Forward | domestic lion federation member about outdoor sports security work

Service teams:

According to the spirit of “Suggestions on outdoor Sports Safety For Members ofsecurity the Domestic Lion Association”, since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, the CPC Central Committee with Comrsports和sport的区别ade Xi Jinping as the core has attached great imdomesticportance to and paid greforward的用法at attention to the health of the people, and resportsmeet翻译中文garded national fitness as an impmembers markortant connotation of buildioutdoorsng a moderately prosperous socilionsety in an all-round way. In recent years, the number of people participating in national fitness is increasing, the activities are gradually expanding, and the enthusiasm for investment is rising, whimembers是什么意思ch fully demonstrates its powerful charm. National fitness hsecurity车上灯亮啥意思as not only improved the people’s physsecurity灯亮怎么解除ical fitness aabout是介词吗nd health, but also enrimember怎么读ched their cultural and spiritual lifedomestic反义词, and promoted the sports sforward英语怎么说pirit of enabouttime免费观看dless growth, excemember怎么读llence andlion的音标 self-transcendence.

China Lions Association implements the majofederation翻译r strategic decsecurity是什么意思isions and depmember怎么读loyment of the Centralion的中文意思l government, adheres to the member-centered concept, supports members to participate in various sports, improves physical and mental health, and promotes national fitness. Limember可数吗fe first, safety first. Members of the Association should consider the protection of personal life and property as their first priority when participating in sports witsports怎么读h natural environment and adventurfederation翻译e nature or experience.lionel Suggestions are as follows:

1. Members shall participate in outdoor sports voluntarily and spontaneously in their osportswearwn nammemberse, and sign up after objectoutdoor在中国叫什么ively evaluating the risks and personal heasecurity翻译lth conditioabout是什么意思ns of the activities.

2. Members shmembers是什么意思ould purchase insurance and necessary equipmentlion的音标, medicine and other msportsmanshipaterials before participadomesticateting in thoutdooreabout怎么读语音 activity.

3. Members shall understand the oveoutdoor是什么意思rall situation of the event and relevant requiresecurity是什么意思ments, and be familiar with the emersportsweargency support process and contact inforlionkkmation of the organizer, so as to quickly seek help and respond to emoutdoor是什么牌子的上衣ergencies.

4. Memmember翻译bers should follow the arrangememember造句nts of the organizer, koutdoorseep olion翻译rder, be polite to each other, avoidabout injury and take good care of their valuables.

5. If members feel unwell during themembers是什么意思 activity, they should seek help from on-site medical team, staff or volunteers in time, and give up decisively if necessary.

6. Members shall objectively evaluate their own and external conditions, act accordingly and paoutdoor在中国叫什么y attention to personal safety.

The full text of the Proposal is hereby forwardedoutdoor是什么意思 as follows. All service teams and all members are requesdomestic翻译ted to implement the proposal strictly in accordance with the requirements, further strengthen safety awareness, do a good job in security protection during lion activoutdoor是什么档次牌子ities, and carry out various work in an oroutdoor翻译derly and organized mannesecurity车上灯亮啥意思r.


Attachment: Domestic Lions Association on the members of outdoosecurity车上灯亮啥意思r sports securisportsty recommendations. PDF



Shenzhenforward-thinking Lions Club

July 27, 2021

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