Masuda Service Team: Held the first regular meeting of 2021-2022

On July 18, 2021, the first regular meeting of Yitian Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in OCT Building, Nanshan District.meeting腾讯会议 Thirty people attended the meetiservice的名词ng, including lifirst name Weihua,meeting翻译 former deputeamworkty inspectorregularly意思中文翻译 of Shenzhen Disabled Persheld是hold的什么形式ons' Fmeeting是什么中文意思ederation, Wu Zewei, meheldbackntor of Shenzhen Lions Club, Liregular Yi, former captain of Yitian Service Team, Suregularlyn Ying, Shi Xiaoping, Lin Zhouyanregularity, Wu Zewei, former captain and financial officer fan Wenxian. Tian Xingwang, supervisor of Shenzhen Lions Clubmeetingyou是什么意思, and Nie Xiangdong, second vice presfirst怎么读英语ident, attended the meeting. Li Yi served as themeetingyou是什么意思 chairman of the conferenservice是什么意思ce, Shi Xiaoping and Lin Zteamworkhouyan served as the executive chairmen of thregularly意思中文翻译e conference, presided over by Linservicebio Zfirstname填姓还是名houyan.



Wu zregular是什么意思英语ewei's speech on "Lions Club as career" was highly recognized and wa马苏雅rmly applauded by the lions. Under tserviceablehe logical framework of "Weber's Career Speech", lionregular什么意思s aims to explore the inner driving force of lions thrheld怎么读的ough the representation of their social servicregularitye, and to encourage lions to love Lions as their "vocation", and to carry out public welfare activities in a profesteamosionaheld怎么读的l spirit and method.


Nie Xiangdong,held怎么读的 vice President of ccPIT Xiamen, delivered a speech congratumeeting是什么中文意思lating Yitian Service Team on the standardization of the regular mheldeneeting. He thoughtfirst that the keynote speech of "Taking Lions Club aheld是hold的什么形式s Career" shared by Brother Wu Zeweifirst had triggered lions friendsservice' thinking on theheld怎么读的 humanistic care, social practice and sfirst namepiritual core that should be provided in the promeetingmotion oheld的原型f public welfare and charity.


Sun Ying,regularity the former team leader, announced the Lion affairs report in June, and awarded the "Liservice怎么读on Enterprise Star" medal to Wu Zewei, and commended shenzhen Kaitaiping Public Welfare Foundation and Guangdong Kaitaiping Information Technology Co., Lheld中文TD for their support in the "520 Red Action" held by Yitian Service Teamteam.


Li Weihua, representative of The Domestic Lions Association in Shenzhen and former deputy inspector of Shenzhenmeeting是什么意思 Disabled Persons' Federation, shheldared the study tour of Nanshan Middlregular的名词e School in Xregular是什么意思英语inhua, Hunan province.


Fan Weheld的中文意思nxian financial report related to the administrative funds of Yitimeeting翻译an Service Team, Ruilin Ophthalmic cservice的名词linical assistance projects and service funds.


Li Yi, captain of Yitian Serservice怎么读vice Team, introducefirstlyd the organizameeting怎么读英语tional structure and cadre responsi马苏雅bilities of yitian Service Team in 2021-2022.


Long speeches, tian wang supervisors praised yitian servicmeetingtencentcome practice in former captain led the liomeetingsn services, to carregularizationry out service activities of rigorouservice翻译s, pragmatic, efficient and have theregularly spirit ofteamwork lovheld的原型eservice的名词, praise yitian serviupheldce is a great lionheld的原型 spirit of good service, encourageteamwork yitian service lion friend make persistent efforts, and the future of yitian service expectations.


Sun Ying, the last team leadmeeting的音标er, li Yi, rang the bell and adjourned.

After the meeting, the "red theme" birthday party was held in June and July.

I wisservice怎么读h the limeetingyou是什么意思on friends good luck anteamviewerd enjoy theld怎么读的hemeeting是什么意思中文翻译 "four out". In the name of lion love, we should not forget our original aspiration, be proud of lion, and strive for love.

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The text/Cao Xiao

Photo/Masuda Service Team

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