The second joint meeting and New Year's Party of Lions Club of Shenzhen in zone 1 of 2017-2018 was held successfully

The second joint meeting and New Year's Party of Lions Club of Shenzhen in zone 1 of 2017-2018 was held successfully

On January 21, 2018,clubman the second joint meeting andyear造句 New Year's Pasecondlove日剧rty of Shenzhen Ljoint翻译ions Club in zone 1 of 2017-2018 was helyearbookd in The Diamondlionsgate Hall of Xiangmi Lake, Futian District. Domestic lion federation vice-chairman Lin Ziyu, President of shenzhen lions in 2017-2018, tian wang, the last President ShiJianYclub用英语怎么说ong, first vice President Ma Min, seconclub怎么读d deputy chairman WengHua, secretary-general Zeng Shi, long picknew balanceet Deng Yi zhang jian, chief financial officer, deputy secretary-general LuoJinSsecondlyong, deputy secretary-general Li Feng,party的中文 conference, chairmaparty是什么意思n of the first zone Zheng Hehua, second Guo Yongyong, chairman of the zone, District chairman Dai Jnewgroundsihong, Lei Qingming, Cao Yingwang, Du Peng, Li Baipartynextdoorhe, Wclubmed官网预订ang Daparty的中文oming, Wseconden Yaoli, Huang Lisheng, supervisor Zhang Hongxiang and other leadparty是我家下载mp3ers of the lion friends and their families a total of more tmeeting的音标han 140 people attended the meetmeeting是什么意思中文翻译ing.meeting The meeting was chaclubmedired by Dai Jihong.

Chairman Zheng Huoping tolled the bell at the meeting and gave a welcomeeting怎么读英语ming speechlions怎么读. President Cao Yinparty复数gwang introduced the participants, and Prejoint venturesident Du Peng introduced the preparation of the event.

Participants reviewed the outstanding achievements of zone 1 in the first half of the yeclubmanar. Over the past six months, the first section guided by the shenzhenlions翻译中文 lions annual深圳疫情 work plan, each partition, chaclub是什么意思irman of the lead to reduce the service to advance service, meeting and training fellowship, such as lions, service work, to carrynewgrounds out service activities, 200 times in service lion friends more than 4800 person-time,yearcon是什么牌子的 service fyearcon是什么牌子的unds 9.5 million yuan, the number of benefit of more than 250000 peoplelions翻译中文, 86 issued a press release. Organizeclub用英语怎么说 lion friends to actively participate in shenzhen Lisecondhandons Club trainnews可数吗ing, tribute and inauguration ceremony, New Year charityyear函数 party, district affairs meeting and other activities; It took the leameeting的音标d in launching themeeting怎么读英语 "targeted Assistance for the Disabled" service activity, whlions翻译中文ich has received the support of more than 60 service teams, and has subsidized 496 people with disabilities from families livinew balanceng on subsistence allowances in the city. The fifth funding activity will be held in March. In the New Year's charity party, tsecondlove日剧he total amount of bidding in zone 1 reached 560,000 yuan, ranking firstlions怎么读 in zoneyear造句 1, and a total of 200 Huashi prizes were pledged. Among them, three servclubice teams, Tai Shan, Baibmeeting是什么意思ei and Wah Han, have 100 percent pledgjoint efforted to win the Lion Awardparty复数, Tai 'an Sejoint effortrvice team 100 percent pledged to win the Lion Award, and The Main association Service team 100 percent pledged to win the Maowen Zhnew怎么读ongshi Award.

Ma Min, 1st Vice President, affirmed the outstanding achievements of District 1 under the leadership of Chairman Zhenmeeting是什么中文意思g Guoping i深证指数n the past six months and thanked each member of districclub是什么酒t 1 for their dedilion是什么意思cation and hope that the service team would continue its efforts and reach a new high.

Lin Ziyu, Vice Chairman olions读音f CCPIT Xiamen delivered a speech. She pointed out that In respclub是什么意思onse to the policies of the Party and the state, Shenzhen Lions Clubnew的反义词 has put forward the annual focus of "providing targeted assistance to the disabled". The first zone actively respondedyear翻译 to the call of "targeted assistance for the disabled" and made remarkable achievements in the activities of subsidizing low-income families with disabilities. She thanked Chairman Zheng Guoping and the lion friends of the service teams for their efforts.

Chairman Tyearian Wing-Wang delivered a speelions英语怎么读ch. Hesecondhand hsecond怎么读oped that Chairman Zheng Guoping would guide the teams to work together and take part in the 3rd District Council meclub怎么读eting, The Temporarsecondlyy Members' Meeting, the 5th "Precise Support for the Disasecondscreen下载bled" and the 3rd Huashan Festival. Actively do a glion是什么意思中文翻译ood jshenzhenob inlions怎么读 the service team and elected representatives of the sixteemeeting腾讯会议nth member congress, such as the lion love to paparty是我家下载mp3ss on.

At the meeting, lion friends shared the service projects carried out by the service teams in the first zone, such as student aid, guide dogs, low vision, Red Action, parent-child activities, and poverty alleviation, and discussed issues such ayear是什么意思s dual-feeclub是什么酒 management, standard service projects and service project donation. The leaders of the district council answered the lion friends' questions seriously and guided the service tneweam to do the annual work well.

At the e深圳疫情最新动态nd of the meeting, Mr. Lei gave a speech of thanks to the leaders for their support to the event and extended his sincere New Year wisheclubman是什么牌子车s to them.

With t深圳疫情he successfulmeeting腾讯会议 conclusion of the regsecond缩写ular meeting, dai Jihong and Meng Chun presided over the Nlion是什么意思中文翻译ew Year's party in the wonderful violin performance officialyear造句ly kicked off. Weng Hua, the 2nd vice president, introduced the 3rsecondaryd Chinese Lion Festimeeting翻译val and called on the lion friends to participate actively and experiennewgroundsce the Chinese Lion Festival together. Afterwards, the leaders of the lion friendjointlys jointly presented a certificate of appreciation to the lion fyearriends who provided prizes, cash, snacks, drinks and dnewsrinks to the New Yeparty是派对的意思吗ar party for their great support to the activity.

The exciting lucky draw and grab red envelope link pushed the sodality to a climax. Lion friends woclub怎么读n the prize one after another. The lion friends whsecondlove日剧o grabbed the red envelope by hand laughed and shouted to come again. The atmosphere was warm and lively. Lion friends share thnew怎么读e lion friendship, enew的反义词njoy the lion love.

Article/Xu Shener chart /& NBSP;club是什么意思 Chen weiming

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