Zhenhua Service Team: Held the eighth video regular meeting of 2019-2020

On February 22, 2020, the 8th regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Zhenhua Service Team 2019-2020 was held in the wechat group by vvideostar正版下载安卓ideovideo复数 conference. Zhenhua service team captain to Yanjing, the last captain Ding Qingshang, first vice captain振华集团 Liu Haiqing, second vice capeighth翻译tain Zhang Junchang, tvideo怎么读hird vice captain Liao Yumei, team leader Dong Haoqing, secretary Liao and Hui, financial Liu Zuohumeetinga, general affairs Qian Ruoyi, picket Yang Jie, team leader Zhang Zhao and othregular的所有形式er 22 people attended the meeting. Mr. Zhao Hui, chairman of The 9th District of Shenzhen Lions Club, and Mr. Wei Demin andteam什么意思 Mr. Liu Quanshi,eighth音标 directors of Zhenhua Service team, atteteamworknded the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yanjing xiang as the chairm甄嬛传导演an of the conference.

Wechat image _20200226160533.png

Wechat image _202002261605331.png

Welcome to Yanjing, thank zhenhua service team lion friends for their active participation, houpheldpe lion friends振华三部曲 pay attention to safety during the epidemic, wish an early end to the epidemic.

Chairman Zhao Hui highly recognized the brand service project zhenhuaserviceman Szhenhuaervice Team has been insisting on “small hands hold small hands, read a bookservice翻译 togeregular是什么意思英语ther” series of public we甄嬛lfare education activities, and hoped to aregularizationctively promote more service teams to participate in.

Dong Hao, head of the team, introduced the immeeting腾讯会议pact of the epidemic on students’ classes. He said that under the leadership of zhteambitionen甄嬛传hua Service Team, Shenzhen Vision Company and MEregular什么意思 Institute hateams会议ve launched one-month free online science courses and Laregularlynguage, mathheld的意思是什么ematics and English courses for more than 20 primary schools in Wuhua county, Jiaoling County, M甄嬛传之安陵容重生eizhou, Longchuan County, Ganzhou, Nanxiong City of Shaoguan, Alar City of Xinjiang and other reregular的所有形式gions on February 17. T甄嬛传之安陵容重生he online free public service course is worth 100,000 yuanteamo. He said that zheteamviewernhua steambitionervice team wilmeeting的音标l be online for thvideoleapousands of primary school students, do the most intimate service.

        Weiupheld Demin and Liu Qteambitionuheld是hold的什么形式anshi respectively dheld怎么读的elivered their best wishes to you.

  &nheld的中文意思bsp;     &甄嬛传电视剧免费版全集nbsp; Wu Shizhong, principal of Hedong Primary School in Wuhuashan District, Meizhou, introduced the children’s learning of the onlieighth什么意思ne public welfare course. He exprservice是什么故障灯essed his sincere gratitude to zhenhua Service Team for remembering the children in the mountainous area during the epidemic, and said that they would arrange teachers and family committees to actively implement the online course foteamsr every child.

&neighth音标bsp;         Finally, Liu Haiqing, Zhang Junchang and other lion friends spoke respectively, hoping for an early end to the epidemic.


Article/photo & have spevideostar正版下载安卓nt Dong Haoqing

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