Classic Service Team: Hold the first captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2021-2022

On July 21, 2021, the first captain team meeting and regular meeting of shenzhen Lions Club Classic Service Team in 2021-2022 was held in Yongye Buildingteamviewer, Longgang District. Classic service team captain Li Junping, the last captain Zhang Yanli, the first vice captain Yang Bibi, the second vice captain Zhang Hui, the third vice captain Zhu Wenbo, the teammeeting翻译 leader Zheng Yukuan, the former captain Sun Chuanxiang, Liu Qian, secretary Lai Weinan, finance Hteamworku Yan and other 17 people attended the meeting. Lin Yanju, Wu Zewei, Luo Junping, shenzhen Lions Club lecturers, Wang Xiaoliang of Yantian Service Team, Zhateamproo Yang of charity servicholdinge team of Shenyang Representative Office of Domestic Lions Association attended tfirstname填姓还是名he meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhu Wenbo and kong Liang.


Before the conference began, senior lecturer Lin Yahold不住nju talked aboutservice "Lions Club etiquette" and other relevant knowlehold翻译dge, focusing on the lion club frfirstlyom the dress, meeting and tablmeeting的音标e arrangemcaptain的意思ent and other aspects of vivid, detameetingsiled explanation, so that the lion club eye-opening, benefit a lot.

Later, Zhu Wenbo, chairman of the General Assembly, Zhang Yanli, caregularityptain of the prhold是什么意思evious team, and Zheng Yukuan, captain of the founding team, delivered warm speeches respectively,classicmug and theservice的名词y fully acknowledged and thanked Zclassicalhang Yanli fregular什么意思or her work during her tregularityerm of ofcaptainfice.

Li Junping, captaimeeting腾讯会议n of the team, made a deteams手机版tclassicfootballshirtsailed explahold键是什么功能nation about the preparation work of this ycaptain怎么读ear's leadership charegularitynge to the lion friends at the meeting, and decided the matters of the leadership change through consultation with everyone. She gave a brief eservicexplanation of the new annual volunteer activities, "Be Here for yomeeting是什么意思u" andhold的过去式和过去分词 "Youth Mental health counseling".


During the exchange and discussion sesscaptainonthebridgeion, liregularityon friends presented their suggestions on the election chcaptaindarkange. In terms of service activities, the "subclassicfootballshirts-project fundraising" proposed by Chairman Zhu Wenbo, the "Help By Your Side" and "Adolfirsthandescent Mental Health Cmeeting翻译ounseling" proposed by Sister Wanregular是什么意思英语g Wenjun, and the "Care for the Growth of adolescents in poor areas in the Mainland" project proposed by Brother Liu Jie werservicee warmly supported by the lion particteamsipants.first怎么读英语 Next, classic Service team will carry out service activities around these services. The lion friends call on all the membercaptainonthebridges of the classic service team to participate in the changing of the leademeeting的音标rsservicebiohip and jointly make the meeting a great success.



Article/picture contributed by classic Service Team

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