Shenzhen Lions Club participates in the 2nd Charity Fair

Shenzhen Lions Club exhibition & LDQUO; Goodness throughout the exhibition &;

            On September 21,clubman是什么牌子车 2013, the second China Charity Project Exchaclub翻译nge and Exhibition (LDQUO; Throughout the exhibitio深圳n &) It was held at Shenzhen Coparticipate是及物动词吗nvention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition was he深圳疫情ld under the banner of & LDquo; Charity, make our country more beautiful ” As the theme, it focuses onfairytale openness ancharity音标d innovatiofair怎么读n, highlights the effective docking and internationalizatioparticipate是及物还是不及物n of charitable and pubclub是什么酒lic welfare resources, and comprehensively reflects the深圳大学 developlions的音标ment trend of domestic charitable ancharity是什么意思d public welfare undertakings. Lions Club shenzhen, as one of the 828 participating organizations, participcharity怎么读ated in the c深圳疫情最新消息harity fairfairy to show the charm of lions Clucharity怎么读b Shenzhen and its achievements in娘道 p深圳风险等级ublic welfare.
            Durclub用英语怎么说ing the exhibition, many enterprises and individ深圳市最新疫情uals came to the bcharity形容词ooth of Shenzhen Lions Clclub是什么酒ub for co牛顿nsultation. Many citizens came tlion是什么意思中文翻译o consult how to join the club and seek help. Some pclub是什么意思articipating public welfare partners came to negotiate service projects.
      &nbslion是什么意思p;     Ning Chunxu and Li Xiang from the Lion Friends Volunteer Bilions翻译jia Mountain serviceclubs team explained in detail the excelllion是什么意思ent public service projecharity翻译cts of Shenzhen Lion, such as ldquo; Attended & throughout; Activities, & other; Red action ” Blood Donation Month, & LDquo; Spring Breeze Library ” Activities, & othernd; Red lion suit & bull; Assistive standing throughout the &; Etc., promote the concept of the Lions Club, and publicize the public welfare projects of the Lions Club.
  &n深圳天气bsp;         The efairy怎么读英语xhibition showcased thclub怎么读e achievements o尿毒症f charitable and public welfare prclub怎么读ojects across the country, built a platform for the docking of charitable and public welfare resources, promoted the effective docking of charitable funds and public welfare projects, and ensured the rational allocation of resources. It is reportedcharity宽容的爱 that in the three days since the exhibition, 164 negotiations and signing activities have been carrndied out and fruitful results havparticipate所有形式e been achieved.深圳疫情 Lions Club shenzhen will further commuparticipatesncharity-mindedicate and negotiate with other public welfare org深圳市最新疫情anizations on the public welfare projects of mutual interest.

Photo by Zhang Lichen

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