Chinese Business Service Team: held the 10th regular meeting of 2020-2021

On April 28, 2021, the 10th regular meeting of Chinese Business Service Team of Shenzhthen Lions Club was held in the conference room of Chinese Business Group, Wisdom Squachinese翻译re, Qiaoxiang Road, Nanshan District. Chinese business service team captain Pan Shengquan, last captain Lian Chuhai, first vice captain Lai Shaobing, secoupheldnd vice captain Xibusiness的形容词a Danuo, thteams手机版ird vice captain Zhang Feihong, team leader Wu Jian, former captain Dai Jialin, secretameetingry Gan Deqiang, financial Tang Ping, general affairs Wu Shengjin, picket she Hanjiang attended the meeting. Tan Fei, deputteamproy supervisor of Shenzhen Lions Club, attended the meeting. The meeting wasregularly chaired by Mr Lai Siu-pin and chaired by Mr Ng Santeam是什么意思翻译g Jinbusinesswoman.



Second Vice Captain Chardanor introduced the leaders and guests.


Wu Jian, the leader of the Pioneer Team, talkservice怎么读ed about the original intention of the pioneer team and the developmen褪黑素t of the pioneer team in the past six yeaserviceablers. Captchinese翻译ain Pan shengquan introduced the recent lion service activities of the servbusinesslikeice team, expbusiness的形容词lained the significance of the reguservice是什么故障灯lar meeting of the service team throuregulargh question-and-answer and red envelope interaction, and furbusinessmanther emphateams会议sized the imporregular什么意思tance oteam是什么意思翻译f the spirit of "four out". Lai Shao-bing, She Han-jmeeting腾讯会议iang, Wu Sheng-jin and other lion friendchinese读音s who worked hardheld的原型 in the preparation before anchinesed after each meeting were commended. Captain Pan also show退婚后大佬她又美又飒ed the 2020-2021 annual regular meeting attendance staregulartistics, the team lions to attend each regular meeting of the number of statistics. Tang Ping financial department made a financial report, and explained the collupheldection and expenditure of public welmeeting是什么意思fare donations, membership fees and other expenses of our team lion friends.




Lian Chuhai,同花顺 the former team leader, said tservice是什么意思中文翻译hat he would run for the district council this yearhelden on behalf of the Chinese business Service Team. He will mheldenarch forward bravechinese意思ly andregular翻译 live up to his mission. He will work hard to learn lion work,chinese读音 continue to do a good job in public welfare, and always follow the Party and walk a good lion's road.chinese意思


Fochinese意思rmer captain Dai jia-lin exmeeting是什么意思中文翻译pressed his support for the work of the current captain and the captain elect as well as for lian Chuhai's election as district council mregularizationember.


Tan Fei, vice Supervisor, affirmed the developmebusiness-methodn退婚后大佬她又美又飒t and current situation of The Chinese business Service Team. Since its establishment fchinese读音ive years ago, the Chinese business Service team has made achievements in the theme activities of the Lion Walk long March and community service activities. He provides on-sitethin guidance on lion etiqueserviceablettservicemane, dress and so on.


Lai Shao-pin, the incoming team leader, iservice怎么读ntroduced the next year's work plan, communicatregular翻译ed with the leaders of lion Friends about the braregular翻译nd public welfare activities of Chinese business Service Team, and invitedbusiness-method the team leader of 2021-2022 to appear on stage together.





Byregular的名词 Gan Deqiang

Pserviceablehoto/business的形容词She Hregularly意思中文翻译an River

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