a service team is inseparable from everyone’s efforts, and the excellent quality can be passed on.

Chairman Guo delivered a speech

Next, a video of charity education by The Chinese Service team was played, calling on morterminologye caring people to join in the service project and let theservice是什么意思中文翻译 love trickle down into华汉 the sea. A total of 200,000 yuan wahold的过去式和过去分词s raised at the scene.

Xu Jinghua, the second vice captain, gave a speech of appreciation. The chaterm是什么意思irman of Yang Yang conference rang the bell and adjourned. Ainauguralfter that, Captain Grui led the team members to make a toinaugural是什么意思ast on the stage. Theyceremony同义词 worked hard together in the New Year antermux下载d never forgot their missterm是什么意思iohold不住n. All lion friends were invited to toast together.

Xu Jinghua thanks. JPG

After the changinginauguraladdress课件ppt ceremony, it was time to enhold的过去形式ter the party. Morteamproe than ten wondeserviceablerful performances won warm cheers and bursts of applause at the scenceremony造句e, and thereservice翻译 was also an interesting lucterm怎么读ky draw, which made the atmosphere of the scene cl画函数图像的软件imax one after another, and the changing of the leadershiceremony的名词p activity ended in a passionate atmosphere.

Recess. JPG



Article/photerminologyto & have spent China Han Service team contributed

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