Providing targeted Assistance to the Disabled and spreading Warmth — The Donation activities of the Shenzhen Lions Club for low-income families with disabilities in Nanshan district and Bao ‘an District were successfully held

Precise assistance to the disabled to transfer warmth

— The Lions Club of Shenzhen successfully sponsored donation activities fortargetenemy low-income families wdonationith disabilities indistrict造句 Nanshan disdistrict缩写是什么trict and Bao ‘an District

In ordwarmth翻译er to imptargetenemylement the spirit of the 19assistance和help的区别th National Congress of the Communist Padisabled造句简单带翻译rty of China (CPC), develop the cause of the disabdisabled的形容词led, and advocate the vaactivities思维导图lues of “equality, particassistanceipation and sharing” in modern civilized society, the Lions Club of Shenzhen sponsored a dotargetenemynation activity for the disabled from low-income families in Nanshan district and Bao ‘an District aassistancetactivities是什么意思翻译成中文 the plaza of the Cultural and Sports Center in Nanshan District on Nodonation是什么意思英语vember 30. The event distribudistrictted 1,000 yuan of cdisabled怎么读onsolation money to each of 141 disabled people living on subsistence allowances, with 141,000 yuan of servicwarmthye funds.

At the beginning of the event, Luspreadingo Jinsong, Executive Deputy Secretary generaactivities音标l of Lions Club shenzhen 2017-2018 introduced the guests and leaders of lions clwarmth是什么意思ub. This activity congress President (2017-2018, shenzhen lion Zheng Hehuaassistance, chairman of tdistrict怎么读he first section introduces, in response to xi jinping, general secretary of the “build a well-off society in an all-round way, the disabled a also cannot little”, shedisabled造句简单带翻译nzhedistrictingn lion this year will be “accurate assistive” listed as one of the key work, under the correct gdistrictuidance of the municipal disabled persons’ federation and strongdisabled造句 support, Launched a condolencedisabled造句简单 activity covering the city’s low-income families with disabled people.

Shenzhen lions club President owarmth怎么读音f 2017-2018, tian wang, the last President ShiJianYong, first vice President Ma Min co-organizers, second deputproviding thaty chairman WengHua led to undertake, on behalf of mutual read out a petition, calling for social loving people and love units involved in the for assistive activities together, for the disabled to provide holiday sympathy, lion love lunch, employment assistance, style fellowship and service activities, We will help them improve their living standards and enhance their employadonation怎么读bility.

Mr. Xu, the representatspreadingive of the assisted disadonations怎么读bled, made a speech, thanking the municipal Disabled people’s Federation, Shenzhen Lions Club and other units for their kind care and caassistance可数吗re for the disabled, so that the disabled truly feel the concern of the authoriti微博spreadinges and the care of all walks of life. He said they will be grateful, strive to create a bactivities和activity的区别etter life and give back to sowarmth是什么意思ciety.

Shenzhen tian wang xing, thdistrict词根e lions, 2017-2018 yeaproviding什么意思r’disabled电脑s chairman, said thidisabled电脑s year, shenzhen lions response of the party and ttargeted是什么意思he state policies, put forward from the precision of adistrict词根ssistive began to “service”, the assistive work on service first, for the city of emassistance和help的区别pspreadingloyment support to persons with disabilities, material sympathy, economic rescue, outdoor outing, physical exercise, such as material support and spiritual care, The concept of “teaching people to fish” and “teachproviding翻译ing people to fish” shouldactivities有哪些活动 be taken into account to help people with disabilities achieve self-reliancproviding thate and share the progress of The Times. Atargetenemyt the same time, he called on everdonationyone to help the disabled, protect their rights and interestproviding怎么读s, and help the didistrict是什么意思英语sabled in Shenzhen improproviding翻译ve theirwarmth翻译 living stassistance翻译andards.

Lin Ziyu, vice president of Liodonation动词ns Association of China, affirmed the achievements madewarmth什么意思中文 by Lionwarmths Club of Shenzhen in targeted disatargeted是什么意思bility activities in the past 16 years. She thanked the nanshan District people’donationss Government, shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation and other units of the district disabled Persons’ Federation for their active support to the Lions Cwarmth怎么读音lub in carrying out variassistance的用法ous activities over the years. She said, the city low income family activities for the disdonation什么意思abled is both calls national precision for poverty alleviation, also agree witdistrictingh cib warm engineering odistrict的中文意思riented, hope shenzhen lions guide socieactivities的中文ty lotargetenemyving peopleproviding翻译 and social organizations mutual concern and care for people with diwarmth是什么意思sabilities live material and spiritual civilization, sum up experience actively, make comassistance是什么意思英语munity assistive pioneer.

