Hail to the Lightbringer

To & other; Lightbringer ” Pay tribute to

            On September 18, 2013, more than 30 members of shenzhen Lions Club and their families held a birthday par海陆ty for yao Xiaoming, a senior lion friend of Shenzhen L海来阿木ions Club, in Daoxiang Restaurant, Hongfa Center, Bao ‘an.
   海兰萨领主   &nbslightbringerp; &nblightbringersp;   Yao Xiaoming is a founding member of shenzhen Lions Clu海螺b and a well-known ophthalmologist in China. And bring light to millions of poor cataract patients. Lightbringer ” . In the past 12 years, he has worked t海伦斯irelessly with the lions Club of Shenzhen to perform cataract surgery for more than 10,000 poor cataract patients at home and abroad, bringing light and hope to patients with his love and sup海螺erb medical skills.
            All the members of the high-tech serv海伦斯ice team expressed thei海伦凯勒r respect and love to Yao Xiaoming with flowers, wine, delicacies and bles海陆sings.
            It is the Mid-Autumn Festival, Wang Shu heart shi Sister to bring you the northeast moon cake. New lion friend Majada is also Se海螺ptember birthday, we海澜之家为什么要剪标 all send our海蓝之谜 best wishes to Majada brother lion.
            Deng Yi, President of fu海螺水泥jian Changting Xuancheng Lion Primary School announced the financial aid activities, & LDq海澜之家为什么要剪标uo; Re海澜之家为什么要剪标d lion suit & bull; Assistiv海兰萨领主e standing throughout the &; Mid-Autumn Festival condolence activities; Deng Yi and Wu Fang, executive chairmen of the project, introduced the preparation of the upcoming student assistance activities of Fujian Changting No. 2 Middle School, Ch海伦斯ongqi海来阿木ng Pengshu海陆i Middl海螺水泥e School, Yunnan Xinping Guangming Travel and Yunnan Asan Middle School.
            The service activities of the high-tech service team this year will focus on educati海陆on and community services, and drive and inspire more caring personage and enterprises to join in the public welfare and chari海螺ty service a海来阿木ctivities.


By Li Hua


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