First team captains and lions meeting for division 8

On July 21, 2021, the first Captain lion Business Exchange meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club of 2021-2022 in Zone 8 was held in Sijiulion是什么意思 Fang, Block A, Hongdu Bteams会议usiness Building, Anle Industriadivision是什么意思英语l Park, Zone 43, Bao ‘an. Yan Weimin, chairman of Zfirst翻译one 8 of Scaptainshenzhen Lions Club, Liu Junmeeting是什么意思, captain of Xin ‘an Service Team, Tang Yong, captain of Hongya Servteamviewerice Team, Wu Tingting, cfirst怎么读aptain of Elite Service team, Li Li, captain of Futian Service team, LAN Fuming, secretary of Lin MAO Service team and other 11 refirst翻译presentatives attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yan Weimin as the chairman of the conference.

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Chairman Yan weimin introduced thedivision contents of communication with each service team incaptain是什么意思 detail. First, they shared brand projects of each service team and the work plan of this year. Thdivision的动词e second is to explore the joint service activity plan of the eighth district.meeting是什么意思中文翻译

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Xin ‘an service captfirst是什么意思ain Liu Jun took the leadmeeting怎么读英语 in sharing the xin ‘an service team’s quality service project “Red action and blue acfirst青年电影展tmeetingyou是什么意思ion” and their own growth lion Road experlions翻译中文ience; Tang Yong, the calionsptain of the hong Ya service team, shared the methods and advantages of how to collectfirst donations from enterprises, which won unanimous praise from everyone; Wu Tingting, the leader of the Elite Service Team, shared tteamprohe traditional educational projects of thelions elite Service teameetingtencentcomm, and said that she hoped to work wmeetingith the friends team in the New Year to create a new way of volunteer work. Li Li, captain of The Flions翻译ukuda Servicdivision中文意思e team, shared the current difficulties facing the Fukuda servicaptain什么意思中文ce, which struck a chord with everyone.

Subsequently, the captains and secretaries of each service team shared their experiences of growing up in the Lions Club and their views onteamwork the lion work of the currcaptains是什么意思ent service team.

Chairman Yim Weimin, as the last leademeetingyou是什么意思r of The tongxin Service team, introduced the founding history of Tongxin Service team. After tlions翻译中文he ups and downs of tcaptain是什么意思he previcaptain缩写ous year, tongxin Service team has been full of youthful strength. The lion friends have made concertedivision的动词d efforts to build tongxin Servimeeting的音标ce team into a strong service team.

Chairman Yan weimin concludmeeting翻译ed his speech, expecting the seven service teams in Zone 8 to work together, communicate wcaptains翻译ith each other, share the characteristics of their respective service teams,meeting是什么中文意思 and make the teams in Zone 8 become the strong teams of Shenzhen Lions Club through mentoring.first

After listening to chairman Yan Weimin’s speech, the reprmeeting翻译esentatives of each service team expressed their feelings on the lion affairs exchange meeting. Through the exchange, they improved their understanding of lion affairlion是什么意思s and theiteam是什么意思翻译r exploration of the new lion affairs. They are also full of confidence to the new lion affairs position in the future.

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The text/liujun

Photo/Hu Yuntang Yong

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