The donation ceremony and exchange forum of Shenzhen Lions Club for Henan flood relief was successfully held

On July 27, 2021, Lions Club of Shenzhen participated in the flood relief activity of “Shenzhen Aid Henan, Fight the Flood Together” initiated by Shenzhen Charity Society, and held a symposium wi深圳疫情最新动态th shenzhen Charity Society on the “99 Charity Day” activity.9S2A2119.jpg


Shenzhen aid to Henan; Total resistance to flood

Zhen aid henan, a total of afloodgatenti-flood situation. Involving the shenzhen social forces to rescue of henan, shenzhen work to carry out the “transfer of henan, total resistance to flood”, support henan floods and post-disaslion是什么意思中文翻译ter reconstruceremony造句ction work, shenzhenclubmed官网预订 lions response to actively participate in, in lforumuohu district people’s times square on the third floor block B, lions henan flood disaster r河南科技大学elief doforum是什么意思nation ceremony at shenzhen, the shenzhen charity donation of 1.245928 million yuan, For purchasing emergency relief materials and supporting post-disaster reconstruction work.


9 s2a2138_ copy. JPG

After the flood occurred in Henan province, the Lions Club of Shenzhen acted quickly, carried forward theclub finexchange邮箱eexchange服务器怎么填 tradition of “one party in distress, all parties support” and theforums是什么意思 lion spirit of “we serve”, and actively carried out flood relief services in Henan province to help the affected people overcome dexchange账户密码不正确ifficulties. From donations to volunteer activities, from material gathering to logisforum鞋款式叫什么tics transportation, all of these embody the深圳疫情 powedonations怎么读r of “Lion love”. It is understooclubd that the Lions Club of Shenzhen has donated relief materials worth mceremony是什么意思ore than 900,000 yuan to the disaster-hit areas in Henan.

After the donation ceremony, Guo Yongfloodyong, chairman of CCPIforum84T Xiamen, was interviewed by the media.  


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Coceremony翻译mmunication learning & NBSP; Promote together

After the donat河南科技大学ion ceremonceremony是什么意思y, the forlions怎么读um between Shenzhen Lions club and Shenzhen CCF was held on the 3rd floor, Block Bclubman是什么牌子车, Zhongmin Times Square, Luohu District. Shenzhen lions club President oclub翻译f 2021-2022, Guo Yongyong, second deputy President candidate Lai Zhuoni NieXiangDong, sec深圳天气retary-general andfloodgate other leaders lion, President of shenzhen charity Yao Xiny深圳市最新疫情ao, executivlions的音标e vice President of tao, deputy secretary-general Dong Xin ww, financing department direceremony翻译ctor, shedonation什么意思nzhlions翻译中文en Zeng Yalin, director of th河南e center for corporate social responsibility to promote innovation, 14 people were present at the symposium. The meeting was chaired by Xie Hong.

Forum scene.jpg

Dong Xin, deputy secretary general, gforums是什么意思ave a speech of welcome and extended a warm welcome to all the leaders of Shenzhen Lions Club. Yao xinclubmedyao, prexchange服务器怎么填esident of Shenzhen Lions Club, said that the forum was valuable and hoped to promolions读音texchange的名词e tdonations怎么读he in-forumsdepth development and cooperation between Shendonation怎么读zhen Lions Club and Shenzhen CCF through in-depth exchanges. Director Xie Hongflood introduc深圳地铁线路图ed the “99 Charity Day” project in deceremony翻译tail.

Guo Yongyong, chairman of Tforums翻译he Shenzhen Lions Club, thanked thelion是什么意思中文翻译 CCF folion是什么意思中文翻译r its warm reception and shared the development history and operation mode of shenzhen Lions Club. He introduced that Shenzhen Lions Club has beeclubman是什么牌子车n rated as a 5A social organizationceremony by the Shenzhen Munilion是什么意思中文翻译cipal Civil Affairs Bureceremony的名词au with tax-exempt status and tax-deductible status for public welfare don河南师范大学ations. Over tforum是什么意思he past 19 years, it has carried out a series of social public welfare charit深圳市最新疫情y service activities in m河南职业技术学院edical and health care, student assistance, poverty alleviation, disaster relieffloodplain an深证指数d reconstruction, community services an深圳地铁线路图ddonation动词 other fields. The seflood是什么意思rvice activities amounted to more than 9000 times. In 2020, it won the fifth Pengcheng Charity Award “Pengcheng charity 40 years salute unit”.

Guo Yongyong JPG.

Zeng Yalin, direclubman是什么牌子车ctor of Lions Club shenzhen, highly recognized the spirit of publifloodwaterc service and expressed her hope to coopdonation动词形式erate with Lions Cluclub翻译b Shenzhen in official, banking, finance and other iforum是什么意思nnovative public welexchange账户密码不正确fare aspects in the future.

Zeng Yalin JPG.

Secretary G深圳市最新疫情eneral Lai Zclubmed官网预订huoni said that Shenzhceremony用什么介词en Lions Cclubslub has made greclubat conexchange邮箱tributions to the public welfare for many years, which has been highly recognized by shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation. Shenzhen CCF has also been actively involved inceremony同义词 charity and public welfare undertakings for many ylionsears, which isceremony的音标 worth learning from. I hope that through the “99 Charity Day” activities, the two sides will deepen exchanges to enhaclub怎么读nce friendship, learn from each other and promote development, build a bridge of coo深圳地铁线路图peration on the road of charity, and jointly contribute to the developmeforum鞋款式叫什么ntdonations of domestic charity.

Lai Zhuoni JPG.

Nie Xiangdong, vice President of CcPIT Xiamen, introduced the flood reexchange的名词lief service of Shenzhen Lions Club in Henan province. Brother Tam fei-shi shared the experience of cexchange的名词ooperashenzhention between Yantian Service Team and Yantian District CCF service projectslions的音标.

NieXiangDong JPG.

Tan Fei JPG.

Fang Tao, executive vice presidflood翻译ent, spoke highly of the love, kindfloodsness and sense of resdonationponsibility of Shenzhen Lions Club in serving the socilions的音标ety, and highlyceremony的音标 praised the lion friends for their dedi河南职业技术学院cation to public welfare and charity. She hopes that through the cooperation between shenzhen CCF and Shenzh河南电力en Lions Club on the “99 Charity Day”, thrforum和conference的区别ough the Tence深圳大学nt charity platform, in the form of transparent and open online donations, through c河南职业学院被拍卖harity donation and the convenient and efficient participation of the Internet, every little b深证指数it of love can be used to help pclub是什么意思romote social love. To furtdonation怎么读her stimulate the enthusiasm of people to participlion是什么意思ate in charity activities, to create a strong atmosphere of “everyone doefloodss chardonations怎么读ity, everyone can charity”.

The room out. JPG

Photo taken after the symposium _ copy.jpg


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