Ms. Hou Yisha, secretary of the Party Group and director of sprovidinghenzhen Disablactivities有哪些活动ed Persons’ Fededisabled是什么意思ration, said that Shenzhen Lions Club has been steadily promoting targeted services for the disabldistrict怎么读ed, giving priority to the work of helping the disabled, and providing warmth and care to the disabled in the community. On behalf of the Municipal Disabled personsactivities‘ Federation and the disabled fri微博spreadingenddistrict翻译s, she thanked the Shenzhen Lions Club for its long-term help and suppordonation可数吗t to the disabled friends. She hopes that the whole society will pay more attention to the disabdisabled造句led, give them more undeassistance的用法rstaspreading什么意思nding, respect and help, iactivities翻译mprove their sociadonation可数吗l status and promote their equal particiassistance怎么读pation in social life.

The wonderful peractivities和activity的区别formances of shenzhen Lions Club art Troupe,district造句 including chorus “My Country and MEwarmthy“, instrumental solo, and recitatdisabled是什么意思ion of “Beautiful China” wiwarmth什么意思中文th music, brassistance可数吗ought the event to a climax again and again, winningactivities有哪些活动 warm applause from the audience. At the scene, the leaders of the municipal Disabled persotargetedns’ Federation, district Didonation翻译sassistanceabled persons’ Federation, Shenzhen Lions Club and other units, as well as the serdisabled怎么读vice team lion Friends, which undertook and co-organized, respectively distributed condolence money to the disabled from subsistence allowance families. Diproviding引导条件状语从句sabled friends can not hide the gratitude in their hearts,donation动词形式 tdonation翻译o express their gratitude to the leaders of lion friends.

Hou Yisha, Party Secretary adonation怎么读nd Chairman of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation; Xie Bingwen,activities思维导图 Deputy Director of Nanshan Districtdonation可数吗; Lin Ziyu, vice President of Domestic Lions’ Federation; Dong Fei, director of propaganda Department of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation; liang Hong, Chairman of Nanshan District Disabled Persons’ Fdisabledederation; Shi Jianyong, formedonation翻译r President; Ma Min, First Vice President; Weng Hua, Second Vice President; Liao Ronghui, Deputy Supervisor; Zhang Jian, Chief Financial Officer; Luo Jinsong, Executive Vice Secretardisabled怎么读y; Zheactivities是什么意思ng Guoping, Regional Chairman; Wang Yadisabled造句简单带翻译n, Hu Wei, Nie Xiangdong, Distridonation怎么读ct chairmen cao Yingwang, Du Peng, Wu Yuqiong, Ye Zi, Xu Qiubin, Lian Wei, Lin Yuqi, Wen Yaoli, Huang Lishenspreading翻译g, Advisor Zhou Ting, representatives of various service teams and more than 100 persons with disabilities from subsistence allowance families and their families in Nanshan district and Bao ‘an District participated in the activity.

This activity is guidedassistance的动词形式 by Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, sponsored by Shetargeted翻译nzhen Lions Club, led by The first Zone of Shenzhen Lions Club, coordinated by the second, third, fourth and fifth zones, disability Servicdistrict怎么读e Committee and communitassistancey Service Committee. Taiandistrict什么意思, central district, lions, love football, best bei, liuzhou, PengCheng, silver lake, honspreading什么意思g ya, yantiawarmthyn, mileage, the blue sky, grace, baoan, happiness and futuredonation, thdistrict的中文意思e Loassistance是什么意思rd, the Kings, the color field, yi, Oriental rose, it is good, bright puptargeted翻译il, Mr Fukuda, fairy lake, ridge top, yitian, nameplates, good quality, united, day DE 29 service jointly undertake, Wenjin, Classic, Huaxiang,activities Bagualiassistanceng, Qihang, Spark, Huayuan, Tailai, Dayzhuan, Hualei, Fuan, Jingfeng, Datong, Fuyin, Dream, Fuai, High-tech, one in one, Hualin,activities和activity的区别 Elite, Mingren, Jiangshan, Xixiang, Boshang Elite, Nanhai, Jinpai, Qianhai, Brocade and odisabledther 28 service teams jointly organized.

[Text] Offtargetedice Yang Xin

Chen Weiming,activities用英语怎么说 Shenshi News Agency & NBSP; Office Xu Shenerdistrict造句

[Editor] Office Ma Huijuan

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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