Hualin Service Team: held the 10th regular meeting of 2020-2021

On May 8, 2021, the 10th regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Hualing Service Team 2020-2021 was held in the Confereregular什么意思nce room of Zhongyue Constructiomeeting的音标n Group, One Coteamviewernstruction Group, Futian Cultural Innovation Park. Shenhualinzhen lions supervserviceisors and shenyangmeeting是什么意思 service former captain dao-ming wang, shenyang service captain xue-fei li, the previous captain Yu Wanqun, a first deputy capt花陵aiservice和serve的区别n Huang Weijun, second华凌 deputy captain LuoZhenQianteambitiong, gen captain Zhang Hongxiang, former captain Chen ya, Chen Xuan bin, financheld的意思是什么ial Xu Jteam什么意思intaregular的所有形式o, genteams会议eral Chen Xiaoxuservice翻译an, picket Huang Qingbo and 20 peop华凌空调质量怎么样luphelde were present at the meeting. Tan Fei, deputy supervisor of Shenzhen Lions Club, Wang Danya, Deputy secreta同花顺ry general and lecturer group leader, Gao Ling, chairman of Zone 5, Wang Xuebo, chairman of Zone 14, Zhou Fuhui, Li Chunchang, deputy lecturer group leaders attended the meeting. The mee桃花源记ting was chaired by Liu Kuan and presided over by Huang Weijun.


Zhou fuhui, deputy head of the lions club, shared the lion club etiquette culture.

On May 16, the National Day for helping the disabled, hualin Service team will hold an activity called "Love by Your Side" to help the disabled. Captain Li Xuefei mobilized eheldbackveryoneheld是hold的什么形式 to participate in the activiservice的名词ty and discuss the华凌空调 pservice是什么意思中文翻译reparation and华林证券 division of labor. The lion friends participated in the discussion and made suggestions, which laid a good foundation for the service activities of hualin Service Team.


The text/party

Photo/Li Xuefei

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